I Was Missed!

Sometimes, when we are going about our “normal” everyday lives, do you ever start to wonder if you didn’t do what you do, would anyone notice? For example: I am lucky enough to have figured out what my life calling is at a young age. I am a caregiver. I have always been a caregiver of some sort all my life and I believe I will always be a caregiver until I can no longer provide care to anyone including myself.  I am also lucky enough to love being a caregiver. Nothing makes me happier, or brings me more pleasure than the feeling of satisfaction I get knowing I gave something of myself to help another who couldn’t help themselves. That is why I always loved working with children and wanted to have a house full of kids when I was younger. But, since that didn’t happen, I have been blessed with others in my life who seem to need the loving care I provide.

When I love and care for someone, I give that person all I have to give. I will cook for them, clean for then, take them places they want to go. I will protect them, defend them and above all else I will be loyal to them. I want the people in my life, that I love, to know beyond a doubt that they can trust me and that I will always be there for them no matter what. There is absolutely nothing I won’t do for someone I love. Nothing.

Now, that all said, I do from time to time begin to wonder if my own little family, here in beautiful Chandler Arizona don’t sometimes take all the loving care I provide for granted? One would hope not, but one doesn’t really know now does one? I mean after all, I may not work outside our home, but believe me…I WORK! I do al the cooking, cleaning (including the pool now), grocery shopping, laundry, provide taxi service to our daughter Shantel…etc. You know the drill. All mother’s do that right? And, we do it with a loving heart and willing spirit right? Well, at least I can say I do. But still, I do wonder sometimes what would happen if I weren’t here to make sure everything gets done in a timely manner? Would things just pile up until they ran out of clothes, food, and the house looked like hoarders lived here? I certainly hope not…but still, I wonder…

Well, I am proud and happy to say while I was away for a whole week visiting my frissy in her city, New York, my family went on just fine without me. Yep, they kept the house I cleaned for them before I left clean, the laundry was done, the groceries were bought and even the pool was sparkling clean even after they had a big dust storm while I was away. But, I am also happy and PROUD to say they missed me. I mean they let me know they really, really missed me, which of course made me cry tears of joy. I mean, I want my family to be able to function without me, but just like with any job one might have, it is really, really nice to know your missed when you are gone. My family let me know right up front, they were glad I had my trip and had fun with my frissy, but they are really, really glad I am back and can take over my “normal” everyday duties again. Both my husband, Bill, and my daughter, Shantel came to get me at the airport even when my flight was really late getting in and they just hugged and kissed me and couldn’t talk fast enough to me to tell me all about how much I was missed and how boring the house is without me there. They both said they couldn’t believe what all it takes to keep this little house running as effectively as I run it and they for sure didn’t want me to come home and find out they couldn’t keep up with what all I do especially, my most important job of all…letting everyone in the house, and most of Chandler Arizona, know when there is a scorpion in the house!!! I don’t know how they ever got through that without me, but God bless their little hearts for trying!! They said they didn’t see any more scorpions..but I don’t believe I “trust” that yet…

So to sumerize…I guess absence really does make the heart(s) grow fonder:)

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  1. gotham girl
    May 24, 2012 @ 22:20:53

    Yes it does and I’m already missing my frister!! GREAT post and I know they missed you so much! Who wouldn’t?! P.S. I sure am glad you love me! xoxo MORE!


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