Things are starting to get busy, busy, busy, and crazier than what is “normal”, even for us, around here. As a result, I am finding I don’t have enough hours in my days to get everything I want to do done including staying on top of my blog postings. But I will keep trying to post at least several time a week.

College Update: My daughter, Shantel, is getting ready to start her second year of college on August 20th. I’ve been running her around to various stores so she can purchase what she “needs”. So far she bought herself a new purse, two pair of shoes and some jewelry. Good thing she already has a lot of clothes, and she stays tall and thin, so she can continue to wear the clothes she has and doesn’t have to buy more. Ever since she turned eighteen, and started buying her own clothes, she has become VERY “frugal” with how she spends her money. When my husband, Bill, and I were buying her clothes, of course like any other kid, she thought she needed to have brand new school clothes every year… When she turned eighteen, Bill and I told her she could continue to live at home with us as long as she was going to school, and earing good grades, but she would be responsible for her own wants vrs needs. Amazing how that can change  a person’s perspective on what they really “have to have” 🙂

Since we are talking about Shantel’s next year of college. In case you are interested, this semester she will be taking the following classes:

Principles of Human Nutrition

Elements of Intercultural Communication

Public Speaking

Abnormal Psychology

Of course, we couldn’t be more proud of Shantel and her continued quest to earn her college degrees, but please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as you know I am about to be subjected to her scrutiny in regards to my nutrition, communications, speaking and “abnormal psychology” issues…just as I was subjected to her scrutiny of my cooking when she took Culinary Arts in High School. Good thing I have my own therapist now right?

Social Security Update: Speaking of paying your own way in life… that brings up the subject of Shantel’s Social Security saga again so here is the update on that! Shantel receives a small monthly Social Security Disability check. She is expected to pay rent and buy her own clothes etc. and she has to account for every penny she spends. Even the fact that the rent she pays includes her room and boarding reduces the amount she is allowed to receive because they count the food we provide for her as added income… Anyway, they are always monitoring her bank balances and spending habits etc. and recently they sent her yet another letter stating they had overpaid her by $84.34 for one month. As a result, she was told she would need to go down to the Mesa Az. office and complete a reconsideration form asking for a waiver, or she would need to pay the $84.34 back and they would take it out of her next check. I took Shantel to the Social Security office this past Friday and after waiting our turn to speak with someone regarding completing the necessary reconsideration form…we finaly we called to desk number five where the woman asked Shantel for her social security number, entered it into the system and immediately said “oh, I see what happened & I’ll just fix it right now and you won’t even have to fill out the form at all. Now, as wonderful as all that was, wouldn’t you think the Case Manger that told Shantel she needed to go to the Mesa Az office to complete the reconsideration form could have also seen where “they” made the mistake and fix it herself instead of having us run all over town? Shantel even asked me if I thought a Case Manger would have more authority than the woman working at desk number five? I told her one would surly think so!

Scorpion Update: As of this posting, I am HAPPY to report we have not seen another scorpion, inside or outside our home for the past three weeks! I cannot express in words how grateful I am for that. If I never see another scorpion for the rest of my life it would be just hunky dory with me!

My Therapy Update: I continue to work with my Therapist and am making remarkable progress. I have a lot of  thinking and “homework” to do between sessions as there are lots, and lots of layers of this “onion” to peel back and examine. But, we are taking it one session at a time and I am learning how to accept, manage, and move past my past and create my own places of Zen in my daily life!

One of the things I am working on with my Therapist right now is looking at who are the button pushers in my life today. I am learning ways to set boundaries, when needed, that will allow me to still have these people in my life, if I so choose, but within the limits I can tolerate and deal with them. An example would be my mother. Of course I love her, but she is a button pusher for me. She tends to be very negative and complains about everything but refuses to do anything to help herself even when I make suggestions for her to try that I know she could do. So, what I have begun to do is reduce the amount of time I spend with my mother. Instead of going three days a week and staying up to four hours with her as she wants me to do, I now go twice a week and spend about one and a half hours with her. The funny thing about that is my mother hasn’t asked why I don’t come as often or stay as long so perhaps she didn’t need me to be there all that time after all. My mother knows I am going to a lot of doctor appointments lately but she doesn’t ask why and I haven’t told her I’m seeing a Therapist, or why.

I will post more updates as I can. Please Stay tuned, and thank-you for your continued support!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Aug 09, 2012 @ 13:26:02

    Yeah for no scorpion sightings! Yeah for good therapy progress!! Now for the idiots at SS? I’ll refrain from using really bad filthy words. Love you! xoxo


  2. Megs
    Aug 10, 2012 @ 18:23:52

    I echo yeah Robin – Yeah for scorpion sightings! Yeah for good therapy Progress! I feel your pain on SS. Elizabeth goes through the same crap. You are amazing! xoxoxo


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