New York City!

Ephodorians (remember this word & I will tell you where it came from at the end of this post)…that sums up my week with my frissy (sissy by choice, friend for life) in “her city”, New York City!

I know I can never capture all the fun we had, but I will at least give you the highlights of our week.

When I walked in the door of her beautiful apartment in upper west side Manhattan, I was greeted with the biggest bear hug and what I now know as ephodorians, began to flow freely. I sat my suitcase down, used the restroom, and off we went for a picnic in the park alongside the Hudson River. We ate, shared a bottle of wine, watched the people and the beautiful New Jersey skyline, and laughed, and laughed, and laughed.

The next morning we went to a section of the city called “Hell’s Kitchen” and attended a flea market and met some of the most interesting and amazing people. After wandering around there for a few hours, we finally decided to have lunch in a nice little Italian Restaurant, and then off we went to walk through Central Park. Amazing day, simply Amazing.

One day it rained and we decided to just stay in our PJ’s all day, something I have never, ever, done unless I was sick. What a perfect change of pace from my constant, on the go life at home. As we were sitting around sipping coffee, reading, and chatting the morning away. I mentioned that it would be the perfect day for me to make us a big pot of jambalaya! Frissy LOVES my jambalaya!!! So, we throw our cloths on in a hurry; grab our umbrellas and walk a few blocks to the grocery store to buy all the ingredients except the shrimp and scallops which she already had in her freezer. Back home, back into our PJ’s, I gave frissy a cooking lesson on how to make jambalaya while she photographed the entire step by step process. We had jambalaya for dinner for the next three days and it just kept getting better and better…

One day we went to Harlem where we met more amazing people. One man, Harley The Buckleman, stood out in the crowd. He designs and makes the most beautiful belt buckles. He has pictures in his shop of buckles he has made for everyone from our president to Hip Hop and Rap music stars. He is also a photographer, and has competed in several marathons. We must have spent at least an hour chatting it up with Harley and when we left, he told us to pick out any cap or visor from his collection and gave it to us for free! Just a lovely, lovely man.

We also went to visit the 9/11 Memorial at ground zero. OMG! What a sobering, emotional experience. Of course you see it on TV, read about it in papers, hear about it on the news…but to actually be there and touch the names carved into the memorial and see the footprint of where the towers stood, watch the water cascade down the sides of the walls and fall into the dark hole in the middle of the memorial floor is beyond what I can put into words. You really have to be there to experience it for yourself.

We also walked to the lower East Side of the city called the East Village. What an experience we had there. Less well manicured than the upper west side, but the spirit of the people cannot be matched. As we walked along the little family owned shops, we would come across small plots of land where buildings once stood but the city had not built anything on the lot so the neighborhood people started planting gardens on the lot. Beautiful community gardens. Some vegetables, some flowers, but everything grown was worked and shared together. I just couldn’t believe how beautiful these little treasures were. Each little garden plot was different and stunningly beautiful. There were also some larger plots of land that housed even more elaborate community gardens. Volunteers came during the hours the gardens were open and made sure visitors knew how the gardens started and how they are maintained. All the gardens had fences across them that were locked at the end of visiting hours. We met some of the volunteers some who referred to themselves as the garden ambassadors and they just couldn’t have been any more proud of their self-given title or their beautiful, precious gardens. I will never forget my garden visits and will revisit them when I return to my frissy’s city.

We also made a return visit to a restaurant I had been to when our family went to New York for our daughter, Shantel’s graduation from High School. It is one of my favorites. It is called Cafe Mogador and it has the most amazing Moroccan Food. Frissy and I had a Greek Salad and their wonderful humus with warm pita bread. Too die for!

Just across the street, we found the cutest little tea shop. We wondered in and began to chat with the woman who owned and operated the tiny shop and what a surprise she had for us. We learned all about her teas, over 100 organic teas of premium quality. She also carries a large variety of organic medicinal herbs. We settled on a delicious green tea powder called Matcha. It is a premium green Japanese tea with eight times the amount of anti-oxidants of regular green tea. The owner of the shop actually showed us how to mix and brew the matcha, adding soy milk and agave nectar for sweetening. Since the matcha is a powder, it needs to be whisked as you add small amounts of water to create a paste. You just keep adding water and whisking until the tea becomes the consistency you like. Then you add warm soy milk, and the sweetening. Of course the shop sells special little bamboo whisks just perfect for making this wonderful matcha tea and of course we just had to purchase the whisks as well. This tea takes a little more work to make, but oh my, my, it is so worth it.

Of course no trip to New York would be complete without a visit to Brooklyn. So off we went. What a lovely day wandering in and out of little shops, having a picnic lunch under the Brooklyn Bridge sitting at the edge of the water, and yet another surprise. We happened into a small soap and candle shop, Aromas Elements, owned and operated by a lovely woman whose name just happened to be Virginia. She chatted with us for over an hour and gave us free samples of her soaps when we were leaving.

Now, back to Ephodorians…Frissy and I were discussing our day and laughing about all the fun we had, the people we met, how so many shop owners wanted to give us free stuff etc. and we laughed so hard we were crying…when I said to frissy…this is so much fun and what a great way to release ephodorians!!! Frissy then started to laugh so hard she could hardly speak but when she caught her breath, she said “don’t you mean endorphins”? Well, of course I did, it just didn’t come out right, but we decided we liked ephodorians better, so I claimed the word to mean “whatever makes you feel good and gives you a rush or euphoric feeling…that’s Ephodorians, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Only one last thing to say about my trip to New York City…THANK YOU FRISSY for a FABULOUS, FABULOUS, week in “your city”. I LOVE you and MORE!

Next: I was missed!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ellen Kaufman
    May 22, 2012 @ 18:52:07

    I am so happy you had such a wonderful time. Your post made me feel like I was there enjoying it with you. I have always wanted to go there just like you did and not feel like a tourist. Rent an apt. across from Central Park and enjoy each day without a schedule. What a gift and a blessing you have in knowing your frizzy. You are two of a kind. I am sure Bill is glad to see you back home not to mention Shantel and of course Mother!!!!!


    • beyondcinderella
      May 22, 2012 @ 19:51:54

      Yes, Aunt Ellen, my frissy is a gift and a blessing… and yes, we are two of a kind. We have so much fun together it’s amazing. Bill, Shantel, and of course, mom, were all glad to have me back home and taking care of things again…Can’t wait till next year when I will get to go to NY again for another fun-filled adventure! Love you. Cindy


  2. gotham girl
    May 22, 2012 @ 21:18:39

    Wow! We did all of that? Ha Ha! I know that my Ephodorians are still going strong! Wonderful time and I enjoyed every minute of our silliness and fun! Here’s to next year and many more to come! xoxo MORE!


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