Mom Won’t Come Home

When my brother, Danny, and his dear, sweet wife, Bea, (who is very reserved and wouldn’t say the word “s##t” if she had a mouth full of it) came to take Beau to live with them while mom was recovering in the Care Center, I had all his ‘toys’ and things all packed up and ready for them. At that time, I REALLY needed someone to care for Beau since I wasn’t home much. Now remember, I promised my dad, as he was dying, that I would make sure mom and Beau would always have good care. I never said I had to be the one to provide the care, I just said they would always have good care. Now, sending a dog to live with my bother, Danny, is like sending a child to live with Santa Clause. I mean he cooks special food for his animals, takes them out for daily walks , provides special treats for them etc. So, knowing Beau was going to be in good hands, I didn’t feel the need to share his sexual preferences i.e. his stuffed frog friend, with Danny and Bea. I thought that might embarrass Beau, so I just told them he really likes his toys and said mom always wanted him to have access to “play” with them. You get the picture… Well, let’s just say keeping that little secret from my sweet, reserved, sister-in-law, Bea, whom I love with all my heart and I know loves me, probably was not the best idea I ever had. But, hey, I was under severe stress!

Danny and Bea have a cute little girl dog named Daisy. Daisy was their “only child” and is Bea’s pride and joy. Daisy was much like our cat Carmen, who had never been exposed to “bad boys” until she met up with Beau…. you’re getting the picture again right? Well, imagine my dear, sweet, sister-in-law’s horror, when Beau got stressed from the move to their house and Bea gave him his stuffed frog, not fully understanding how much Beau “LOVES” his frog friend.

It was about 8:30 p.m. and I was home getting ready for bed…our phone never rings after 8:00 unless it would be one of the nurses at the Care Center where my mom was. So, when I looked at the caller ID and saw it was my sweet, reserved, sister-in-law, Bea, I pretty much knew it had to be about Beau, and it was. I answered the phone, and as cheerful as I could, without laughing out loud, I said  HI, Bea, and just as I was about to ask how is everything going with Beau getting settled in…my sweet, sister-in-law screamed, CINDY!! (she always calls me cindy) DID YOU KNOW THIS DOG HAS A MENTAL PROBLEM???  I said, what are you talking about Bea? She started talking really fast trying to explain what Beau did to his frog and how her precious Daisy stood in shock watching. Well, by now, I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I was laughing so hard I could hardly speak myself, but I did say “well, mom told me that’s how Beau handles stress. Now, Bea started laughing and said “I don’t care what mom lets this crazy dog do, I’m not having him doing that in my house and especially not around my Daisy! I told Bea to just do what she thought was best, but whatever she did,  just don’t tell mom if she takes Beau’s frog away from him.

A couple day’s later while I was sitting with mom, she asked me how Beau was. I wasn’t going to lie to her so I told her I sent him to Danny’s house while I was spending so much time at the Care Center with her. She EXPLODED!! She said “how could you just throw my dog out of you house”? I tried to explain that it was just until she was well enough to come home and take care of him again, but she wouldn’t hear any of it. She told me “if Beau isn’t welcome in your house I’m not either and I will never live with you again”! I said “well, you can suit yourself, because you have two sons you can go live with, or I will help you find a group home if you like.

Next: Finding Mom A New Home!

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  1. gotham girl
    Mar 28, 2012 @ 20:39:13

    Too bad there wasn’t a video of Beau and his frog! I just love that story! xoxo MORE!


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