Mom’s Shopping Trip

In a recent post I mentioned that my mom finally went out on a field trip with other residents of the nursing center where she lives. They all went on a field trip to Wal-mart! Mom called me as soon as she got back to the nursing center and was so excited to tell me all about the fun she had and what all she bought. She had twenty-five dollars to spend and you would think it was her first shopping trip ever. She bought two T-shirts, one is at the very least four sizes too big for her, but she said “that’s how they wear them here and it might shrink”. She also bought a clear plastic zip close purse to keep her bingo money in, and a reusable Wal-mart shopping bag to hang on the back of her wheelchair so when she is shopping she has something to put all her treasures in.

The next day when I went to visit mom, Judy, the nurse on duty, also told me about how much fun mom had on the shopping outing. She said when the residents returned to the nursing center, she had them all go put on the clothes they brought and had them all come out into the hall and put on a fashion show! Judy said she asked all the available aids to help the residents who were giving the fashion show get up and down the long hall so the residents who were in their rooms, or in the activity room, could all see the fashion show as it was taking place. Judy is such a hoot, and always creates impromptu opportunities for fun for the residents under her charge. I have written many thank-you’s to Judy and always let her superiors know what a fantastic job she does every day.

After seeing the things mom bought on her shopping trip, and hearing all about their fashion show, I was happy to seem mom excited about something again. It has been a long time since I’ve seen the “light” back in her eyes. While I was visiting with mom, some of the other residents who went on the shopping trip even come by to show me what all they bought on the shopping trip too. Funny how a simple outing, and burying a few T-shirts, and someone stopping what they are doing to make a fuss over you, and asking you to do a fashion show, did so much to lift the spirits of  those residents who, for some of them, have been all but forgotten by their own families.

Later that evening my mom called me to say all the residents had so much fun they decided they need to “raise more money” so they can all go out again soon. I asked mom how they intend to raise the money for their shopping trip and she said they all decided they would sell some stuff they don’t need and she asked me if I would pay $20.00 for a snuggie (like a blanket with arms in it). I had to chuckle to myself, but I could tell this was very serious business to mom, so I said “of course I would buy it and said I’ve always wanted one myself…I hope that little white lie will be forgiven since it made my mom so happy to know I would help her do her part to raise money for their cause! Stay tuned for updates on the fundraising soon…

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My husband, Bill, is my true hero! He’s the one man in my life that I know I can count on at any time, in any situation. He’s never failed to step up to the plate and help me, support me, and, when necessary, he will go to any length to protect me.

After finding out our new home was infested with scorpions, if you read my blog, or know me at all, you know without a doubt that I have been traumatized by my fear. We have a pest control company, that we’ve used for years, come every month. Each time they come, I tell them I need them to spray heavier because we still had scorpions. Every month, they would tell me they sprayed very heavy, but the problem was just getting worse.

The very last straw for me was finding out we had baby scorpions hatching in our home and one even got on me! I had a complete melt down! Not just for myself, but also because of my fear that they would get on our daughter, Shantel, and she can’t even see to know where they are. I just can’t even imagine how awful that would be. I know I absolutely couldn’t deal with that at all. So after our dear friend, Bob, told Bill what he uses at his home in Scottsdale, and said that it got rid of all their scorpions, of course, I was the first one at the store the next morning getting everything we needed to get rid of our scorpions.  Then, Bill spent the entire day this past Saturday, spraying everything inside and outside of our home according to the instructions he was given, and laid down granules all along the outside of our home as per the instructions as well.

Good news!!! Sunday morning when we got up at 5:00 a.m. to start getting ready for church, there was a large scorpion inside our house, right by our back patio door, but IT WAS DYING!!!  This is the first time we have seen one that was actually dying. Even when we find them in the trap, they are still alive and I would have to kill them with the spray and a hammer…but, this big sucker was almost dead! I was thrilled, and actually have confidence that the spray Bill put down must be working. And we haven’t seen another scorpion as of this writing and I have been looking because if they are around,  I want to know where they are so we can continue to work towards getting rid of them.

