All Ready For Halloween

My daughter, Shantel, loves bread. The other day she asked me to buy her some fresh bagels when I went grocery shopping. The bagels were the same size around as always, but they were noticeably thinner. When I brought the bagels home and Shantel went to eat one, she took one bite and said “is Jenny Craig working at Fry’s now”? I asked why, and she said “I just thought since these bagels are so thin perhaps Jenny was hired to make them. What a card she is!

The only thing Shantel loves to eat better than fresh bread, is sweets, and she eats a lot of sweets! Lord only knows how she stays so slim. If I even touched all the sweets she eats I would be in a coma.

Yesterday I spent the day cleaning and decorating the house for Halloween.

I put a Halloween bow on our front door, and just under the door mat is a hidden mat that lets out a very loud scream when stepped on…,

Our lighted pumpkin is in the window,

The witch on her boom (with a motion detector in her ) screams and shakes when you walk by,

The big spider that sings and crawls  is spinning his web, and our little stuffed witch took her place on the wine bottles (girl after my own heart)…

The scarecrow sits on the end table where he can join in on all the fun,

The wicked witch left her hat as our center piece for our dinning room table,

All our Halloween critters suddenly appeared,

And what would Halloween be without lots, and lots, of candy corn?

When Shantel came home from school, she stepped on the mat that screamed, and both she and the Dial-a-Ride driver that walked her to the door had a BIG fright!

When Shantel came in I explained how the house is all ready now for our Halloween guests. I told Shantel how excited I am, and how I can’t hardly wait to see all the little children all dressed up on Halloween as they go house to house to collect their sweet treats. To my surprise Shantel said “I think we should turn off our lights and not open the door” I said “Shantel, that’s a mean and nasty thing to say, how could you be like that”? Shantel said “well someone needs to teach those kids about good nutrition”! I said “well, you didn’t feel like that when you were little, and if we don’t pass out Halloween candy to the little children, who will eat the two, 150 piece bags of candy I bought”? Shantel smiled that smile of hers and said “I will”!!

Gotta LOVE that!

Stay tuned!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Oct 10, 2012 @ 20:33:13

    That’s our girl!!! Love the decorations! xoxo MORE!


  2. Megs
    Oct 23, 2012 @ 21:37:39

    LMAO……Shantel is so funny! You are one festive gal! Xo


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