Some Say What You Don’t Know..

Won’t hurt you… Well, I’m here to tell you what I didn’t know sure did hurt me!!!

I’m fairly new to blogging with only 124 posts under my blogging belt, and I’m really new to adding pictures to my blog. I’m very proud of myself for teaching myself not only how to set up my blog, with just some advice from my Frissy, and my domain supporters, and I’m even more proud of myself for teaching myself how to post pictures to my blog. I worked for day’s on end to get my blog set up and even longer trying to get my first pictures posted.

As I became more and more comfortable with posting pictures to my blog, I began to notice how many MB’s of space I was using each time I posted a photo. So, being the novice that I am, and standing firm on my resolve to “teach”myself how to manage all aspects of my blog…,I decided I could probably delete photo’s from my blog media library once I already posted the photo’s to my blog. Made perfect sense to me so that’s what I did.

Yep, I went back through every photo I ever posted on my blog and deleted it from my media library. Seemed to be working fine as I could still see the photo’s on my blog every time I pulled it up, and when my husband, Bill ,would read my blog he could always see all the photos…so imagine the “oh, s##t look on my face when my friend, Megs, sent me a text message yesterday while I was volunteering at the Humane Society with my daughter, Shantel, telling me she was just trying to get caught up on reading my blog and said she couldn’t see ANY photo’s from 9/7 – 9/19!!!

I wanted to throw-up as the thought of all my hard work posting all those photos and now they were gone began to settle into my brain. I was even more horrified when I started thinking how anyone new to reading my blog would think “what’s up with talking about pictures that are not there”, and wondering who’s running this blog anyway?

I couldn’t get home fast enough to figure out what happened because I could still see the photos on my blog even before I logged into my blog dashboard where I create my post and add photos. Why could I see them but not my friend Megs? I had a flash of hope that perhaps it was something on Meg’s end that was preventing just her from seeing my photos. I wasn’t wishing my friend Megs anything bad, but I was hoping against hope that it wouldn’t be anything I did wrong either. So I quick called my cousin, Tracie, and asked her to look at my blog to see if she could see my photos…my heart was pounding as I waited what seemed to be forever as Tracie pulled up my blog and began to scroll through the various postings and then my heart sunk as Tracie said “oh, no, they are all gone, Cindy…

What to do? I decided perhaps I could just repost everything so I tried that but it looked really dumb because my blog links to Facebook so now it was looking like everything I posted over the last month just happened today! Not good. So I quick deleted that test from Facebook and thought about it some more. Then, another flash of brilliance hit me as I decided perhaps the photos are still on my computer, since I made sure to delete them all from my camera memory card…so in a last-ditch effort to save all my hard work, I looked under the pictures folder in my computer and THANK You Jesus, they were there!

So, this is what feeling the pain of what I didn’t know looks like as I sat for hours, AGAIN, reattaching all my photos to my blog posts but not linking them again to Facebook…

Lesson learned…don’t EVER delete photos from my blog media library again,,,EVER! Just buy more space when needed!

I do want to thank my friend, Megs, for letting me know about the deleted photos. If she hadn’t let me know I would never know they were gone because I could always see them…too much technical thinking for my brain.

Stay Tuned

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Sep 22, 2012 @ 15:24:33

    Oh God how I hate that feeling! I wish you would’ve sent me a note!! But often our lessons are better learned the hard way! Love you my sweet and I can just smell that jambalaya cooking!! xoxo MORE!


  2. Megs
    Sep 23, 2012 @ 15:55:13

    Oh, I feel horrible that I caused you such distress, however I am glad you were able to resolve the problem. Love you!!!!!


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