I received a response today from “Anonymous” sent from “ regarding my blog posting on April 18th titled “Letting go of My Katie“. I want to respond and dedicate this blog post toAnonymous”.

Dear Anonymous,

I wondered when you would stop by. I’ve known you were out there and I so hoped you would stop by my site one day. It’s been a very long time since I’ve heard from you. When I read your response to my blog posting “letting go of my Katie” I had the very strong feeling I’ve known you for a very long time, and more importantly, that you are someone who I love.

Now,”anonymous”,  in response to the comments you left regarding my blog post “letting go of my Katie”, there are just a few things you need to know about blogs. The first thing is that when you own a blog, as I own this blog, you pay for the domain and you have full control over the contents of the blog you own including approving any comments that you allow to post to your blog. If I don’t approve your comments they don’t post to my blog, so the only person who sees them is me. That said, I want you to know that I am pleased you stopped by my blog site, and that you want to leave your comments. I welcome all comments, even when the person leaving the comment has a different opinion than mine. I love hearing what my readers have to say. However, I do have a slight reservation about “anonymous” responses only because I find people who want to be “anonymous” tend to have a lot to say and they sometimes come across as being very defensive, guilt will sometimes do that to people, but they don’t really want to own their words. No, they want to say things but hide behind “anonymous”. I say what I mean and mean what I say and I will put my name to my words. So, here are some thoughts for you to consider “anonymous”…

I will be happy to approve your comments but first you need to understand the rules I have for leaving comments on my blog. It’s like blog etiquette 101 if you will. First of all, I don’t post ghetto slang. No,  If you want your comments approved to post to my blog, you need to use proper English including full words and complete sentences. Second, I will not approve potty mouth comments, so if you want your comments approved to post to my blog, you need to respond in such a way that is not offensive to my readers. I will not approve comments that contain cursing so you will need to work on cleaning up how you talk. That said, anonymous, if you would like to go back and clean up your language and try to create a response that conveys dignity and respect both to me and my readers, and if you would like to own your words and leave me your name, I will be happy to approve any comments you want to leave.

I will leave you now, anonymous, with those thoughts to consider. I do want to thank you, anonymous,  for stopping my blog and I do so hope you will clean up your comments so I can share them with my readers. Until then please know that I still love you!

Stay tuned!

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