Big Party Update!

What better way to warm up a new home than to welcome in your friends and family? That’s exactly what we did Saturday when we celebrated birthdays for our daughter, Shantel, as well as my Bro, Danny, and our dear friend Chuck, who all had birthday’s in June. Oh what party it really was!!!

The day started off with my husband, Bill, and I waking up our daughter, Shantel, by going in her room and singing happy birthday to her in our very best, loud, and clear, mom and dad voices! Hey, your never too old for mom and dad to sing our traditional happy birthday song to you in this house…That set the tone for the day as we saw that beautiful smile that lights up our lives come across Shantel’s beautiful face.

Once Shantel was up and dressed, she and Bill headed out to pick up Shantel’s best friend, Jaz, who was coming over to spend the night and help celebrate the big day. On the way home, they also stopped by and picked up the 1/2 sheet birthday cake we ordered special for the occasion. Since it was Shantel’s actual birthday on the day of the party, we let her choose the cake. Chocolate cake with white whipped cream frosting, red roses and lettering with the words “you only live once” written across the cake per Shantel’s instructions. Of course we served vanilla ice cream with the cake as well.

While Bill and Shantel were gone, I was able to put the finishing touches on the house making sure everything was “party” ready for our guests to arrive.  Regardless what some may think, a cake alone does not a party make. At least not when I’m throwing the party!

After Bill, Shantel, and Jaz were back home with the cake, it was almost time for Bill to go and pick up the Macayo’s mini-chimi party trays I ordered along with extra chips and salsa. Better to have too much food than not enough right? So, 7 dozen mini-chimi’s was perfect for everyone to have all they wanted and still have some left for Shantel and Jaz to eat when they got their mid-night munchies attack!

When all the guests arrived, our little house was full to the brim. Just the way I like it. It was the very first time any of our family or friends had been to our new home because even though I had many people asking when they could come and see our home, I wanted to wait until I felt everything was done, i.e. the back yard, garage cabinets,  etc. before I welcomed anyone in. I’m picky that way. I want everything in its place when I entertain in my home, then I can relax and concentrate on making sure all our guests are comfortable and happy.

My bro, Danny, and his wife, Bea, brought mom. I was really impressed that she made the effort, with Danny and I holding her on both sides, to walk from the car into the house and actually said she wanted to walk through the whole house so she could see how I decorated everything. After the house tour we sat mom in my recliner rocking chair so she could put her feet up and we all took turns bringing her snacks and drinks. I was even more impressed when I asked mom if she would like a beer and she said “yes, but just a little bit”!! So, I gave her a small glass of dark beer and some chips and salsa. She drank the little glass of beer, ate the chips and salsa and said ‘that was so good, I think I’ll have the rest of the bottle so I gave it to her and the party was on!

We all enjoyed a lovely afternoon and evening of storytelling, laughter, good eats and drinks, and most important of all to me…making memories!

Next: FAITH!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ellen Kaufman
    Jun 19, 2012 @ 23:36:45

    I am so glad your Mom was able to come and have a good time. She called me and told me she enjoyed the party and you had a beautiful home and liked the swimming pool and really sounded upbeat. The party sounds like everyone had a good time and it was so nice for your Mom to visit with some of her old friends. Love you all! Would have loved the cake and ice cream, my favorite too.


    • beyondcinderella
      Jun 20, 2012 @ 01:56:10

      Yes Aunt Ellen, it was really nice to see mom having a good time at the party and enjoying visiting with some of her friends from her old neighborhood. It was the first time mom has been “home” in a LONG, LONG, time. I’m really happy to know that mom was able to visit my new home at least once. Love you, Cindy


  2. Megs
    Jun 27, 2012 @ 17:19:17

    I’m sorry I missed the celebration! Sounded like you had a great time. Glad your mom was able to make it and enjoyed herself. xoxo


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