Everything Happens For A Reason

I really believe everything does happen for a reason. We may not always understand what the reason is at the time, but I believe one day we will. I’ve had several experiences in my life where I know for sure something outside of my control was driving certain events. I’ll share a few example with you now.

As I mentioned in past posts, I married very, very, young the first time. Sixteen years old to be exact! What good could possibly come out of a marriage destined for failure? Looking back, I realize that had it not been for my mother telling me I couldn’t come back home after I got married  if things didn’t work out, I would have most likely just gone running home at the first sign of problems. But, because I was determined to “show my mom I wouldn’t fail…” I learned patience, endurance, and how to work through problems on my own. And, I had to mature very quickly. My ex-husband and I stayed together for nineteen very difficult years. The marriage still failed, but it wasn’t because we didn’t try.

Drawing on what I learned from my first marriage helped me tremendously when I married Bill and immediately became the step-mother to three pre-teen and teenage children who weren’t at all happy at first about their dad and I being together. I was able to help them understand that I had no desire to “replace” their mother, but I was going to be part of their lives and hoped we could all come to enjoy each other’s company. Over time, that did happen. However, had I not learned patience, endurance, and how to work through problems, in my first marriage, I would have been ill prepared to become a stepmother the second time around.

Also, when Bill and I adopted Shantel, and found out she had cancer, as difficult and heartbreaking as it was, I knew I had the skills to “endure” waiting for test results, surgeries, and long recovery periods and focus on staying strong and helping my family through the absolute worst days of our lives. Had I not learned those skills at a very early age, I would have fallen apart at the very time my family needed me the most.

In addition, if Bill and I hadn’t adopted Shantel, and I had the maturity to question the first diagnoses about what was wrong with her eyes, and taken her immediately to another doctor, Shantel wouldn’t be alive today. I am not sure that second opinion would have been sought if Shantel had not been living with us at the time.

Just last week yet another event occurred that reenforced my believe in all things happen for a reason. We just moved out of our old home two weeks ago. The new owners hadn’t moved in yet because they are not planning on having that house be their primary home. They have a home in California, but wanted this house as a second home so when they come to visit their kids, they have a place to stay. The house was inspected as usual prior to the sale and passed. We even bought a one year home warranty policy for them as part of our sale agreement. The new owners made arrangements with their realtor to have a cleaning crew come in to wash walls because they were going to have the inside of the house painted. While the cleaning crew was in the back part of the house, apparently the electric hot water heater, in the garage, shorted out, melted down and caught fire! Lucky for everyone there, the realtor had come by to check on the cleaning crew, and when she walked in she found the whole front part of the house filled with smoke, she got the cleaning crew out, called the fire department who managed to get the fire out without anyone getting hurt or the house being completely destroyed.. Had we not moved when we did, that most likely would have happened while I was taking Shantel to school, seeing mom, getting groceries etc…or, worse yet, it could have happened on a Friday, when Shantel would have been home alone in her back bedroom asleep or listening to TV… I am just so thankful that we were moved out, and the new owners had not moved in yet, and the house only had minimal smoke damage on the walls that can be cleaned and painted. Again, everything happens for a reason…at least that’s what I believe!

Next: Shantel Isn’t Loving Our New Home!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Apr 21, 2012 @ 18:46:41

    I’m such a firm believer as well, and these events are truly an ancredible sampling! It’s hard to even imagine the disaster that could have been. Eagerly awaiting the reasons for Shantel not warming up to the new home. Perhaps it’s change, too big? Will patiently wait for next posting! xoxo more!


    • beyondcinderella
      Apr 21, 2012 @ 22:13:06

      Yes Frissy, if not for the way things happened, when they happened, our lives could have been impacted very, very badly…And, yes, stay tuned for next post. Luv, hugs, and MORE! GH


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