Post Number 100

Well here I am posting my 100th blog post. I never knew I had so much to talk about, or better yet, that anyone would want to read it, and that some actually respond with comments. I LOVE THAT!

Yesterday I put out the option to my readers to suggest a topic and I would write about it for my 100th posting.  My husband, Bill, suggested I write about the lighter side of the in-home Daycare I ran for eight years. So Bill, you are the winner in my life, and you win the 100th blog post topic of the day…you really are a lucky man aren’t you? YES would be the perfect answer here honey:)

Anyone who knows me well knows I love children. I always wanted to live on a real working ranch where I could have horses and raise a house full of children. That plan didn’t work out so well so I moved on with plan (B) which was to get a job in a Daycare Center many, many, years ago when I was about 23. I started out working in the kitchen cooking meals for all the Daycare children. When breakfast and lunch was completed and I had dinner ready for the night shift to serve, I was allowed to go into the baby room and help feed and rock the babies. Oh, how I loved, loved, loved to do that. I could sit for hours and rock a baby. Sometimes I would hold them all the way through their nap time. The babies loved me and the mom’s loved me too except when they got home after a hard day at work and their precious little baby just wanted to be held and rocked. It didn’t take long before I was told I could still come in and rock the babies but I had to put them in their bed once they fell asleep. Party Poopers!

As time marched on, we moved and I went to work in Corporate America for 18 years. I loved my job there but it was never as satisfying to me as working with children had been. So one day I came home and told my husband, Bill, I wanted to quit Corporate and start a Daycare out of our home. I knew I could make really good money, but more importantly for me, I could fulfill my desire to work with children again. And, I could be home to help Shantel get ready for school and be there when she got home. What a win/win situation. Bill agreed and I started putting together my little Daycare.

I decided I would only take four babies because the laws in Arizona state you can care for four children besides your own without a licence which I didn’t want to go through all that bother again. I also decided I would only take babies up to the age of three. Why? Because I wanted to keep activities geared toward very early childhood. So, I bought four little beds, two swings, two high chairs, a changing table, toys, and a wagon. Then I put an ad in the newspaper and on the internet and within one week I was up and running full speed.

My very first client was a little 2 yr old girl, Jessica, whose mother was also pregnant with her second child and already asking me if I would take that baby when he was born so I agreed to save a bed for him. Jessica was a beautiful, highly intelligent little girl. She looked just like a little princess in a story book. Cute as a bug! The only problem was Jessica didn’t like my daughter, Shantel, who was only nine at the time. Jessica would run up behind Shantel every chance she got and bite her! OMG, I had problems getting that child to leave Shantel alone. I tried time-outs, rewards for not biting Shantel, and talks with her mother to let her know if Jessica continued to bite Shantel I would not be able to let her come to my Daycare anymore. Jessica’s mother begged me to work with her because she didn’t want to take Jessica to any other Daycare. I agreed to do my best but I really wasn’t sure how to keep Jessica from hurting Shantel and I knew Shantel was getting more and more frustrated. Finally, I tried putting a sleep mask over Jessica’s eyes to show her what being blind is like for Shantel and asked Jessica how she would feel if Shantel came up and bit her when she couldn’t see her. For some reason, this seemed to have an impact on Jessica and after that Jessica seemed to have empathy for Shantel and she stopped biting her.

Jessica’s baby brother, Nathan, was born and he started coming to my Daycare when he was just six weeks old. The same week baby Nathan came I also took in two other new-born boys, Evan, who was six weeks, and Niko, who was three months old. It was like having triplets and a two-year old and I LOVED it! Within two weeks I had all the babies on the same routine. I would change them, feed them and rock them to sleep one by one. While I was rocking one, I had the other two in a swing right beside my chair and Jessica would be in the same room watching her Sesame Street TV show. Once the babies were all asleep, I would feed Jessica and rock her to sleep as well. Believe it or not, all my children would sleep at the same time for two hours which gave me time to have my lunch and get ready for round two in the afternoons.

As the babies got older I got to watch them develop their own little personalities. Little Niko didn’t like to sit up in the high chair and eat his lunch. He always wanted to keep playing instead. I would put him in his chair and start to feed him and he would just shut both his eyes and sit there. The more I tried to get him to eat the tighter he would shut his eyes. It was like he thought if he didn’t look at me I would just go away. I would have to let him sit with his eyes closed while I fed the other two babies then I would put the other two babies down in the family room to play so Niko could see them. When he started trying to get down to go play with the other babies I would tell him eat your food then you can go play too. That was all the incentive he needed. He would open his eyes really wide and eat as fast as I could feed him!

In the afternoons the show Cops showed re-runs on TV. The babies could be in the baby room (which was located so I could see them from the kitchen or family room) playing. When the music for the Cops show came on “what’s ya going to do when they come for you, bad boys, bad boys…” All the babies would come running out of the room and we would all sing and dance. Little Even couldn’t get the dance moves down so he would just bring one leg up real high then put it back down while he was turning around in a circle to the exact timing of the music. It was the funnest thing I ever saw. I would get to laughing then all the babies would start laughing and it was just so innocent and fun!

When it was nice weather outside I would put all four children in the wagon I bought and pull them all around the neighborhood. There was a little retention area a few streets from my house and I would let all the babies out of the wagon so they could run around and we would look for feathers, bugs, etc. Then I would give them each a snack and pull them back home. Oh what fun-filled days we had!

When my dad died I gave up my Daycare to make room for my mom to come and live with us. Mom stayed with us for three years before she had to go to a 24/7 skilled Nursing Center because I could no longer care for her by myself at our home. I don’t regret what I had to do to help my mother…but I sure do miss my babies to this very day!

Next: Updates!

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Aug 01, 2012 @ 21:23:04

    The most perfect topic! I love your daycare stories! xoxo MORE!


  2. Bill
    Aug 01, 2012 @ 23:28:22

    Yes I am the Luckiest man alive because I have YOU in my life. I do remember comming home from work and you were hauling the kids back home in the wagon. congradulations on your 100th post!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Megs
    Aug 10, 2012 @ 18:25:22

    Love the dancing to the cop show! Priceless! I love you!!!!!!!


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