Shantel Is So Worth It

I was granted another meeting with Dr. XYZ and her team at the district office. Bill of course couldn’t attend because he had to work so I was on my own. When I walked in to the meeting room, Dr. XYZ and her team of “experts” were busy mapping out things on the board and giant flip charts. It became very apparent to me, very quickly, that they thought I needed to literally get the “big picture”. This meeting was very formal and authoritative in tone. So when the meeting opened, and I was given the floor, I stood up and addressed the good Dr. XYZ, and her posse, with the most sincere apology I could muster up. I told them exactly what they wanted to hear. I told them I was very sorry for my conduct in the last meeting when I let my emotions override my judgement, and let my pride get in the way of me listening to their “expertise”. I assured them that would never happen again.Then, I stood there in silence, until the good Dr. XYZ invited me to take my seat.

Dr. XYZ walked over to the giant flip charts and began to explain how the District Department Of Special Education works. She explained in great detail how she was head of not only this department within the district office, but how she was also the decision maker for all the Special Education Departments for each school within her district. It was clear Dr. XYZ was in her element now as she went on and on about how important she was. I listened, asked appropriate questions and told her how impressed I was.

Once Dr. XYZ was satisfied that I understood her importance, and power, she suggested we move on to the actual writing of Shantel’s individual Education Plan (IEP). I was told, and it was written into the IEP, that Shantel would be given an assistant for the first six weeks of school, but only in the classroom. She would not have anyone walking with her between classes, one of the most dangerous times, but more on that later. Dr. XYZ said Shantel would have her work brailled, but only until she learned to use a computer with the JAWS program and she would be provided that training for only a period of six weeks. I was enlightened to the fact that Shantel would be given an “opportunity” to be in regular classrooms with her sighted peers IF she could prove her ability to keep up, but if she fell behind, she would be moved to disability resource classes with students with learning disabilities. Under my calm outer appearance, my heart was sinking, I could feel my blood pressure rising, and I was more than PISSED off to say the very least! But, at this point in this little game, I had no choice but to agree to everything and hope and pray that I would be able to provide the real support I knew Shantel was going to need.

Finally, and thankfully, the meeting came to an end. I signed the IEP papers, thanked the good Dr. XYZ  and her team of “experts” for allowing me this time of redemption,and told them how much I appreciated this second chance. I told them Shantel has a beautiful mind and spirit, and that I knew once they met Shantel they would see she is so worth everything they were going to do for her. I shook hands with everyone in the meeting and left.

Bill was home from work by the time I arrived back to the house, and of course, everyone was anxious to hear how my meeting went and if Shantel was going to be allowed to go to Mountain Point High. I wanted to throw up, but I smiled and assured them all everything was all fixed up and all we had to do now was let the games begin!

Next: When Bad Things Happen In Your Favor!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gotham Girl
    Mar 09, 2012 @ 19:38:03

    What a perfect title! xoxo


  2. Megs
    Mar 18, 2012 @ 20:11:02

    Shantel is totally worth it! xoxo


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