Food For Thought and Other Worries

Shantel LOVES fresh made bread. Every time I go to the grocery store she will ask me to buy her fresh bread. This past week, she wanted fresh Kaiser Rolls so she could make her deli roasted chicken sandwiches when she gets home from school. She also always wants a loaf of fresh Italian bread. She likes to just pull off a piece and eat it while she is doing her homework or listening to her books on diskettes.

Here in the Sonoran Desert, bread will begin to mold very quickly in the summertime if you don’t keep it refrigerated. I bought the breads in these pictures this past Wednesday for Shantel and she began eating it that day. When I bought them they were fresh out of the oven and even warm. Now, because I’m always trying to “watch my weight”, I try to stay away from the breads.  But on Sunday, as I was cleaning the kitchen after dinner, I noticed the breads on the counter, that Shantel  had been  eating from, already had mold on them! Even though Shantel does have a sensitivity to smells, she couldn’t detect that the breads were already moldy. I told Shantel she needs to keep her breads in the refrigerator from now on and she agreed. This is just one fo the many things I worry about as the mother of a blind child. How will she know when her breads or any other foods are moldy?

Her Kaiser Rolls

Her Italian Bread

A piece of italian bread she had already been eating from…

Another thing that occupies my mind a lot, especially with all the violence we hear about in the schools these days, is in the event an act of violence did happen in Shantel’s school who would make sure Shantel got to a safe place?

My worries were heightened this morning as I walked Shantel sighted guide to the Student Center where I leave her to find her route to her classes. As we approached the courtyard in front of the Student Center I noticed a strong presence of uniformed Phoenix Police officers. As I began to look further around the campus, I saw that the uniformed police were everywhere. I mentioned to Shantel that the police were all over the campus and she very calmly told me “yes, mom, I know, it’s because someone wrote all over the school walls Monday that on Tuesday, 9/11, there would be a big act of violence to be reckoned with at this college”. Shantel told me that was why the police were going to be on campus all day today.

I asked Shantel if she was nervous about attending classes today since she no longer has an aid with her now that she is in college. Shantel told me she was a little nervous, but she realizes that acts of violence could happen on any day so she just has to pray that if anything ever does happen she will not get hurt. My heart was pounding as I asked her if she wanted to go back home or if she wanted me to stay with her to make sure she got to all her classes alright. She smiled, thanked me, and said “mom, I’ll be fine, you can go back home now”…

I am so very proud of the strength and courage Shantel demonstrates each and every day, and I know all mothers worry about their children. But, it makes my heart ache to even think that if Shantel ever found herself in harm’s way, she wouldn’t even be able to see it coming. No matter how old Shantel gets, or how much courage she has, as her mother, I will never stop worrying about her safety and welfare. Because, like all good mothers, it’s who we are and what we do!

Stay Tuned!

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  1. gotham girl
    Sep 15, 2012 @ 11:15:01

    You BOTH amaze me daily! xoxo MORE


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