Buying A Baby Monitor

We got two new twin beds complete with new bedding all set up in the room for mom and I to share. Everything looked nice, and mom said she thought this arrangement would work out better. I knew it would be “better” for her, but I wasn’t so sure how great it was going to be for me. However, I believe you just do what you have to do for the greater good. So, that night, after I helped mom get ready and settled into her new bed, I got ready for bed myself, kissed Bill (the man is a SAINT) and Shantel good night, and settled into my new bed in mom’s room. All was well for about the first 45 minutes…Then, I found out for the first time that mom not only SNORES, very loudly, but she also carries on entire conversations in her sleep! Now, I am a very light sleeper, and there is no way, even after I tried using ear plugs that are supposed to drown out even jet engine noise… that I could sleep in that room with mom. I’m laying there, wide awake, thinking WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I GOING TO DO NOW???

The next morning, I told mom about the snoring and talking in her sleep. She didn’t believe me and said dad never said she did any of that. I reminded her that when dad went to bed he took out his hearing aids and he was almost deaf without them so he wouldn’t have know what she did at night in her sleep. That said, I told her I was gong to buy a baby monitor to put one part in her room, and I was going to sleep on the couch in the living room with the other part of it in there with me, so if she needed something she could simply speak into the monitor, and only I would hear her as opposed to walking up the whole house. Mom didn’t really like that idea very well but she said she would agree to it if I would put the queen size bed back in her room because she didn’t really like sleeping on that little twin bed. At this point, I am just looking at Bill thinking this has got to be the breaking point for him because it’s getting very close to being it for me…but Bill just smiled, and said he would start taking down the twin beds and put the queen bed back in the room. While he did that, I called my brother, Stephen, and asked him if he wanted two new twin beds, complete with all new bedding for free if he would come with his truck to take them away. Stephen said he would be right over. Then, I went to the store to get the baby monitor.

When I got home with the baby monitor, the twin beds were gone and the queen bed was all set up, AGAIN! Bill and I set up the monitoring system so I had one end of it where only I would hear mom if she needed me in the night. That night, I helped mom get ready and settled into her queen size bed, then I went to my new sleeping arrangement on the couch in the living room complete with my baby monitor. At least with the monitor, I could adjust the sound level with the volume knob. However, it is amazing the sounds you become use to in your home. We have a grandfather clock that Bill, mom and I bought for dad’s 70th birthday, and it sits in the corner of our living room. During the day I think it is lovely to listen too…not so much at night when it produces a short chime every 15 minutes, and full-out loud chimes every hour on the hour. Well, now, picture me trying to figure out how to silence that clock in the middle of the night, without waking Bill up because he has to get up for work early. But, he was the one who know where the switch was that allows you to set it so it won’t chime. I finally found it, made a mental note to myself to remember to turn it on again in the morning, because Shantel loves to hear it chime, but I also made a mental note to find a way to remember to silence it again every night…then, I got settled back on the couch, and guess what???  I hear mom saying over the monitor “CINDY, CINDY, CINDY…I need to go to the bathroom!

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  1. Ellen Kaufman
    Mar 28, 2012 @ 19:59:38

    Oh my Cindy, this sounds so hilarous as you describe it, but I can say it because she is my sister, my God I never knew what a pest she could be!!!! I know she was recovering from a stroke and a lot of other things, but after all she has put you through hell already. I would not want to open my mouth for anything. I feel so bad for you and Bill, but there again she believes and I have heard it before the daughter is suppose to take on that responsiblility of being a care taker and it would not be bad if she would be a better patient. I have been told and I have seen those old nurses are the worst patients then anyone else. Not all of them, but a LOT. I love my sister dearly and she could be SO funny and wonderful wife, mother, sister, nurse and friend, but everything changed when she got sick. We use to have some real good times when she was younger. I have stated to my kids God forbide if they put me in a nursing home, but I do pray everyday that I will be an ideal patient or they could give me valium or a joint to smoke if I get cranky and mean. Maybe that is what you should have put in her brownies for dessert. Oh well, you are doing God’s work and I am sure you will have a divine place in heaven for doing your daughterly duties here on earth.


    • beyondcinderella
      Mar 28, 2012 @ 20:19:59

      Your right Aunt Ellen, mothering mom has been a journey unlike anything I ever imagined. And, looking back, the brownies might not have been a bad idea, except if I ever had to take her to the hospital in the middle of the night and they found out, with my luck mom would tell them it was elder abuse and I would get put in jail…:) Thanks for your comments. Love You!


  2. gotham girl
    Mar 28, 2012 @ 20:43:18

    I so agree with Aunt Ellen. I would have helped you make those brownies!!!! xoxo


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