Changing Bodies!

Did you ever want to be someone else? Look like someone else? Live like someone else? Have you ever imagined what your life would be like if you made different choices or you could trade lives, and bodies with someone else even if for just one day? I have wondered about these things a lot, but the reality is I am happy with my life just the way it is. Now, my body…well that’s a whole different story!

One of my favorite pastimes is people watching. I can sit for hours and just watch people. I find it fascinating to watch people and really get into wondering what each person’s life might be like as they go about whatever they might be doing at any given point in time. Sometimes, when I am on vacation at the beach with my family, I look at the people around me and wonder if they are there enjoying a much-needed break from their normal daily routines like me, or if they live in one of the surrounding beach towns and are able to enjoy the beach anytime they want. I wonder if they are happy in their life, what they do when they are not enjoying the beach etc. When I see people surfing in the ocean, I wonder if they ever had “issues” of being afraid of what they can’t see under the water, like I am, or, unlike me, are they thrill seekers and risk takes, or, even better, I wonder  if they were just born fearless and never give a thought about what “could” happen…? Perhaps they do, but they just don’t care…I wonder what it’s like to be them?

When I see people at the mall, I wonder if they are there searching for a specific item, or, are they shopaholics and just out to get their “fix” by spending money? I wonder how their lives are different from mine….?

What about sitting in a doctor’s office, do you ever wonder why other people are there? I do. I wonder if they’ve been sick and are now seeing the doctor for a follow-up “well” appointment, or, if they are there for the first time finding out what is wrong with them, and I wonder if they are afraid of what they might find out…?

When I drive through an upscale neighborhood, I wonder what the lives of  the people living in the big beautiful homes are like? Are they living comfortable within their means, or are they over their heads in debt and wishing they could down size without affecting their credit ratings? I wonder if they would want to change lives with someone of lesser means…?

When I see someone young, and beautiful, I wonder if they are happy in their own skin, or if they are constantly wanting to change something about the way they look? I wonder things like this because it seems to me that many people are never happy with what they have or how they look. If they are fat, they want to be thin. If they have long hair, they want it short. If they are short, they want to be tall…always searching for that “perfect look” which just might also give them that “perfect life”… But perhaps even if they had what they consider “perfection”, they still wouldn’t be satisfied. I wonder…?

Before I lost weight, I thought if I was thin, I would be happy. I remember wishing I would wake up one day and be thin, and be able to eat and drink anything I wanted without gaining any weight. I thought that would be what would make me happy. But, once I lost the weight, I found that wasn’t the key to happiness. It just showed me thin people are unhappy too. I had to learn that it isn’t what we look like that makes us happy. It isn’t what we have that makes us happy. It isn’t who we are with that makes us happy… I learned happiness comes from within. We are responsible for making ourselves happy. Only we know what we love, what moves our hearts, what our passions are etc. Only we can change our thoughts, thus changing our world.

As I get older, I’m becoming much more accepting of myself. I realize I am never going to have the “perfect” body. I’m never going to be able to eat and drink whatever I want without gaining any weight so I will forever be a Weight Watcher.  As I am getting older, I have also come to realize that all the wisdom I have gained along the way in regards to self-acceptance, is a very good thing, because it takes a lot of wisdom to put myself on the exercise bike every morning at 5:30 A.M. for thirty minutes at a fast pace, and throw myself in our pool every evening for thirty minutes of non-stop jumping, kicking, swimming exercise only to get out, look in the mirror as I am getting ready for bed, and see everything on my body is still going south in spite of it all? It takes a lot of wisdom to remind myself that I wouldn’t change who I am on the inside for anything, but I will always be open to changing bodies!!!

Next: Guilt!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    May 29, 2012 @ 16:55:07

    Sounds like me and my hair! Ha Ha!!! You are beautiful in and out! xoxo MORE!


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