Oh, No, You DIDN’T!!

Leave my daughter, Shantel, sitting on that bench  in the Fry’s grocery store for 3 hours again waiting for East VAlley Dial-a Ride to bring her home.  We thought you said “that will NEVER happen again”!

Actually, that’s exactly what happened…AGAIN!! Yes, this past Tuesday, Phoenix Dial-a-Ride picked Shantel up at her college at 12:15, and drove her twenty-four blocks to the transfer point where East Valley Dial-a-Ride is supposed to pick her up within a half hour and bring her home. But that never happened. No, East Valley Dial-a-Ride was a no-show, Again!

Shantel told me she heard Phoenix Dial-a-Ride call East Valley Dial-a-Ride and request the transfer cab to pick Shantel up at the Fry’s store and bring her home. In fact, the Phoenix Dial-a-Ride driver called East Valley three times. Then, when East Valley Dial-a-Ride didn’t show up after one and a half hours, Shantel called East Valley Dial-a-Ride herself and was told a driver was on the way. But, after waiting another forty-five minutes, Shantel finally had to call my husband, Bill, to come and get her when he got off work. If she hadn’t called for Bill to pick her up on his way home we would have had to drive all the way back, 18 miles, to the Fry’s grocery store to get Shantel because, yet again, East Valley Dial-a Ride never did show up!

When Shantel arrived home, she called East Valley again, and the operator told her Phoenix Dial-a-Ride canceled her ride not only for that day, which was Tuesday, but they canceled her rides for the whole week. Shantel then called Phoenix Dial-a-Ride to find out why they canceled her rides for the week and was told that never happened. Phoenix Dial-a-Ride told Shantel they would fax over the transfer information to East Valley Dial-a-Ride again, and assured her she would be picked up on time Wednesday.

Guess, what?…On Wednesday, Phoenix Dial-a-Ride dropped Shantel off that the Fry’s grocery store and took her to the bench inside the store to wait for East Valley Dial-a-Ride to show up. The Phoenix Dial-a-Ride driver decided to take her break at the Fry’s store and she waited with Shantel for a while. Then, the Phoenix Dial-a-Ride driver saw an East Valley Dial-a-Ride driver out in the Fry’s parking lot so the Phoenix driver went out and asked the East Valley driver if he was there to pick up Shantel. The East Valley driver said all the East Valley computers were down so he didn’t have the transfer information but he, Charlie, knows Shantel from picking her up so many times before, and he said he would take Shantel home and worry about getting the transfer paperwork later. Thank God for Charlie, and don’t think I’m not singing his praises to all the top dogs at East Valley Dial-a-Ride. Charlie was laid off his job a few months back and this was the only job he could find but he has been the best driver ever. He gave Shantel his card with his number on the back and told her she can call him if she ever gets stuck again and if he is anywhere in the area he will come and get her. The drivers are not supposed to take a rider without the proper transfer paperwork because they need that information to collect their fare. Charlie is a perfect example of someone willing to go the “extra mile” above and beyond the call of duty and step up and take responsibility to do the right thing!

So, after many attempts by Shantel to reach the Customer Advocate at East Valley who told her “this will never happen again” I finally told Shantel if she gave me the number I would keep calling throughout the day. Shantel only has a certain window of time in the morning to call before she has to leave for school and the Advocate leaves for the day at 2:00 which of course is before Shantel gets home.

I did reach the Customer Advocate yesterday afternoon but it was not easy to get her to call me back. However,  after I left a message for her to call me, I waited two and a half hours, then I called the number to schedule a ride and asked to speak with a Supervisor or Manager. I was told the Supervisor was  on the phone but I insisted to speak with her or I said I would contact the owner of the company…the operator took my name and number and within ten minutes guess who called?…Yep, the Customer Advocate…I told her the whole story and she is now “researching” the entire course of events and will get back to me be end of day today…I assured her if I didn’t hear back from her by end of day TODAY, I would make it my mission to find, and contact, the owner of the company, along with Gary Harper of Three on Your Side TV News in Phoenix, and if necessary, a Disability Lawyer…I told her I will do whatever it takes, but I assured her my daughter will not sit on the bench in Fry’s waiting for East Valley Dial-a-Ride for three or more hours again!

Stay Tuned!

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  1. gotham girl
    Sep 15, 2012 @ 11:12:36

    YOU GO GIRL! Yes, get the TV involved! They won’t know what hit them when they mess with you! xoxo MORE!


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