Like A Ban-shee!!!

Just when I thought I was safe, and I was beginning to feel relaxed, and even a bit cocky about my ability to handle myself with poise and confidence like the strong, independent, woman I’ve always been…of the three giant steps I took forward in dealing with my fear of scorpions, this morning, I just took a ten foot jump backwards…I didn’t even know I could jump that high!!

It all started when I was waiting for my daughter, Shantel, to gather her cane, purse, homework, and whatever else she carries around with her in her two giant bags, and get out in the car so we could leave to take her to school…Our cat, Carmen, was sitting on the back of the sofa in the family room, when all the sudden she jumped off the sofa and ran into the kitchen and stood staring at the space between the refrigerator and the pantry which just happens to be where I have a glue board to capture scorpions. I check this trap, and all the others I have scattered around the house, everyday and I know nothing was in there yesterday. In fact, I haven’t seen any scorpions in the house for months. The last scorpion I saw was outside, laying on the cool deck dying, but not yet completely dead, after it crawled through all the scorpion killing power and granules we have in our yard, and I smashed the hell out of it with my flip-flop while screaming “bad bug, bad bug, bad, bad, bug” just like my therapist told me to do so the image wouldn’t get in my head…

Back to this morning…I ran over to the refrigerator to see what Carmen was looking at and OMG…right there on the glue board, was a BIG, FAT, SCORPION!!! Just at that moment, Shantel started yelling for me to come on and take her to school so I didn’t have time to investigate the scorpion other than I could see it was stuck to the glue board so I decided it was safe to leave it there until I got back home. While I was driving Shantel to school, I kept thinking in my mind, I won’t panic, when I get home, I’ll simply deal with getting rid of the scorpion..In fact, I decided I would even take a picture of it before I got rid of it and write a blog post about how well I managed my composure in dealing with the scorpion…My therphast will be sooooo proud of me…

When I got home, I got the flashlight and went through the house and checked all the glue boards to see if I could find any other scorpions. I know in my heart, there is NEVER just one…but I didn’t find any others so I decided I would get the glue board with the trapped scorpion on it and take it outside to get a good picture of it for my blog then I would dispose of it. I got our long bar-b-que tongs and picked up the glue board, with the scorpion still stuck to it, and carried it out onto the back patio. I kept telling myself I can handle this and I will not panic…I wasn’t sure if the scorpion was alive or dead because it wasn’t moving so I got real brave and got a long bar-b-que knife, and poked at the scorpion while holding the glue board in my hand…BAD IDEA!!! That scorpion somehow got it’s body lose from the glue board, and because I had the glue board tilted up towards the ceiling so I could get a good look at that nasty thing, as in “face your fears’…another BAD IDEA I’ll NEVER try again…anyway, that nasty scorpion raised its whole body up toward my face and had its nasty, ugly legs waving all around at me…only it’s tail was really keeping it stuck to the glue board…Well, let me tell you…I SCREAMED “LIKE A BAN-SHEE” at the TOP of my lungs, threw that glue board with the scorpion still stuck to it across the patio while I was jumping at least ten feet up in the air, and backwards, to get back in my house all the while thinking to myself, my husband, Bill, can kill it when he gets home from work… he say’s he isn’t afraid of scorpions!!!

When I was safely back in my house, I could hardly breathe I was so scared…so much for conquering my fear of really live scorpions….right? But, once I got myself settled down a little, something kept nagging at me, telling me I have to deal with that scorpion by myslef…So, I got my scorpion killer spray, the long bar-b-que tongs and knife, and a hammer, and out I went with my bad self to face that scorpion down, AGAIN…

This is what’s left of that BIG, FAT, NASTY, scorpion!!!

These are the tools that I carried to battle and kill that nasty scorpion!

All I can say is I did what I had to do to kill the scorpion, but I still don’t think there is enough therapy out there to make me say I’m not still terrified of them…I still HATE scorpions!!!

Stay Tuned!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gotham Girl
    Oct 22, 2012 @ 19:29:06

    YOU GO GIRL!! So PROUD of you!! Plus I just had to crack up at this episode…so at your expense…thanks for giving me a great laugh! Sorry…I know it’s wrong but you know I Love you MORE!!!


  2. Megs
    Oct 23, 2012 @ 22:03:05

    Ditto with Frissy! I love you!


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