We all have choices to make about some of the paths we will take in our lives. Some people choose to live a single life and never marry, some marry and decide not to have children, some have children and never marry, while others can’t wait to get married and have children. Most people realize having children is a huge responsibility. It can sometimes be a thankless job that takes time, money, energy, patience, love and it really helps if you have a good sense of humor.

At some point, as your children grow, you may be blessed with grandchildren. It doesn’t matter how that grandchild gets into your life, all that matters is how that precious grandchild will change your life. Now, you have a precious child you can love and hold, play with and spoil then send them home to their parent(s). If everything goes as planned, you will not be the one with the total responsibility for raising this precious child. No, you just have to be grandma or grandpa. The one your little grandchild comes to when mom and/or dad need a break, a date night, or when they come to visit on vacation. How ever you get to spend time with your precious grandchildren is always special.

You suddenly don’t feel the need to correct these precious little angels like you did your own children. No, grandchildren are somehow different from your own children. They don’t have to eat their veggies if they don’t want to. They can choose to eat candy and ice cream instead when they are with you. You find yourself more tolerant of these little angels because you just know they can do no wrong. There is no need for time-out at grandma and grandpa’s house. No, they don’t need time out, they just need to be redirected to a new toy, game or taken to the park…There is no need for nap time at grandma and grandpa’s house because these little angles are going home with mom and/or dad and so you don’t worry if they get overly tired, they can just sleep in later tomorrow. You also become more tolerant of noisy toys, games and musical instruments and you will buy them for your precious grandchildren to keep at their house so mom and/or dad can have fun listening to them play with their new noisy things. Why you are even more than happy to let your grandchildren play with finger paints, nail polish, lipstick, and play dough. And, you will buy them all of these messy things to keep in their very own room at home. Your grandchildren are so cute, precious, and funny, they just melt your heart, take over your good common sense, and have you completely wrapped around their sweet little fingers… and, more importantly, they know it.

Bill and I have six grandchildren. All but one live in Colorado now so we don’t get to see them as often as we would like. However, when Bill’s daughter, Katie, lived here in Arizona, and her daughter Alex was little, I took care of her while Katie worked. Alex had a great sense of humor at a very young age. She could melt my heart with some of the things she would say. Here are a couple of examples:

One day while I was taking care of Alex, she and Shantel were playing with a large tub of very small legos in Shantel’s room. I told them both they could play with the legos but they were going to have to pick them all up before lunch. Alex was about seven and Shantel was about ten. They had the legos all over Shantel’s room. I walked in and told them I was going to start fixing lunch for them and they needed to get every one of the legos picked up and put back into the tub before they could come out and eat. I asked Alex to help Shantel pick up her part and when all the legos were picked up and put away I was going to check the room. Alex scanned the room and had a look of shock on her face as she realized what a mess they made and that Shantel was going to need help finding the legos. As I was walking back down the hall, I heard Alex say in a sad little voice “I hope I’m still young when we get these all picked up”. I laughed about that all day.

Another time, when Alex was at our house for Christmas eve, my mother bought both Shantel and Alex a new toy out at the time that was a baby robot. The baby robots were preprogrammed to cry constantly at various time throughout the day and night until their needs were met. The baby robot would start crying and the child was supposed to give it a bottle, change it, rock it etc. until they figured out what would make the baby robot stop crying. I happened to walk by Alex, sitting on the floor with the most serious, concerned look on her face as she was holding her baby robot. She looked like she was absolutely at the end of her rope, and the baby robot was screaming louder and louder. I asked Alex what was wrong? Alex looked up at me and said “grandma, if this kid doesn’t shut up, I’m going to have to hurt her”. Out of the mouths of babies…

Grandchildren…don’t you just love them?

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lucie
    May 04, 2012 @ 21:01:22

    too precious! just like our grand babies. I see you got to spend time with my precious Josie hope she made you laugh like to does me.


  2. gotham girl
    May 08, 2012 @ 04:24:07

    What a little card Alex is! Great stories! xoxoxo!


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