Let’s Take a Walk

I love to take long walks. Do you?

I have a very dear friend, who is a great photographer, and lives in New York City. I call her my frissy, because she is more like a sister to me than a friend. Frissy walks all over Manhattan everyday taking  absolutely beautiful photographs of her beautiful city. She also belongs to several photography blogs and takes all kinds of photography classes. I am by no means a photographer, never studied it, and don’t plan to, but I do want to post pictures to my blog so I am still practicing, practicing, practicing, on different ways to use my little Costco Lumix 10x optical zoom camera. Now, keep in mind my dear friends, until a week ago, I didn’t even know I had a memory card in my camera. But, I am a pretty fast study and I pay attention to things once I discover them or when someone shares new things with me.  One of the things I learned from frissy is that sometimes  photography has a theme of some sort…so as I went for my walk this morning I decided I would take pictures of my route to share my beautiful neighborhood with you as this will also give me more practice posting the photos to my blog…win/win right?  I also decided to make my photography theme “curves“. So, as I walked around my beautiful Chandler, Arizona, neighborhood areas, I looked for as many things displaying curves as I could find. It had just rained prior to my walk and in fact, it was still sprinkling as I was walking. Let me just add here that there is absolutely nothing that smells better to me than my beautiful Arizona desert when it’s raining or just after a good rain. I LOVE that smell:)

I am going to dedicate this blog to my frissy, and her love of photography. If my passion was photography frissy I would want to be just like you when I grow up…thanks for sharing all your beautiful shots on your blog www.gothamgirlphotography.com Now, my dear readers/friends if you want to see spectacular photography check out my frissy’s blog site from the link above. I am so very proud of her and her work.

Now, back to my walk. Here is what I saw today. Let me know what you think of my beautiful neighborhood…

This is a lovely park in the center of my neighborhood. I happened to notice the path going through the park curves and the trees have curves too. Do you see that?

Then, I came across this beautiful tree. Wow, look at all the curves it has. It’s amazing what you will notice when you really look for things…

This is just a palm tree. I hate palm trees because scorpions live in them and we all know I HATE scorpions!!! But, the palm tree does have some slight curves to it so it fit into my theme:)

Throughout my neighborhood there are lots of walking/bike trails that run behind houses. The city maintains these areas with beautiful flowers and trees and they even put little baby stop signs out to remind us to stop and look both ways before we come out of our walking area, cross the street, and get back into the next walking/biking area. We wouldn’t want to get ourselves killed… How thoughtful of them don’t you think?

This is more of the walking/bike paths lined with beautiful, lush shrubs and more curves!

Even the trees seem to bow down to greet you as you pass by and display more curves:)

But, when you leave the beautiful, lush, walk/bike paths you will find the rush hour jungle awaits you. I’m just glad I don’t have to be in that today because Shantel is out of school on Friday’s:) Not too many curves here but there are a few if you look closely…

I love the fact that we have some wide open spaces around our neighborhood but my daughter, Shantel, thinks this means we live in the middle of a field. It doesn’t help my case of trying to convince her we don’t live in a field when she can sometimes smell the dairy farm at night that is just a few miles down the road from us…see any curves in this open field?

This is my beautiful early morning Arizona sunrise that greets me every morning as I leave for my daily walks Lots of curves there do you see them?

This is just across the street from where I live. I love the beautiful contrast of flowers, greenery, and the “curves” of the rock as well as the waterfall springing out of the “S”…more curves.

And here we are back at my little ranch. I have a beautiful bounty of curves right in my front yard and when all these beautiful shrubs are blooming I have an explosion of colors to brighten my days. Thanks for joining me on my walk. See you tomorrow!

7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bill
    Aug 24, 2012 @ 22:51:29

    The only curves you forgot to show is your hot curves.
    Love you Girly

    Your Bill


  2. Ellen Kaufman
    Aug 24, 2012 @ 23:40:30

    Such a beautiful walk. I really enjoyed it and all the shrubs and trees and curves.
    We have to do that again.


  3. gotham girl
    Aug 29, 2012 @ 02:56:42

    Oh….this is sooooo sweet! You are doing a fabulous job with your photos! And a theme!! So so proud of you. I agree with your honey…you have great curves and what a sweetie for recognizing and complimenting you!! That’s my bro! 🙂 Love the curve theme and what a super job you did to capture them all on your walk in your adorable neighborhood. Love you my frister!!! MORE!


  4. Megs
    Aug 29, 2012 @ 20:36:19

    Awesome job! Looks like all this practice is paying off. I need to start practicing again. Great photos! Xo


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