Back At The Ranch

While Bill and I were soaking up all the awesomeness of Coronado Island, my brother, Danny, had everything under complete control and running as smooth as could be back at our ranch… To understand that, one needs to understand my brother Danny, and the workings of his sometimes devious mind. Let me take a moment here to give you a little background history on Danny…

Danny and I are only ten months apart in age, that’s right, ten months apart. When I was growing up, I thought Danny as the bravest person I ever met. If he would get into trouble and get grounded he would just laugh it off. When I asked him why he thought getting grounded was so funny, he said, “they don’t expect me to stay here when they leave and I won’t”. Sure enough, when mom and dad would leave for work, Danny would be out the door within five minutes after they left. I, on the other hand, was too scared to do anything that bold. If I got grounded, I stayed grounded until my parents told me otherwise.

Speaking of getting grounded, the one and only time I ever got grounded, it was my brother, Danny, who I love and always “trusted ” (there’s that word again) who brought that punishment upon me in the first place. I ditched school ONE time in my life. My girlfriend and I sat in an alley, on an old hot water heater, and smoked cigarettes and talked all afternoon. When I got home…Danny was waiting at the gate. He told me mom and dad were out in the pool and said they are really angry because they know I ditched school. He said they saw me sitting in an alley smoking with my girlfriend. He said he heard them say if I went out there and confessed, they would let me off easy, but if I didn’t confess, I was going to get grounded for a month and they were going to tell my girlfriends parents as well. I was so scared, but I thought I better go confess since they already know all the details about what I did. So, off I went to the back yard and told the whole story about how my girlfriend and I ditched school….my parents looked at me and started laughing…I asked what was so funny?  They said they never saw me ditching school, but now, since I confessed it all, I would be grounded for a month and they were going to call my girlfriend’s parents. I said well Danny told me you saw me… then they really started laughing and said “think about that for a minute…how is it that he knew exactly what you did”? Then the light bulb went on!!!…Danny knew because HE was the one who saw me…AND, if he saw me,,,that meant HE had to be ditching school too!!! We both got grounded but of course I was the only one who actually stayed grounded. Now, that is but one example of things Danny would do to torment me, but somehow we always stayed very, very close even to this very day.

Danny was also the one in the family who could show up late for every family gathering, but when he finally did arrive, everyone would just act like that was normal and how it was supposed to be even if he was supposed to bring something to the event.  It didn’t matter if he was late and we had no buns for the hamburgers, or side dish to go with the main course…as long as Danny showed up at all it was all forgiven and all good. Danny just had/has a charm about him that almost justifies anything bad he would ever do…Let me try half the things he got away with and all hell would break loose!!

So, it was no surprise to hear that Danny worked his magic and all went according to his plans while we were in California. He planned to take mom and Shantel out to his house in Maricopa Az so mom could visit with her beloved dog, Beau. On the way he got pulled over for speeding. When the cop asked what was his hurry…Danny told him he was taking his 80 something year old mother and his niece out to his house to visit his mother’s dog because she missed him so much after his sister gave his mother’s dog away while his mother was in the hospital…so guess what??? The cop told him what a great son/uncle he was, asked him to slow down a bit,,, and LET HIM GO!!! If that had been me, I would still be sitting in jail!

Danny loves to cook, but he didn’t want to spend all the time it takes to make mom her “special” meals and Shantel is a very picky eater as well…so guess what??? He took them out to eat for every meal!! Well, how nice is that to be able to do??? Only problem is, I gave up my job/income to take care of mom so I can’t afford to go out to eat for every meal!  So, when Bill and I got home we got to hear all about how Danny was their HERO and how much fun he is to be with…Well, all I can say…is some things just never change. However, I wouldn’t change a thing if I could about Danny. He is a prankster, he can always one-up me, but he has a heart of GOLD, he’s my BRO, and I love him with all my heart. Only thing left to say is Thanks Danny!

Next: Little Katie Moves To Colorado!

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  1. gotham girl
    Apr 01, 2012 @ 11:24:50

    LOVE that story! I want to hear more Danny stories! 🙂 We would’ve been in so much trouble if we went to school together, ha ha! Love you my dear!


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