AARP/United Healthcare

In addition to visiting my mother at the Care Center and making sure she has all the personal care items she needs, I also take care of any business phone calls necessary to keep mom’s insurance information current and oversee her drug summery statements each month supplied by AARP/United Healthcare. My brother, Danny and his wife, Bea, manage mom’s banking information. Both my brother, Danny, and I have Power of Attorney for mom, but because Danny works outside of his home every day I handle most of mom’s insurance related business affairs.

Just prior to when we moved to our new home in April, I put in change of address notices at the post office of my family and for my mom so we would have no disruption of mail service. I also contacted mom’s long-term care manager as well as AARP/United Healthcare, and provided a copy of the Power of Attorney I have for mom because I was told they had to have the Power of Attorney on file if I ever needed to call to discuss mom’s needs or make any changes. Every one received all the information they needed to change our address and mom continued to receive notices from her long-term care manager and AARP. However, United Healthcare didn’t receive the change of address information and continued to send mom’s drug summaries to our old address and the post office was putting a sticker on the forwarded mail notifying us that we needed to let  United Healthcare know our new address.

I tried to go on-line with United Healthcare to change the address for mom’s drug summary information but I received a message indicating I needed to call a United Healthcare Representative. When I called United Healthcare to change the mailing address for mom’s statements, first of all I had to wait on hold for over 15 minutes and when I finally reached a live person, I was told they couldn’t speak to me until I sent them the Power of Attorney information for mom. I told United Healthcare I already sent the Power of Attorney information into AARP and asked them if AARP doesn’t share that information with them. They told me no, they do not share information and I needed to fax the Power of Attorney in to them then call them back in 10 days after their system had time to update showing I am the authorized person that can make changes for mom. 10 days!!! I asked them if they didn’t have high-speed internet and didn’t they know system updates can be immediate and asked why would it have to take 10 more days to make a simple address change? The United Healthcare representative I was speaking to saw no humor in my statement but gave me a fax number that was supposed to be for their law department. When my husband, Bill, came home I asked him if he would fax the Power of Attorney to United Healthcare the next day when he got to work which he agreed to do.

The next day my husband, Bill, calles me saying the fax number for United Healthcare must be wrong because he can’t get the fax to go through. I told Bill I would call United Healthcare, AGAIN, to confirm the fax number and I would call him back. I called United Healthcare and waited another 12 minutes for a representative. When I explained the situation she confirmed the fax number was correct. I told her that they must be having a problem with their fax machine because my husband was at work trying to fax the Power of Attorney to them but it wouldn’t go through. The United Healthcare representative I was speaking with told me the only other thing she could suggest would be to mail the Power of Attorney into them. At this point I said “are you sure you can’t do something to help me make a simple change of address so the drug summaries you are sending for my mother get to our new address”? Now, the United Healthcare representative tells me to hold on while she checks her system. She comes back on the phone and says “oh, I see right here in our system that you are the authorized person that can make changes to your mother’s account”. Are  you kidding me!!?  After trying to make the change of address on-line for my mom and being told I had to call, then two day’s on the phone with two different United Healthcare representatives, and my husband, Bill, spending time at his job trying to get the Power of Attorney faxed to United HealthCare…I find out that they had all the information they needed to help me make the change of address all along!!! Oh yeah, the United Healthcare representative tells me she can see where I had already provided the Power of Attorney to AARP and that information was shared with United Healthcare…OMG, again, I have to ask who is running these Insane Asylums and am I having any fun yet?

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Aug 13, 2012 @ 22:06:57

    I’m surprised there aren’t more suicides as a result in dealing with these companies that have these complete morons as customer service agents. Where do they find these people? Where are the standard operating procedures?? ARGH…don’t get me started. xoxoxo MORE!


  2. Megs
    Aug 21, 2012 @ 18:58:41

    Things have sure changed. I was once a customer service rep & we had good quality people. Seems that people don’t take pride anymore. Very sad! Xo


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