I am so thankful to our dear friend, Bob, for letting us know what we really needed to be using, and, to my HERO,  Bill, for taking charge and getting our house all sprayed. I hope in time, I will begin to relax and be able to sleep with the light out again… and I hope I never see another scorpion for the rest of my life.

Stay tuned!

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Unanswered Prayers

In one of my recent posts I told my readers how much my faith means to me and shared some of the reasons why. I said that I truly believe I will be given what I ask for if I ask Jesus in faith, and what I am asking for is within God’s plan for me. Some folks put their requests in writing and put it out to the universe and trust if it is meant to be it will be…But I pray.

Now, as you already know if you follow my blog, my beautiful new dream home, in beautiful Chandler Arizona,  is infested with scorpions, and I am TERRIFIED of them. So, I prayed and asked Jesus to deliver me from this nightmare and drive all the scorpions out of my home. I also posted about my prayers and believed with all my heart that my prayers would be answered in the manner I wanted and I would never see another scorpion in my beautiful new dream home again…

Well, let me just say I found out right quick that apparently what I was praying for was NOT in God’s plan for me! No, the very next day, as I was cleaning my beautiful new dream home, I thought I felt something strange inside the leg of my pants…but, no, I decided it must just be my imagination making me think my prayers were not really answered and I kept going about my cleaning…then, I felt something again…and you know how there is a moment when you realize something isn’t your imagation…I had that moment right in the middle of my kitchen floor and my heart stopped and I couldn’t move…until I felt it again and I jerked my pants off right there in the middle of the kitchen floor and what fell out but a tiny baby scorpion!!! A BABY…that means the huge dragon scorpions have hatched BABIES in my beautiful new dream home. Oh, no, this just can’t be!!

So, when I was able to breathe again, I decided I had to check the traps that are in every room, actually there are several in every room ,and OMG, OMG, OMG…what do I find but TWO of the huge dragon scorpions in two separate traps!!! Yes, one behind the sofa in the family room, and one under a cabinet in the front room. AND, YES>>> they are still alive and moving, and shaking their ugly stinger tales at me AGAIN!!! Oh sweet Jesus help me! Now, I know I have to get the long tongs, long hammer, scorpion killer spray and get rid of these vicious, nasty things AGAIN!

I’m so upset by this time that I’m having a complete melt down. I’m shaking, crying, and I call my husband, Bill and told him we have got to do something to get rid of these nasty things or I am out of here because I can NOT continue to live like this. Bill speaks to me in a very calm voice, assuring me he will look into what else we can do and he will get on it right away…

In the meantime, I take the traps out after I spray them with the killer spray and I smash them on the back patio, again, and I leave them there again, for all the other scorpions to see, again. A few hours later, I email my frissy, who is in New York, and I ask her to have her husband, Bob, let Bill know what he uses at their beautiful home in Scottsdale Arizona. They had scorpions but Bob got rid of them and we need Bob to help us know what to do to get rid of ours FAST!

So, when Bill got home from work, he talks to Bob on the phone and finds out what all we need to buy and where to go to get everything we need. The very next morning I’m at that store waiting for them to open the doors and I buy everything we need. By now, all the money we would have saved by moving out of the HOA district has gone to fight off the scorpions,  but Bill said he would put all the sprays, granules etc. out all over our little house of horrors the very next day (Saturday). I can’t wait for the sun to come up so he can get right on that job and I didn’t sleep one wink Friday night. Not one wink. I had the big light on in the room and I was watching the walls, ceiling, and floors all night!

I also realized buying leopard stripped sheets for the bed was NOT a good idea. What was I thinking? Black and brown stripes…cute, but scorpions are black and brown and if one gets in the bed I wouldn’t be able to see them. So, now I am going to buy white sheets so I can  see anything that might get in my bed… Also, my frissy told me to get rid of the bed skirts but I didn’t think I needed to go that far. That was before I know how bad this problem really was. Well, let me tell you all bed skirts are now gone from all beds in this house!

