Unanswered Prayers

In one of my recent posts I told my readers how much my faith means to me and shared some of the reasons why. I said that I truly believe I will be given what I ask for if I ask Jesus in faith, and what I am asking for is within God’s plan for me. Some folks put their requests in writing and put it out to the universe and trust if it is meant to be it will be…But I pray.

Now, as you already know if you follow my blog, my beautiful new dream home, in beautiful Chandler Arizona,  is infested with scorpions, and I am TERRIFIED of them. So, I prayed and asked Jesus to deliver me from this nightmare and drive all the scorpions out of my home. I also posted about my prayers and believed with all my heart that my prayers would be answered in the manner I wanted and I would never see another scorpion in my beautiful new dream home again…

Well, let me just say I found out right quick that apparently what I was praying for was NOT in God’s plan for me! No, the very next day, as I was cleaning my beautiful new dream home, I thought I felt something strange inside the leg of my pants…but, no, I decided it must just be my imagination making me think my prayers were not really answered and I kept going about my cleaning…then, I felt something again…and you know how there is a moment when you realize something isn’t your imagation…I had that moment right in the middle of my kitchen floor and my heart stopped and I couldn’t move…until I felt it again and I jerked my pants off right there in the middle of the kitchen floor and what fell out but a tiny baby scorpion!!! A BABY…that means the huge dragon scorpions have hatched BABIES in my beautiful new dream home. Oh, no, this just can’t be!!

So, when I was able to breathe again, I decided I had to check the traps that are in every room, actually there are several in every room ,and OMG, OMG, OMG…what do I find but TWO of the huge dragon scorpions in two separate traps!!! Yes, one behind the sofa in the family room, and one under a cabinet in the front room. AND, YES>>> they are still alive and moving, and shaking their ugly stinger tales at me AGAIN!!! Oh sweet Jesus help me! Now, I know I have to get the long tongs, long hammer, scorpion killer spray and get rid of these vicious, nasty things AGAIN!

I’m so upset by this time that I’m having a complete melt down. I’m shaking, crying, and I call my husband, Bill and told him we have got to do something to get rid of these nasty things or I am out of here because I can NOT continue to live like this. Bill speaks to me in a very calm voice, assuring me he will look into what else we can do and he will get on it right away…

In the meantime, I take the traps out after I spray them with the killer spray and I smash them on the back patio, again, and I leave them there again, for all the other scorpions to see, again. A few hours later, I email my frissy, who is in New York, and I ask her to have her husband, Bob, let Bill know what he uses at their beautiful home in Scottsdale Arizona. They had scorpions but Bob got rid of them and we need Bob to help us know what to do to get rid of ours FAST!

So, when Bill got home from work, he talks to Bob on the phone and finds out what all we need to buy and where to go to get everything we need. The very next morning I’m at that store waiting for them to open the doors and I buy everything we need. By now, all the money we would have saved by moving out of the HOA district has gone to fight off the scorpions,  but Bill said he would put all the sprays, granules etc. out all over our little house of horrors the very next day (Saturday). I can’t wait for the sun to come up so he can get right on that job and I didn’t sleep one wink Friday night. Not one wink. I had the big light on in the room and I was watching the walls, ceiling, and floors all night!

I also realized buying leopard stripped sheets for the bed was NOT a good idea. What was I thinking? Black and brown stripes…cute, but scorpions are black and brown and if one gets in the bed I wouldn’t be able to see them. So, now I am going to buy white sheets so I can  see anything that might get in my bed… Also, my frissy told me to get rid of the bed skirts but I didn’t think I needed to go that far. That was before I know how bad this problem really was. Well, let me tell you all bed skirts are now gone from all beds in this house!

Now, Bill just finished putting all the sprays, granules, etc. all over our house inside and out and all I can do is hope, and pray, this works. Yes, I will continue to pray about this because I believe, when one door closes, another will open…so perhaps God has another plan for me like letting me win the lottery so I can get the hell out of here and  buy a new house somewhere where scorpions don’t live. Then, I will give this house, and everything in it, to someone who isn’t afraid of scorpions, for FREE!!

Stay Tuned!

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6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tracie Blackwell
    Jun 24, 2012 @ 14:05:43

    i’m sorry but the thought of you ripping off your pants in the middle of the room just makes me laugh..good luck I’m sure they’ll all be gone soon but in the meantime, I’ve got a spare room 🙂


    • beyondcinderella
      Jun 24, 2012 @ 18:22:56

      Yes, Tracie, me getting out of those pants was a sight to see. I surprised myself at how FAST I could get those pants off!! I’ll keep your spare room offer in mind. Thanks, it’s good to know people with spare rooms and no scorpions!!! Stay tuned for updates. Cindy


  2. gotham girl
    Jun 26, 2012 @ 11:28:34

    Thinking of you!!!! And still saying my prayers to rid your beautiful home of those horrible things! xoxo MORE!


  3. Megs
    Jun 27, 2012 @ 17:10:42

    I can’t even imagine how horrible this has been for you. I am hate scorpians and snakes. So glad the issue is resolved. xo


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