I believe we all have issues with something. In fact, some of us have issues with a lot of things like trust, family, weight, guilt, fear, being late, flying, plans, kids, people who lie, control, etc. The list can go on and on. What are your issues? How do you deal with any issues you have?

I think it is good to have issues, but even better if we recognize what our issues are and if they are having any negative impacts in our life. I think recognizing our issues help us to recognize areas of our life that may need improving. If we recognize our issues, we can begin to find ways to overcome those that may be standing in our way of moving our life forward in a positive direction. When we can’t, or won’t, recognize our issues, I believe we become trapped in our past, and/or stagnant and unable to change the course of our future.

I’m on a constant quest for self-improvement and overcoming my personal issues. I never want to be a victim of my past, or let my issues keep me from being the best person I can be now. That, for me, takes constant vigilance of looking within myself, and making changes I need to make. I know from my own experience overcoming issues is sometimes difficult and challenging, but for me it has always been powerfully rewarding.

I never had professional counseling to help me address my many issues (perhaps I should have…) because I believe I know how I developed the issues I have, and I know me better than anyone, so I trust me to work through my issues using my own self-help strategies. That involves a lot of self-talks, meditations, prayer, and a willingness to be open and honest with myself about my issues. I also talk openly about my issues with the few people in my life that I have come to completely trust. That in turn leads me to  a personal growth that allows me to make the changes I need to make such as self-acceptance, forgiveness, and realizing I am always going to be in a constant state of growth and change. and that’s a good thing.

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  1. gotham girl
    Jun 04, 2012 @ 14:30:55

    Issues…we all have em, but it’s all in how we manage them, right? And Yes, it’s a good thing to be in a constant state of growth and change. I think that’s what keeps us young, my frister! xoxo MORE!


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