Now, Bill just finished putting all the sprays, granules, etc. all over our house inside and out and all I can do is hope, and pray, this works. Yes, I will continue to pray about this because I believe, when one door closes, another will open…so perhaps God has another plan for me like letting me win the lottery so I can get the hell out of here and  buy a new house somewhere where scorpions don’t live. Then, I will give this house, and everything in it, to someone who isn’t afraid of scorpions, for FREE!!

Stay Tuned!

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I might be a lot of things, but a hoarder, I am not!

I don’t like having a lot of “stuff” around me. I only have things I really use. And, what I do have, I want kept in its proper place so everything looks nice and neat and clean. Yes, clean, I love clean.

My mother knows I love things neat and clean so when I go to visit her in the nursing center where she lives she will ask me if I will clean out her room for her. The housekeeping staff cleans the floors, bathrooms etc, but they don’t go through the residents “stuff” to thin things out or get rid of things from time to time. As a result, some of the residents, like my mom, will let things pile up in their little corner of their rooms forever.

Who would think that little old people in nursing homes could become hoarders? After going through each and every thing in my mom’s room, I now know my mother is a horder. She asked me to “clean” out her room and make it look nice like my house and I agreed. But, when I started asking what this and that was for, she said she needed everything I was asking about.  She saves EVERYTHING! Rubber bands, paper clips, the little cups the nurse gives her her medicine in. She hoards wash cloths in her drawers and asks the nurses for more. When I asked her why she needs so many wash cloths, she said she puts them over her eyes in the afternoon when she takes her nap. O.K., that to me would mean I keep one wash cloth for that purpose and get rid of the rest. But, mom refuses to give up her stash of wash cloths so what can I do? She has at least four empty boxes in her drawer that she keeps “just in case she needs a box for something”… She has a small nightstand with three drawers that are jam-packed with “stuff”. Every time I go to visit her she asks me to help her find something she lost in all her “stuff”. Every Wednesday I have to help her find her rosary beads because she lost them in her top drawer that is full of all the stuff she wants me to clean out until I hold something up and say “can we get rid of this”? The cafeteria sends out dining menus every week to all the residents so they know what is being served. My mom must have four years worth in her bottom drawer. I say “mom, what do you need all these old menus for”? She just looks at me and says she may need to look at them again someday. Her roommate keeps bringing mom magazines that mom doesn’t want to read, but she takes them anyway because she doesn’t want to hurt the roommates feelings.

So, last week when I was trying to help mom “clean” out her stuff, out of all the things she had to get rid of, the only thing she let me throw away was a paper with the words “MOM” painted on it she made in arts and crafts for herself for mother’s day!

All I can say is I hope I never become a hoarder, and if I ever do, I hope someone remembers I really didn’t mean to become one and just go ahead and make everything nice, neat, and clean…just the way I like it!

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Firm belief in something for which there is no proof. That’s what Webster’s dictionary says about faith.

I am a cradle Roman Catholic, and in spite of growing up in the very dysfunctional home I grew up in, somehow, I developed a very strong faith and I am a devoted practicing Roman Catholic to this very day. In fact, I am the only sibling in my family who continued to practice my faith all throughout my life. However, for me, faith is not simply believing in something for which there is no proof. No, I have had many, many, experiences in my life that provided all the “proof” I will ever need to know why my faith is so strong, and why I practice my Roman Catholic faith every day of my life.

For me, faith is very different from church. I practice my faith everywhere I go. I don’t need to be in a church to practice my faith. My faith is in Jesus Christ alone, and not necessarily “the church”. I believe in Jesus with all my heart and soul. And, I believe that Jesus is really present in the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, under the “appearance” of bread in the consecrated host or Eucharist, and I believe the Eucharist is not just a “symbol” of Jesus. That’s what draws me to the Catholic Church, the Mass, and why I love to spend time in our Adoration Chapel. If I didn’t believe with all my heart that Jesus himself was really present in the Eucharist, under the “appearance” of bread in the blessed sacrament, then I would just be spending my time in front of a piece of bread and what good would that do me? I go to mass on Sunday because I need to receive Jesus, in the Eucharist, into my body to feed my soul. I can pray, and practice my faith at home or anywhere I am, but I can’t receive Jesus, literally into my body, without receiving him the blessed sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. And, when my soul is fed by the body of Jesus, I am then able to put my faith into practice in my daily life. That’s what allowed me to forgive the unforgivable when my father tore my family apart. That is what allows me to move forward without bitterness and hatred in my heart. I couldn’t move forward with just a piece of bread to feed my soul. However, I don’t think all Catholics really believe Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist. If they did, I don’t understand why there isn’t standing room only in the churches with Catholics lined up to receive the Holy Eucharist, and in our Adoration Chapels waiting to spend time in front of our Lord Jesus Christ. But, that’s not for me to judge, and I don’t, I just don’t understand it that’s all.

