As I was visiting with my mother at the Care Center this week we decided we would join in the coffee social hour in the activity room. This is where all the residents that want to come, sit together at a long table overlooking a beautiful garden courtyard as they sip coffee and chat. Most of the time they just sit and stare out the window. I pushed mom up beside a beautiful lady, Sharon, and I pulled up a chair beside mom.

Sharon has been a resident at the Care Center for over ten years. She has family, children, but says they don’t come to visit her very often and I have never seen anyone visiting with her. Sharon is very interesting to listen to and repeats many of her stories over and over, but I love to hear her talk and watch how her eyes light up when she speaks of her children. Sharon told me one of her sons is a “billionaire” and he buys her lots of expensive cloths like the jacket she had on that had bling along the back and down the sleeves. I asked her how long it had been since she saw her son and she said she never sees him but he brings clothes and leaves them in her room for her. She smiled and said “he is such a good son and he loves me very much and I love him because I’ve known him since he was just a little baby”.

As we were chatting about clothes, I noticed a large glass jar of ice water with cups sitting on top of it out in the garden. The staff puts that out every morning for any residents or visitors to have while sitting in the garden. I mentioned that I could go get some margarita mix and put it in the jar instead of the water and we could have a happy hour instead of the coffee social. Sharon bent over laughing and said “do you know how long it’s been since anyone invited me to happy hour”? I said no, but I’m guessing it’s been too long and we laughed and laughed about how easy it would be to have a happy hour out in the garden while the staff would be thinking we were just enjoying the pretty flowers…Sharon said she needed me to come everyday and help make this place laugh…

Then the conversation turned to Halloween and mom asked me what I was going to get her for a costume for their Halloween party at the Care Center? Sharon said she LOVED Halloween and wanted to know how long she had to wait before it would be Halloween time? I told her it was going to be a while yet because it was at the end of the month and this was just the beginning of October. She looked at me and said “you mean I’m going to have to wait that long to get my favorite candy”? I asked her what was her favorite candy and she told me she absolutely LOVES Twix candy bars. She said she dreams about them and can taste them in her mouth right now…I asked her if she is allowed to eat candy and she said she can. The look on her face as she spoke about her favorite candy was priceless to me, so, of course, I couldn’t make her wait until Halloween to get her Twix candy bars…I’ll be taking these to Sharon on Monday.

I guess I better hope Sharon doesn’t tell me her next favorite thing is a new house:)

As we continued to discuss Halloween, mom told me the staff wants family members to bring in candy so the residents all have some in their rooms because the church brings children by and they go room to room so the residents can see them and pass out candy to the children. While mom was asking me if I would bring candy in for this event, Sharon looked at me and said “oh will you please bring me a big bag to pass out too”? I bought two of these for the big Halloween event!

What can I say… I guess I’m just a sucker:)

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Megs
    Oct 05, 2012 @ 21:28:43

    Not a sucker, an Angel from up above! Xoxo


  2. gotham girl
    Oct 10, 2012 @ 17:42:20

    No doubt an angel from up above…and one that I treasure in my life! xoxo


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