Little House of Horrors!

I think I’m being tested to see just how much I really love our beautiful new home in beautiful Chandler Arizona.

First, we were plagued with scorpions and I told my husband, Bill, I am so scared of those scorpions, as much as I love this house,  if I had the money I would move again right now just to get away from those horrid, vicious, creatures that might as well be alligators living in my house in relation to how much I fear them. But, since we are not financially in a position to move again, I’m resigned to live here knowing scorpions will be part of my little world. Hate them as I may!

To ease my fear of the scorpions, Bill went out and spread more of the scorpion deterrent power all around the house this past Saturday. While he was outside spreading the powder, he noticed our refrigeration unit which sits on the ground on the side of the house, was not blowing the air out of the unit correctly. Apparently it is supposed to pull the outside air in through the sides of the unit and out the top. Ours was pulling the air down through the top and out the sides. So, just as Bill was getting ready to take a look at why the unit was not blowing correctly, the motor stops running and wouldn’t come back on at all. Now, it’s summer in Arizona. I love Arizona and don’t mind how hot the temperatures get outside (key word outside), but I do not want my house to be hot. So, we had to call a 24/7 refrigeration company who could send out a technician right away to get the unit up and running again which they were happy to do to the tune of $600.00! What are you going to do on a weekend when your house is 90 degrees and climbing? If we went to a hotel, we would have that expense and we would also have to find some place for our cat, Carmen, to go. So we felt we had no choice but to get the unit fixed and fast.

Then, just as we are getting over the shock of having that unexpected expense, Shantel flushed the toilet in the guest bathroom and didn’t think it flushed right by the sound it made so she flushed it again. The next thing I know she is yelling for me to come in there because she thinks something in wrong because now water (thank God it was clean water) is running out of the toilet and all over the tile floor. Bill got the water turned off, and he and I began mopping up the water when I noticed it also ran into Shantel’s room which is right next to the guest bathroom and got some of her carpet wet. So now I am running for pool towels that I can soak up the water from the carpet. Well, to say I am not lovin my beautiful new home right at that moment would be an understatement!

We finally got all the water mopped up and the carpet cleaned in Shantel’s room and decided hopefully all the bad “little” things that initiate a new home have happened. I sure as hell hope that is the end of it all and I can hold on to the last little glimmer of love I have for this beautiful little house of horrors!

In closing, let me leave you with a joyful note that I can always count on Shantel providing that prompts me into seeing the lighter side of any situation: As Shantel and I were driving home from visiting my mom today, Shantel said “well mom at least the refrigeration and toilet broke this past weekend instead of next weekend when we will have a house full of people over for the big party. She said if it happened the day of the party we would have to welcome our guests in and say come in and don’t mind that it’s 95 degrees in here”…

I said “if the happened I would just add that we like to keep our home temperature controlled to our scorpions liking which is blazing desert HOT!!

Might as well laugh about it all. It’s better than crying… I guess…Gota love it.

Next: Mom’s Field Trip!

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  1. Gotham Girl
    Jun 12, 2012 @ 15:02:26



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