So why am I sharing all of this with all of you? Because I have been asked, by many of my dear friends if there have been any more scorpion sightings in our home. I am happy to say that there haven’t been any more scorpion sightings. And, I am even happier to report that I don’t expect to ever see another scorpion in my home again. Why? Because I believe in Jesus Christ, and I prayed about this, and put it before my sweet Jesus, and asked him to deliver me from this nightmare and drive all the scorpions out of my home and never let me be traumatized by them again. I asked Jesus to do that and I have complete faith and trust in him that he will give us what we ask for in faith, if it is within his will for us, and I know my sweet Jesus does not want me to be afraid or traumatized in my own home ever again. So, now, I can relax, and rest in the knowledge that my sweet Jesus has my back (and every other part of my body) on this. And, oh what a relief that is!

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Big Party Update!

What better way to warm up a new home than to welcome in your friends and family? That’s exactly what we did Saturday when we celebrated birthdays for our daughter, Shantel, as well as my Bro, Danny, and our dear friend Chuck, who all had birthday’s in June. Oh what party it really was!!!

The day started off with my husband, Bill, and I waking up our daughter, Shantel, by going in her room and singing happy birthday to her in our very best, loud, and clear, mom and dad voices! Hey, your never too old for mom and dad to sing our traditional happy birthday song to you in this house…That set the tone for the day as we saw that beautiful smile that lights up our lives come across Shantel’s beautiful face.

Once Shantel was up and dressed, she and Bill headed out to pick up Shantel’s best friend, Jaz, who was coming over to spend the night and help celebrate the big day. On the way home, they also stopped by and picked up the 1/2 sheet birthday cake we ordered special for the occasion. Since it was Shantel’s actual birthday on the day of the party, we let her choose the cake. Chocolate cake with white whipped cream frosting, red roses and lettering with the words “you only live once” written across the cake per Shantel’s instructions. Of course we served vanilla ice cream with the cake as well.

While Bill and Shantel were gone, I was able to put the finishing touches on the house making sure everything was “party” ready for our guests to arrive.  Regardless what some may think, a cake alone does not a party make. At least not when I’m throwing the party!

After Bill, Shantel, and Jaz were back home with the cake, it was almost time for Bill to go and pick up the Macayo’s mini-chimi party trays I ordered along with extra chips and salsa. Better to have too much food than not enough right? So, 7 dozen mini-chimi’s was perfect for everyone to have all they wanted and still have some left for Shantel and Jaz to eat when they got their mid-night munchies attack!

When all the guests arrived, our little house was full to the brim. Just the way I like it. It was the very first time any of our family or friends had been to our new home because even though I had many people asking when they could come and see our home, I wanted to wait until I felt everything was done, i.e. the back yard, garage cabinets,  etc. before I welcomed anyone in. I’m picky that way. I want everything in its place when I entertain in my home, then I can relax and concentrate on making sure all our guests are comfortable and happy.

My bro, Danny, and his wife, Bea, brought mom. I was really impressed that she made the effort, with Danny and I holding her on both sides, to walk from the car into the house and actually said she wanted to walk through the whole house so she could see how I decorated everything. After the house tour we sat mom in my recliner rocking chair so she could put her feet up and we all took turns bringing her snacks and drinks. I was even more impressed when I asked mom if she would like a beer and she said “yes, but just a little bit”!! So, I gave her a small glass of dark beer and some chips and salsa. She drank the little glass of beer, ate the chips and salsa and said ‘that was so good, I think I’ll have the rest of the bottle so I gave it to her and the party was on!

