As the weather begins to cool down, here in my beautiful Arizona, we once again begin to use our indoor oven, and my daughter, Shantel, aka Chef Shantel, is eager to start her weekly home-made from scratch, baking projects again. When this happens, I’m no longer “mom”. No, I become nothing more than Chef Shantel’s Sous Chef.  And my lovely daughter takes on a very different personality, that of Chef Shantel…And like any “real” Chef running “her” kitchen, Chef Shantel is really good at barking, I mean giving directions to the “hired help” which would be me, minus the “hired”.

When we come home from church, I fix my husband, Bill, and I our traditional Sunday skillet breakfast with O’Brien potatoes, turkey sausage, mushrooms and melted cheese on top. Shantel won’t eat this Sunday breakfast because she wouldn’t let her lips touch sausage of any kind.  As soon as Bill and I get the kitchen cleaned up from breakfast, it’s time for me to begin my Sous Chef duties. The first order of business is to clean all the counter tops (again) with Clorox clean-up. Never mind that Bill and I just cleaned all the counters, they all need to be cleaned again just prior to putting any of the baking ingredients on them, per Chef Shantel’s strict orders… I could say a lot about that here but I’ve learned it’s just better not too:)

Once everything is clean (again) I need to get all the baking ingredients out and arranged on the counter in the order Chef Shantel’s recipe requires. I also have to have the dish drainer out on the spotless counter as well as all the measuring cups and measuring spoons. While all that is going on, I better not forget to get the oven pre-heated or I could be in big trouble there.

When Chef Shantel thinks everything is to her liking, she will let me know I can start reading the recipe to her as she measures everything precisely, unless she happens to like one ingredient more than another, like vanilla or cinnamon, then of course she will make an exception to the recipe and call it her “own special creation”.

When everything is measured, mixed, rolled out etc. it’s my duty to make sure whatever “we” are baking gets into the oven without screwing anything up. Lot’s of pressure on this Sous Chef people, lot’s of pressure!!

While whatever it is we’re baking is in the oven, Chef Shantel tells me to keep a close eye on it so it doesn’t burn or get too brown because you know all ovens are different and we just moved here and are working with our new gas oven instead of the electric oven we had before….blah, blah, blah,,,

As I’m keeping an eye on the oven, Chef Shantel will begin to wash her baking utensils. She washes them all by hand herself because they have to be washed in a certain way that I just don’t know how to do…blah, blah, blah…

I once mentioned to Chef Shantel that I have been cooking and washing dishes for longer than she has been alive and I never killed anyone or even put anyone in the hospital with food poisoning, to which she was quick to point out that when I’m working with her, we need to follow the procedures she learned when she took Culinary Arts, in High School, and I need to remember she passed her test with an (A) and obtained her food handlers licence, something I don’t have so this makes her knowledge of how things need to be done superior to mine. What she is really trying to say is I pretty much need to just stick to my Sous Chef duties and leave the real expertise to her…blah, blah, blah,…

Anyway, after a LONG, HARD, morning working in the kitchen with Chef Shantel, “we” finally have a finished product which thankfully turned out perfect or I could be looking for another Sous Chef job….:)

This is Chef Shantel’s famous, homemade from scratch, Dutch Apple Pie:

Since I cannot eat sugar, I will just have to take Bill and Chef Shantel’s word for how good this really is. All I can say is I did a lot of hard work, took a lot of kitchen abuse, and I don’t even get to share in the reward…how much does that suck???

Lucky for me I have a great sense of humor and just take this all in stride..I’m really very proud of Shantel’s culinary skills and all in all we do have some fun in the kitchen!

Stay tuned!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Sep 25, 2012 @ 16:23:59

    As a witness first hand to the kitchen activity…I applaud you! I can just SMELL that apple pie! Love and hugs! xoxo MORE!


  2. Megs
    Sep 26, 2012 @ 16:09:22

    You have such patience!!!! The pie looks amazing! XO


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