Little Katie Moves To Colorado

When I met Bill, he had three children. Marty, Pat and Katie. Marty is the oldest. His relationship with Bill over the years has been strained, much like my relationship with my daughter Katie. And, like I’ve had to love my daughter, Katie, from a distance because she makes choices in her life that are unacceptable to me,  Bill has had to “love” Marty from a distance as well.

Pat, Bill’s second son, is very much like Bill. He is very outgoing, loves sports, and is very much a family man. Ever since I’ve known Pat, he talked about how he was going to move to Colorado as soon as he graduated High School and that’s exactly what he did. He had a friend living there who helped him get a job and Pat has lived there ever since. Pat met and married his beautiful wife, Celina, and together they are raising three beautiful children. Twins, Aiden and Baily, and their youngest daughter, Hope. Pat and his wife, Celina, have carved out a very nice life for themselves and their family in Colorado and they are all very happy living there.

Pat and his younger sister, Katie, have always been very close. Katie was lost when Pat moved to Colorado. She vowed someday she would move there so she could be close to Pat and his family. Katie has two beautiful girls, Alex and Emma, and she wanted her girls to grow up close to their cousins, and of course, Uncle Pat and Aunt Celina. Katie would make the 12 hour drive from Phoenix to Grand Junction several times a year to visit with Pat and his family, and every time she came back home she was more and more determined to move there for good.

Katie has a great relationship with her father, Bill, her sister, Shantel, and of course she and I have a great relationship as well. I know she was torn in making her decision of whether or not she should really move her family to Colorado. To be honest, I never really thought she would move, and selfishly, I was hoping she wouldn’t. All I could think of was my dream of having a big family, where all the kids and grandkids are always around, was slowly “moving” farther and farther away. But, in my heart, I knew Katie would never be truly happy without Pat close to her.  So, when she came to tell us she gave her notice at work, and on her lease on her house, and was moving to Colorado…I put on my best motherly smile and said “I understand and if that makes you happy, it makes me happy too”.

A few days before the day of the big move, Katie brought the girls, Alex and Emma, over for dinner and to say our good-bye’s. I hate good-bye’s, but what can you do? We all promised we would stay in touch often by phone and we would all get together every other year for the holidays. For the most part we do keep in pretty close contact, but as always, life gets in the way and sometimes there are long periods where we don’t get to visit because of work schedules and/or health issues that come up. I can’t tell you how much I miss having everyone all in one place where we can just call up and say let’s get together for a B-B-Q or something. And, it’s really hard thinking that the grandkids are growing up so fast without us being there to be actively involved in their lives. But, even though it broke our hearts when Katie and the girls moved, we all know it was for the greater good for Katie and her girls, and they absolutely love Colorado!

Because we don’t get to see Pat and his family, or Katie and her family, as often as we would like, we are thrilled that they’ve all confirmed they are all coming to Phoenix to spend Christmas 2012 with us. Both families will stay in a hotel close to our new home, and we will all be able to celebrate Christmas in our new home together! What a wonderful house-warming that will be! I can’t hardly wait, and being the planner that I am…,I’ll be planning that from now till Christmas!!

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Apr 01, 2012 @ 20:45:10

    That’s wonderful!!!! I’m sure you’ll keep the Christmas decorations handy from the move! xoxo


    • beyondcinderella
      Apr 02, 2012 @ 00:57:31

      Oh yes frissy, I already told your Bro to make sure he knows where the Christmas decorations will be since he packed the garage cabinets. Lot of stress for him I know, but hey, I have to keep track of everything in the whole house!!! Love & Hugs & MORE!!!


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