We all enjoyed a lovely afternoon and evening of storytelling, laughter, good eats and drinks, and most important of all to me…making memories!

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Mom’s Field Trip!

My mom has lived in a 24/7 skilled nursing center for almost four years now. The center provides many different activities for their residents. Of course bingo is a must, but they also offer arts and crafts, puzzles, music, church services and field trips to the dollar store, Wal-Mart, casino’s, and various food places for lunch to those who can, and want to participate. My mom participates in all activities held in within the center, but she has never gone on any of the field trips.

When my mom first went to live in the nursing center, I would take her out to lunch, movies, or bring her home to my house for the day at least once a week just to get her out of the center for a while. She always loved getting out and seeing what other people were doing. After my mom quit walking, I could no longer take her out by myself because of the dangers of her falling. That’s when I started trying to get her to go on one of the many field trips the nursing center offered. I tried and tried to convince her she should go but she kept telling me she didn’t want to go out “alone”. She said she was afraid something would happen and she wouldn’t know what to do.  She wanted me to go with her on the bus that is equipped to carry the residents in their wheelchairs. However, the day’s and times of the field trips conflicted with my schedule of getting Shantel to school or other things I needed to do. So, if I couldn’t go with mom, she decided she just wouldn’t go at all. I tried to explain to mom that nothing was going to happen to her if she went on one of the field trips with the nursing center. I told her if I could go all the way to New York City by myself, she could go on a field trip to the dollar store or Wal-Mart. She told me I am just a stronger personality than she is and she wasn’t going to do it so I should just quit talking about it to her. So I never brought it up again, until now!

This past week, all of a sudden, out of the blue, and  for some reason unknown to me, my mom went out on a field trip with the other residents of her nursing center to the dollar store, and more importantly, she had so much fun she decided she would go with them to Wal-Mart tomorrow!!!  I asked mom what made her decide to go on the field trip. She smiled and said “they asked me to go” All I can say is “well blow me over, will wonders never cease”?

Now, I’m trying to get her to go to the casino’s with the other residents. She used to love to go to the caseino”s with my dad, but so far she keeps telling me she would never go to the casino’s with the nursing center residents…But, she said the same thing about going out to the dollar store too. I guess I will have to ask one of the staff members to “ask” mom to go with them the next time they go to the casino’s…:)  I just hope I don’t create a gambling monster…Stay tuned!

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Little House of Horrors!

I think I’m being tested to see just how much I really love our beautiful new home in beautiful Chandler Arizona.

First, we were plagued with scorpions and I told my husband, Bill, I am so scared of those scorpions, as much as I love this house,  if I had the money I would move again right now just to get away from those horrid, vicious, creatures that might as well be alligators living in my house in relation to how much I fear them. But, since we are not financially in a position to move again, I’m resigned to live here knowing scorpions will be part of my little world. Hate them as I may!

To ease my fear of the scorpions, Bill went out and spread more of the scorpion deterrent power all around the house this past Saturday. While he was outside spreading the powder, he noticed our refrigeration unit which sits on the ground on the side of the house, was not blowing the air out of the unit correctly. Apparently it is supposed to pull the outside air in through the sides of the unit and out the top. Ours was pulling the air down through the top and out the sides. So, just as Bill was getting ready to take a look at why the unit was not blowing correctly, the motor stops running and wouldn’t come back on at all. Now, it’s summer in Arizona. I love Arizona and don’t mind how hot the temperatures get outside (key word outside), but I do not want my house to be hot. So, we had to call a 24/7 refrigeration company who could send out a technician right away to get the unit up and running again which they were happy to do to the tune of $600.00! What are you going to do on a weekend when your house is 90 degrees and climbing? If we went to a hotel, we would have that expense and we would also have to find some place for our cat, Carmen, to go. So we felt we had no choice but to get the unit fixed and fast.

