Don’t Let It Get In Your Head!

Last week my therapist asked me if I’ve seen any scorpions since I had my EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing )treatments. I told her I haven’t seen any more scorpions inside or outside of our house since I had my EMDR treatments but also reminded her that my husband, Bill, and I have been VERY diligent in keeping the house sprayed inside and out EVERY month.

Then, my therapist told me the reason she asked me if I had seen any scorpions was because she found four scorpions in and around her home just last week. She said she asked her exterminator why they are seeing so many when they get their home sprayed every month. The exterminator told her it’s because we have had so much rain lately and that caused a lot of hot, humid, days and scorpions thrive in hot, humid, enviroments…Not what I’m wanting to hear when I sitting in my therapist’s office trying to move on from my scorpions “issues”…

My therapist went on to ask me how I will handle seeing another scorpion, not IF I do but WHEN I do because she said we both know sooner or latter I WILL come across another scorpion…Now, I’m thinking to myself as she is saying that to me that I had a 60 year run of not seeing any scorpions before we moved into our current house so who’s to say we didn’t get rid of all our scorpions and I will NEVER come across another one EVER…that would work really well for me…but I didn’t say any of this self thinking out loud to my therapist. No, instead I took a DEEP breath and said “well, I guess I can’t really say what I will do if I ever come across another scorpion until that happens, if it does, but I believe the EMDR treatments helped me enough that I don’t think I would panic like I did before, I think I might be able to just get my scorpion spray and kill it”…and I left it at that..

Now my therapist tells me I need to have a “plan” ready for WHEN I do come across another scorpion and she said she was going to give me a demonstration of exactly what I need to do so I don’t let the image of the scorpion “get in my head” and undo all our hard work. I’m a planner, so I liked the idea of having a plan ready. Then she told me the name of the therapy she was going to demonstrate to me but I can’t remember what it’s called now so I will just tell you what she told  me. My wonderful therapist said WHEN (she keeps using that word) I see another scorpion, I’m to take my flip-flop off my foot, go over to the scorpion, and hit it repeatedly as hard as I can while I’m screaming loudly “BAD BUG, BAD BUG, BAD, BAD, BAD BUG”!!!

While my wonderful therapist is talking to me about this plan of hitting the scorpions with my flip-flop while screaming bad bug, bad bug…picture the look on my face as I say nothing, but I’m looking deep into her eyes as I’m thinking to myself “is it possible I found the only therapist in the city who just might be crazier than I am”? Because there is no way in HELL I’m taking my shoe off and hitting a scorpion with it while screaming bad bug, bad bug,…I never said I felt cured enough to get that up close and personal with the scorpions…I do feel I have made great progress with my therapist and the EMDR treatments I receive but there isn’t enough therapy out there that would allow me to do what she says I need to do…No WAY!!!

Now, fast forward to this week. After I cleaned my house I went outside to clean the pool and what do I see…yep, you guessed it…a scorpion right there on our cool deck! I didn’t panic and I didn’t run back in the house to get my scorpion killer spray…no I stared at that horrid looking creature as my therapist’s words rang loud and clear in my ears…”don’t let it get in your head”…then I took a deep breath, took off my flip-flop, and beat the hell out of that awful thing while screaming BAD BUG, BAD BUG, BAD, BAD, BAD, Bug!!! And, it felt soooooo freeing and powerful in that moment and right up until I smelled cigarette smoke from my neighbor, Brian…and I knew he heard me and must be thinking “it’s dead now”… But, I didn’t care one bit because Brian doesn’t know what I’ve been through with my scorpion issues..

I killed that scorpion and that is all that matters so YEAH for me right? And, it doesn’t matter one bit that when I found that scorpion on our cool deck, it had already crawled through all the scorpion granules, Diatomaceous Earth scorpion killing powder, and all the scorpion spray Bill puts out every month and it was really dying on its own. What matters is it wasn’t completely dead yet when I found it…dying doesn’t equal dead…No, I killed that scorpion with my flip-flop. Then, I held my head up high and took my BAD self right back in the house beaming with pride. And, I just know my therapist is going to be just as proud of me…why she just might say I’m ready to graduate and live happy ever after now that I know no fear!…I’ll let you know how that works out for me after I see her again tomorrow:)

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But with enough EMDR, and a GREAT therapist like I have, you can learn how to set yourself FREE!!!

Stay Tuned

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Oct 05, 2012 @ 19:06:33

    I am so so so PROUD of you!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo


  2. Megs
    Oct 05, 2012 @ 21:08:04

    Who knew I had such a BAD ass friend?! I am so very proud of you!!! It is difficult to say the least not to allow fear to take control over us. You go girl!!!!!


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