Customer Service

I was at the grocery store the other day and I stopped by the deli counter to get some lunch meat. I noticed a bell on the counter with a sign saying ring if you think you received good customer service. I had never seen that before. Then, when I went to the checkout counter at the front of the store, there was another bell  and sign asking customers to ring the bell if they received good customer service. Later in the week, I went to a department store and when I paid for my merchandise, I was  told if I go on-line and complete a survey letting the store know I received great customer service, I would receive a $10.00 coupon towards my next purchase in their store. I find it really odd that stores who are there to provide service to their customers have to ask customers to ring bells, or bribe customers with coupons to say they are providing good service. It makes me think they shouldn’t be in the customer service business if they have to be informed when they are providing good customer service.

When I receive bad customer service, I let the manager of the establishment know first, then I tell everyone I know. I do the same thing when I receive good customer service. For example:

I went to the grocery store between seven and eight in the morning after I dropped Shantel off at school. I had been shopping at that same store for over twenty years. When I was ready to check out  I was told I would need to go through self check-out, because the cashiers don’t start until eight thirty in the morning. I went to the manager and said I’ve been a long time customer of your store and I don’t like self check-outs, I want a cashier to check-out my order. The manager went over to two cashiers who were standing near the “customer service” desk talking and laughing…the manager asked one of the cashier’s if they would come check-out my order. The cashier told the manager, right in front of me, that she was not on duty yet, and told the manager to check-out my order if I couldn’t do it myself. The manager proceeds to argue with the cashier who argued back with him. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and I told them both that I was there to give them my money but since they are apparently not in the business of servicing customers, I would take my business elsewhere. I have never gone back to that store again. That was very poor customer service.

Another time Shantel made a ceramic money bank for my frissy who lives in New York City. The bank was for her birthday which is in early November. Shantel asked me to mail the bank to our friend so she would receive it in time for her birthday. I took the bank to Mail and More and mailed it in mid October. I didn’t ask for FedEx, but the clerk made the assumption that was how it needed to ship. Problem being my frissy would have to be home to receive it from FedEx and she isn’t just sitting around waiting for someone to send her a package. So when FedEx couldn’t deliver the package to her they left her a notice that she would have to call to find out how to get her package. When she called they told her they sent it on to Brooklyn! Frissy lives in Upper West Side Manhattan!!! LONG, LONG way from Brooklyn. When I found out what happened to the package, I called my Mail and More guy who said he would have the package sent back to Ahwatukee if I wanted. Since my frissy was coming back to her home in Scottsdale for the month of December, I agreed and we gave the bank to her when she came. Then, she had to pack it back to New York with her in her suit case…Very poor customer service, and I will never use FedEx because of that experience.

When I worked in Corporate America, I was the manager of three large departments that provided various services to our clients. I reported into my frissy, who wasn’t my frissy at the time (that came later when we both left Corporate), but she was the AVP of Internal Operations for our company. Let me tell you, when one of our clients, or internal partners, called me with a problem, it became my immediate priority to find a solution. Even if I didn’t know the answer, you better believe I would find someone who did know and get back to the client or internal partner within the hour to provide them with the resolution or status of how it is being handled. I would never think to argue with one of our clients or internal partners or ever say I wasn’t on duty etc. And I would never, EVER, tell my boss I wasn’t going to do something she asked me to do even if it wasn’t my job. If my boss asked me to do something that really wasn’t my job, I would automatically make whatever it was I was being asked to do part of my job! That in my mind is how you provide great customer service to your boss, internal partners, and ultimately your customer/clients.

I always felt I got satisfaction from a job well done, knowing I went above and beyond to get “the” job done if necessary. I never felt the need to have someone ring bells or complete survey’s to let me know I did a great job. I always felt if you are doing a great job, you won’t have to ask. That’s Great Customer Service, but apparently, in many cases, it’s becoming a thing of the past, which is sad, very sad… What do you think?

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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lucie
    May 09, 2012 @ 05:29:06

    I agree with you Cindy customer services is a thing in the past and that is sad. Customer Service is all about treating your customers how you want to be treated and making sure that you let your customer (internal or external) know you care about their issue / problem.


  2. gotham girl
    May 09, 2012 @ 21:31:41

    Being in NYC, the service here is horrific! So when I get someone that has those great skills, I always let them know how wonderful they are! You were the BEST at this! xoxo


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