Then, just as we are getting over the shock of having that unexpected expense, Shantel flushed the toilet in the guest bathroom and didn’t think it flushed right by the sound it made so she flushed it again. The next thing I know she is yelling for me to come in there because she thinks something in wrong because now water (thank God it was clean water) is running out of the toilet and all over the tile floor. Bill got the water turned off, and he and I began mopping up the water when I noticed it also ran into Shantel’s room which is right next to the guest bathroom and got some of her carpet wet. So now I am running for pool towels that I can soak up the water from the carpet. Well, to say I am not lovin my beautiful new home right at that moment would be an understatement!

We finally got all the water mopped up and the carpet cleaned in Shantel’s room and decided hopefully all the bad “little” things that initiate a new home have happened. I sure as hell hope that is the end of it all and I can hold on to the last little glimmer of love I have for this beautiful little house of horrors!

In closing, let me leave you with a joyful note that I can always count on Shantel providing that prompts me into seeing the lighter side of any situation: As Shantel and I were driving home from visiting my mom today, Shantel said “well mom at least the refrigeration and toilet broke this past weekend instead of next weekend when we will have a house full of people over for the big party. She said if it happened the day of the party we would have to welcome our guests in and say come in and don’t mind that it’s 95 degrees in here”…

I said “if the happened I would just add that we like to keep our home temperature controlled to our scorpions liking which is blazing desert HOT!!

Might as well laugh about it all. It’s better than crying… I guess…Gota love it.

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We’re Having A Party!

It never feels like a house is a home to me until we have our first gathering of family and friends to help us start making memories wherever we live. So, now that the garage cabinets are in and everything is unpacked and put in its proper place, the backyard has been beautifully landscaped with desert rock, and our beautiful front yard is all in full bloom with our beautiful flowering bushes…we are having our first gathering in our new home next Saturday, June 16th.

We will be welcoming family and friends into our new home for the very first time to help put the warmth in our home that only family and friends can bring. We will also use the day to celebrate my Bro, Danny’s, b-day which is Monday, June 11th, and our dear friend Chuck, has a b-day on June 12, and, of course, Shantel’s b-day is on the party day, June 16th. Then we can’t forget Father’s Day is June 17th. So how wonderful for us to be able to have one big party to celebrate all these special events together!

Since the party date is actually Shantel’s b-day, we let her choose the food theme which will be her favorite, Macayo’s party tray’s of mini chicken and beef chimmi’s, chips and salsa. Then, of course we need a cake. So, Shantel requested a chocolate cake with vanilla whipped frosting with red roses for decorations. There will be adult beverages and soft drinks and if anyone wants to take a swim, the pool is open and the water is fine.

Shantel is having her best friend, Jaz, over to spend the night, my Bro, Danny, his wife, Bea, and her son Chris, will bring my mom. Danny’s daughter Vikki and her kids will all be here as well as our three little lady friends from mom’s old neighborhood, Sandy, Nancy, and Sandi. Of course our dear friends Holly and Chuck will be here as they have never missed a celebration at our home yet. Even our realtors, Mike and Wally are going to join us.

I am so looking forward to this celebration with friends and family. I only wish my frissy, Robin, and her husband, Bob could be here too as well as our kids and extended family both in-laws and out-laws who are all our of state. But, as always, whenever we have a celebration in our home where friends and family members are missing, I will have a place setting set in their honor and I will give thanks for them in our lives as I raise a toast to them as well. Stay tuned for an update in another post.

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Scorpion Update!

If you follow my blog, you all know by now that we have scorpions in our beautiful new home we moved into in April, and I have been traumatized for life. Not only have I been traumatized by these nasty, vicious, creatures, but the whole experience has changed who I am.

When I first found out we have scorpions, I researched everything I could to find out how to get rid of them. I looked to many, many, sources including family, friends and of course I sought professional help as well. But  nothing I was told gave me any hope that my life, as I knew it, will ever be the same. No, I now know I am going to live in a constant state of extreme fear. Now I know how the cave men and women felt when they had to live in fear of being killed and eaten by the dinosaurs! Fear is fear, is fear…and let me tell you, I FEAR SCORPIONS!!!

