The Night My Father Died

While we were waiting for the hospital Social Worker to come and help us decide on a Hospice Care Center to take dad to after he suffered his stroke, my mother told me I should let my Katie know  her grandfather was dying and invite her to come to the hospital. I called Katie at work and she asked if I could come and get her because she didn’t have her car that day. Bill, Shantel and I left the hospital and drove across town to get Katie. When she got in the car, I told her what happened to dad and she immediately started telling me she knew all about strokes, because her grandmother on her father’s side had a stroke before she died. Then, Katie spent the rest of the drive to the hospital texting someone on her phone. When we got to the hospital, Katie never even went inside dad’s room. She stood at the door and said hello to my mother but nothing else. My mother was sitting beside dad, holding his hand, and Katie didn’t even go over to mom and hug her, say she was sorry about what happened or anything. The next thing Katie did shocked me. She asked Shantel if she would like to go to the cafeteria to get something to eat. Shantel asked if she could go and because Bill’s daughter, Katie, was there too, I asked her to go with them and she did. Within a few minutes Bill’s daughter ,Katie, called me and said my Katie was in the cafeteria with some man. I told Bill’s Katie to get Shantel and bring her back up to dad’s room.

The hospital Case Worker arrived and told us a very nice Hospice Care Center was  just a few blocks from the hospital and they could take dad by 3:00 p.m. that afternoon. My brother’s, Danny and Stephen, and  Bill and I, took mom over to see the place and sign the papers. When we returned to the hospital my brother, Danny and his wife, and Bill and I, all went to the cafeteria to get something to eat for ourselves and for mom. When I walked in I saw my Katie sitting and laughing with a man I had never seen before. It appeared my Katie had only asked us for a ride to the hospital to meet up with this man, but she denied that later. By this time nothing Katie said mattered to me. I was beyond furious with her. However, I decided this was not the time or place to approach Katie about her actions. We just got our food and left. My Katie never returned to dad’s room. I assume she left with the man she was with in the cafeteria.

The doctors at the hospital said dad most likely would pass in about a week or so. They said now that he had his heart valve repaired, his heart was not going to just give up until all his other organs shut down. They said his vital signs were still strong, and he was still putting out urine, so we should not expect him to pass within the next two or three days.

At 3:00 p.m. the people from the Hospice Care Center came to get dad. The hospice workers told us we could follow them to the Hospice Center and asked us to wait in the lobby until they got dad settled in his room. The facility was beautiful and the workers were very kind. As we sat in the lobby waiting to see dad, discussions began about who would stay the night with dad. I said I would take the first night and was surprised that no one disagreed.

When we were called into dad’s room we were shocked at how peaceful dad looked. The hospice workers put a shirt on dad that looked exactly like one of his own shirts he wore at home. They had the head of his bed elevated and he just looked like he was sleeping except for the heavy, labored, breathing. After everyone had been in dad’s room for a couple of hours, I made the suggestion that my mom’s sister and her boyfriend take mom home. Mom didn’t want to leave dad, but I promised her I would sit right by his side holding his hand all through the night. I told her I  would call her if anything happened. Mom finally agreed and went home. Then, my brother’s did the same, kissing me good-bye and telling me they would see me tomorrow. After mom and my brothers were gone, Bill went to get some dinner ,and Bill, Shantel and I ate together. Then, I asked Bill to take Shantel home leaving me there alone with dad.

Next: The Night My Father Died continues with unbelievable events!

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  1. Gotham Girl
    Feb 26, 2012 @ 17:28:51

    You amaze me with how much detail you remember!! xoxo your frissy


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