Cooking With Gas

Can be dangerous to your health!

When we moved to this home in Chandler Arizona, I was so excited that it came complete with a brand new gas stove. I’ve always had electric stoves because all my other homes were total electric and gas was not available in any of the areas we lived. I love my new gas stove, but I must say, I’ve found that cooking times and temperatures are a little different when I cook with gas.

My husband, Bill, apparently used gas stoves in his past lives…and he was concerned that sometimes carbon monoxide could be in the room so he went out and bought a carbon monoxide/explosive gas detector/alarm that sounds a VERY loud alarm when carbon monoxide/explosive gas is detected in the room. He put this carbon monoxide/explosive gas detector on the wall in the kitchen/family room area. At the time, I thought it was a “bit much” and that it was not necessary… Well, blow me over, was I ever wrong!!! Hey, what the h#ll do I know? I’m just the cook around here:)

Lucky for me, I didn’t make a big deal out of having this odd-looking carbon monoxide/explosive gas detector/alarm on the wall where everyone can see it or I would be one unlucky and dead woman today…then what would all my readers do for their reading entertainment?

Here’s what happened:

Yesterday, I cleaned my house like I do almost every Tuesday…it took me about five hours, like it does every week…(hey, I guess this, old, gray, mare ain’t what she use to be, and she is not as fast either..) so when I finished with all the cleaning I was tired. I decided I would cook some turkey bacon to put on the hot deli roast beef and cheese hoggies I was going to make for dinner. I wanted to have something hot, but quick and easy for dinner, because, like I said, I was tired…..

I cooked a pound of turkey bacon (might as well make it all if I’m going to stand at the stove then I can have some for breakfast too throughout the week…always thinking and planning ahead). When I finished cooking all the turkey bacon, I was really tired, and now I also had a headache… so I let the skillet cool down on the stove for a while before I washed it…

While the skillet was getting cool…I went about my business of putting the finishing touches on my clean house…so I went into the bathroom to put the rugs back down after I steam cleaned the tile floors because now they were dry… Now,  I’m on my hands and knees putting the little no-slip thingie down so I could put the rug on top of that…when all of the sudden I thought the world was coming to an end as the loudest alarm I had ever heard started going off in my newly clean house…I jumped up thinking WT# was that? And I immediately start sniffing the air to see if I smell smoke thinking perhaps there was a fire…but no, I didn’t smell any smoke so what else could it possibly be??? Yep, it sure enough was the carbon monoxide/explosive gas alarm sounding off BIG TIME. It was flashing GAS, GAS, GAS…then showed the numbers 218 over and over again in big red letters and numbers. I mean it was REALLY loud and scared me to death (well almost, but little did I know I almost killed myself all by myself just by cooking turkey bacon..:)

I didn’t know what to do so I tried to unplug that terrible screeching sound…but it kept going on and on…then, I remembered it was both electric and battery operated…so started trying to push the buttons on it to make it stop but it wouldn’t so I opened the windows and the front door and called Bill to ask him what I should do..? I mean I don’t want to call out the fire department if this thing is just going off as a false alarm…

Bill tells me to go outside and stay out until the alarm stops. I did that… but when I went back in the house again the alarm started going off again but was flashing 216 this time instead of 218…I thought “oh good, it’s coming down”…I don’t know what the numbers should be so when Bill called me back to see if I was alright…I asked him and he told me the number should be ZERO!!!  No wonder I had a headache…too much carbon monoxide/explosive gas in my system.. Back outside again, this time until the alarm didn’t come on again for at least twenty minutes…Then I went back inside the house that already had all the windows open and the front door open and I turned on all the exhaust fans, and ceiling fans, and prayed that the house didn’t blow up with me in it…Thank God Shantel was still at school so I didn’t have to worry about getting her to a safe place too…and our princess cat, Carmen, aka the beast, was hiding under the bed because she was so scared of the loud alarm. I had to leave her there since I couldn’t reach her and she wouldn’t come to me…

Well, if your reading this, you know it all turned out well…I’m still here and didn’t get blown up…We think perhaps the non-stick on the non-stick pan got too hot and put toxic gas into the air…needles to say that skillet is in the trash and I’m buying a new on this weekend! What a day for the memory books…after all that I really needed my Happy Hour!!!

Happy Halloween…I’m greatful I’m still alive to celebrate it!

Stay tuned!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gotham Girl
    Nov 01, 2012 @ 02:34:12

    OMG! Sounds like time to go dumpster diving!! 🙂 Glad you are OK! xoxo MORE!


  2. Megs
    Nov 02, 2012 @ 15:53:13

    Thank goodness for Bill!!! Glad you are ok & all turned out well. Xo


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