Meet Carmen

The family PRINCESS!!!

When Shantel wanted a pet, we agreed as a family to get a cat because at the time, both Bill and I worked outside of the home, and Shantel was in school all day. We all agreed that it wouldn’t be fair to have a dog and leave it home all day alone. In addition, cats are quiet, they don’t need to be walked, and you can leave them alone for a day or two as long as you leave enough food and water for them while you are gone.

When we first brought Carmen home, eight years ago, she was only four months old. Of course, Shantel wanted to carry her around the house and tried to make Carmen stay in her room like our other cat, Nikki, would let her do. Now, keep in mind, Nikki was already eight years old, and blind, when we brought her home. Nikki loved to be near people and was very much a lap cat. Since Nikki was the only cat our family ever had, when she died, and Shantel decided she wanted another cat, she thought all cats were going to be like Nikki and just sit on your lap and let you pet them and carry them around…NOT!!!

Carmen is very much her own cat. She likes to decide what she will do and when. I tried for a very long time to tell Shantel if she would just leave Carmen alone, Carmen would come to her when she was ready. But, Shantel didn’t listen to me and kept trying to pick Carmen up until Carmen would “nip” at Shantel. Now if you ask Shantel what Carmen does when she tries to pick her up or pet her…Shantel will tell you Carmen tries to “kill” her. She says Carmen attacks her and tries to bit her arm off…Shantel says Carmen is “an evil beast that hates her”. I tell Shantel that if Carmen wanted to hurt her she is fast as lightning and has claws as sharp as razors. I know this because I accidentally scared Carmen one night, by accident, when she was very young and she took a swipe at me, caught my forearm and drew blood, a lot of blood. After Carmen realized that I didn’t mean to hurt her, she came back over to me and was very sorry that she hurt me and we bonded right then and there. I understand Carmen and she understands me…we have a mutual respect for each other and it drives Shantel wild… .)

Carmen has her own special personality and I try to explain it to Shantel but she doesn’t believe me. Shantel says I’m making up all the quirky little things Carmen does.

Carmen loves her feather bird and will bring it out and play with it when we are gone. I will leave it in one place for her when I leave the house but when I get home I always find it has been moved to another area. She loves to play with it when we are gone but rarely ever plays with it when we are home. Shantel tells me Carmen cries when ever I am gone. I ask her if she tried to give Carmen her feather bird but Shantel says that’s stupid and I’m not making that stuffed bird her security blanket… No bonding going on there!

Carmen loves to play chase. When I am walking into a room, she will start running ahead me. I run after her and she will hide. Then when I start to leave the room, she will dash out again and want me to chase her again. We do this over and over until I decide I’m tired and sit down. Then, Carmen will cry until I go talk to her.

After a full day of play, Carmen likes to take a nap. If I walk into the room before she is asleep, she will always turn over and want me to rub her tummy…Again, Shantel thinks I make this stuff up but see for yourself:)

Carmen comes and sits beside me every afternoon and wants me to scratch her back and under her chin. She also comes in and sits on the bathroom sink and waits patiently while I take my shower every morning. Then, when I get out of the shower, she likes to lick the hot water off the side of the tub. I tell Shantel it’s like Carmen is coming in to have her morning “coffee” with me only it’s just hot water. Shantel says “OMG, this just keeps getting worse and worse… Funny thing is Carmen doesn’t do this when Shantel or Bill take their showers…BONDING!!!

Carmen loves tuna. So whenever I make myself a tuna salad, I always give Carmen a little pinch of the tuna to eat. Now, as soon as  I sit a can of tuna on the kitchen counter, Carmen will coming running, she can even hear that tuna can touch the counter when she is napping and will come out and rub against my legs and meow until I put a little pinch in her food dish.

Carmen knows several words or phrases. When I say “do you want to go to bed”? Carmen will run and get on the end of the bed so she can sleep right at my feet.  She also knows when it’s time for her dinner and will sit in the kitchen looking up at the counter until 4:00 P.M. when I put her food in her dish. She also knows exactly what time I get  up every morning but she doesn’t like to hear the alarm go off so at exactly 4:28 A.M. she will come and start nudging my face to make sure I’m awake so I can shut the alarm off so it doesn’t scare her. She really is a very smart cat and it just drives Shantel wild that Carmen and I have developed this special bond.

Carmen was very co-operative while I was doing her photo sessions for this blog post, but when she decides she has had enough, she will give you a look that lets you know “enough already“…

When Shantel gets home from school everyday the first thing she says is “where is that beast”…I tell her all the beasts I know of live in Africa…then Shantel will say “you know what I mean…but I make sure she asks where Carmen is by name because I tell her Carmen gets her feelings hurt when Shantel calls her names…Shantel just shakes her head and says “OMG, this is just ridiculous, and I know other people don’t talk to their pets and treat them like you do”…I don’t know about that my friends…what do you all think? Do any of you talk to your pets? Are you bonded with them?

Stay tuned!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gotham Girl
    Aug 31, 2012 @ 13:30:49

    Adorable! The beast…I will always remember Carmen as that! Ha ha! xoxo MORE!


  2. Lucie
    Sep 01, 2012 @ 06:12:10

    I talk to the kids dog Charlie, I call him my baby boy or Mr. Charles I get him out in the mornings and feed him. Sometimes I sit outside for a few minutes and talk to him but not very long since I have Josie inside and eating her breakfast. So you can tell Shantel that I talk to our dog Charlie and call him sweetie and baby whenever I can.


  3. Megs
    Sep 03, 2012 @ 16:52:42

    LOL! I have always talked to my pets. They are like children. Animals are very smart and they are very loyal. They also typically pick one person that they bond with, especially cats. 🙂 Thanks for sharing! xoxo Love you!


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