Papa Makes it BETTER!

I’ve always made home-made chili from scratch. I’m talking actually picking the dry beans for rocks, washing them and cooking them for hours until the beans are tender then simmering them to create a nice thick, creamy sauce. Then I take the cooked beans and turn them into chili by adding all the chili spices, tomatoes and tomato sauce, onions, garlic, and ground meat etc…

When Bill and I were first married, we entered a chili cooking contest at our church and won first place using my chili recipe!

Fast forward twenty-four years. Now, after raising our daughter, Shantel, on my famous chili for years…she decided she doesn’t like the chili made from dry beans…no, she wants it made from canned beans…!Are you kidding me?? Who would prefer canned beans over fresh made beans?? But, being the accommodating mother I try to be, and after many attempts, I finally came up with a “canned” chili recipe that is at least half way decent…

What I do is mix two cans each of black, pinto, and kidney beans with two cans each of diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, and a package of low sodium chili seasoning mix. I also add my own special blend of spices as well as fresh ground meat cooked with chopped onions and garlic. I cook all that until the garlic and onions are tender then added to the chili beans and simmer everything for several hours to allow all the flavors to blend. At first, Shantel loved this chili that I call my cheating version…she would ask me to make it almost every week…Until…she decided she would no longer eat beef or pork…No, now, she only eats chicken but won’t eat ground chicken..I even tried making a chunky white chili using chunks of chicken.. but, no, she didn’t like that either. She wants the chili made now without any meat…Well, now that’s a problem, because both my husband Bill, aka Papa, and I like chili with meat and beans…but, once again, being the accommodating mother I try to be…I decided I could make the chili but before I add the meat, I take out enough for Shantel to have dinner and some leftovers. All was well…UNTIL…I was out with a friend one day and I asked Bill/Papa if he would make the chili while I was out for the day and he agreed if I put out all the ingredents…i.e. the cans of everything and the spices all measured out so all he had to do was dump it all in the pan and let it simmer. He even agreed to cook the meat separate so he could make sure Shantel’s chili wouldn’t have meat in it…Oh, wasn’t that nice of him I thought…Well, guess what?

Shantel decided she likes Papa’s chili better than mine. Keep in mind, all Papa had to do was open cans and dump the contents into the pot, add the measured out spices and keep the meat out of it until Shantel’s was ready…no research or trial taste testing necessary. Just open and dump!!

So, now, Bill/Papa, is the official chili cook in our house…Behold the KING in his chili domain:

I just might have to teach him how to make a few other special secret recipes that Shantel will eat:)

Stay tuned!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bill
    Sep 16, 2012 @ 23:46:46

    There are secrets I add into the chili, but I’m not telling, only one secret I will tell is the LOVE I put into the chili.

    Love you Girly

    your Bill


  2. Gotham Girl
    Sep 17, 2012 @ 14:07:28

    Well lookie at my BRO cookin in the kitchen! Love this and both of you! MORE!


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