At Least it’s “A” Plan

On September 14th I wrote about the problems Shantel is experiencing with Phoenix Dial-a-Ride and East Valley Dial-a-Ride either not picking her up at all, or picking her up at one location and taking her to the transfer location but not providing the proper transfer information to her driver through the dispatcher so Shantel was being left sitting on a bench with no ride home. In my post I mentioned that because Shantel is in school all day she can’t spend the time it takes to stay on the phone to discuss all the issues and problems, and agree upon what a resolution might look like or at least a follow-up “plan”. So I told Shantel I would call Dail-a-Ride for her and I did.

After many attempts to connect with the Customer Advocate for Dial-a-Ride, and threatening to call the TV News channel Three On Your Side, as well as a Disability Lawyer…, I finally was able to speak with a real live person, Jammie, who said she has the authority to make decisions, and  who was willing to listen to our complaints, and who vowed to look into the situation and get back to me by end of the next business day…

Well, I’m happy to report that I did receive a call back from Jammie the following day. Will wonders never cease?? But the conversation started out really scary and went down hill from there because the first thing Jammie asked me was if she and I had already connected? I thought she meant had I spoken with her since our last conversation, which we hadn’t, so I said no. Then Jammie asked me “what can I do for you”? I then reminded her that she was supposed to be looking into what the problem or disconnect was that was preventing Dail-a-Ride from getting my daughter picked up at her scheduled time and delivered safely to our home. Jammie then said “oh, yeah, now I remember, you and I spoke the other day”. Now I was thinking “OMG, this can’t be happening….This has to be some sort of JOKE! So, I went through the WHOLE scenario for Jammie AGAIN but this time I told her if she didn’t have an answer for me right now, I wanted to speak to her Supervisor, and I wanted the name and number of the owner of the Company…

Jammie then told me she had a plan that would “assure” me Shantel will not be left stranded again. I asked how she was going to “assure” that and she said she could see on the computer that Shantel is supposed to be picked up at her college everyday at 12:15 and dropped off at the Fry’s grocery store where her East Valley transfer will pick her up at 1:00. That is in fact correct. Then Jammie said her plan is to have Shantel call East Valley Dial-a-Ride if her ride is not there by 1:15 everyday and ask them if they have dispatched a driver to pick her up. Then, regardless of what they say, Jammie wants Shantel to ask to be transferred to Jammie right then so Jammie can have the real-time information documented for her research…

Now, I ask Jammie if she is going to be sitting right there awaiting Shantel’s 1:15 call everyday to which Jammie said “well no”, but even if I’m not here to take her call, I will look into it as soon as I get back. So, in my infinite wisdom, I ask Jammie how that plan is going to get Shantel home if her ride hasn’t been dispatched and Shantel can’t connect with Jammie in real-time? Jammie took a long, deep, breath, and said “that won’t happen, we won’t leave her stranded again”. You can only imagine my frustration at this point…so I asked Jammie “well, if it does happen again, are you willing to get in your car and pick Shantel up and bring her home? Jammie’s only response was “TRUST ME, it won’t happen again…

If you’ve been reading my blogs, you all know I have TRUST issues…, So for now all I can say is “trust me“, if Shantel gets stranded again Jammie will know all about my “Trust Issues” first hand because I will demand a meeting with Jammie and her Supervisors, and they will all get to meet the wonderful Disability Lawyer I just happen to be on a first name basis with from Shantel’s High School years!

Here we go again!!!

Stay Tuned!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gotham Girl
    Sep 18, 2012 @ 20:01:25

    Give em hell girl!!!!! xoxoxo more!


  2. Megs
    Sep 21, 2012 @ 14:52:10

    Ya, go get me!!!!


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