So, after the first episode of dealing with the scorpions, and taking all the precautions I was told to take, including, but not limited to, bravely hunting for them in the dark with only a black light, long tongs, and a can of scorpion killer spray that I could only pray would really kill them…I was so exhausted both mentally and physically (it’s amazing what stress will do to the body), that I was over joyed when it came time for me to go visit my frissy in New York City. I couldn’t get out of this scorpion infested house fast enough, and my frissy assured me they don’t have scorpions in New York. So I had a full week of total relaxation, laughter, and not one scorpion to be found.

My frissy told me all about how her beautiful home in Scottsdale had scorpions and how she and her husband battled them for years too. She said she was traumatized by them for a long, long time, but she finally came to accept the fact that they are around, mostly dead now, because her husband takes care of exterminating their home. Frissy told me it will take me a long time, but I will eventually come to not be as traumatized by knowing scorpions live among us…that was reassuring and calming to me, and I came home refreshed and with a renewed resolve to learn how to deal with these vicious pests…And, my husband, Bill, told me he never saw any scorpions at all the whole week I was away. Then, when I came home, I looked and looked, but I never saw any more scorpions either. So I finally started to relax a bit. I mean I still sleep with the night-light on, the black light by my bed in case I need it, and of course, a fly swatter, and the can of scorpion killer spray…just in case, but over all I did feel myself begin to relax a bit…

Then, we had to go to Home Depot for some wood to build a step at our front door so our cat won’t get out when the big door is open. While we were there we start chatting with the man who was helping us and for some reason he felt the need to tell us he just moved here from Hawaii and he just couldn’t believe all the scorpions there are here and how frightened his wife is of them. He even went as far as to tell us where we could go if we get stung and need to get the antivenom! He said he even found one in his pool!! HIS POOL!! I have a pool, and I swim in my pool everyday…I thought that was the one place I could relax and not worry about a scorpion attacking me for God’s sake…But, NO, now I have to scan the pool too! Well, needless to say I came home from that little shopping trip even more traumatized than ever and I didn’t think that was possible…but I found out it is possible and I was about to find out just how traumatized I could really get.

Here is what happened. I weigh every morning as soon as I get up before I start my exercise routine. We have a walk-in linen closet in our master bathroom and I keep my scale in there. So picture me going in there to get weighed and I look over at one of the scorpion traps I have in there, as well as every other room in this beautiful, scorpion infested house, and I see a huge, live scorpion stuck to the sticky board but still wiggling its vicious stinger all around at me! OMG!!! I can’t even breathe…Bill is at work, Shantel is still in bed, and I am there all alone to figure out what to do if I can ever get my brain to function again. I am frozen in fear staring at that scorpion, and it is staring right back at me. OMG, I really thought I was having a heart attack and really I think that might not have been as traumatic as facing that huge, vicious, creature that was hell-bent on trying to get off the trap and kill me!!

I knew there was no way I was going to leave that nasty thing alive and moving on that trap because with my luck it would work its way off and hunt me down for sure. No, I knew I had to kill it dead right now…so, I ran and got the scorpion killer spray, the long tongs, and a long-handled hammer! Yes, I sprayed that killer spray all over that huge killer scorpion, then when it stopped moving…I ever so carefully picked up the whole trap with the long tongs and carried it outside on the back patio. I laid the trap down and I smashed that sucker over and over agin with the long-handled hammer…Then, like the crazed woman these vicious creatures have changed me into…I left its smashed, broken, body in the trap, right on the back patio as an example for any other scorpion that wants to come in my house to see and perhaps think twice about wanting to live in MY beautiful home!

Then, I called my husband, Bill, at work and told him what had happened and what I was forced to do. He didn’t sound like he thought it was as big a deal as it really was for me…not that he didn’t care, but he just isn’t afraid of the scorpions so how could he relate? He can’t…but when he got home and I went all through the whole thing again and he could see how traumatized I was, and I told him if money was not an option to consider, I would move out of my beautiful dream home TODAY,,,TODAY,,,just to get away from these horrible, vicious, creatures. I can’t imagine why God ever created these  awful things but I am sure he will tell me all about his plan when I get to heaven which may not be too long from now if I have to go through many more episodes like this…my heart for sure just can’t take much more…stay tuned!

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