Photography Class!

Today I joined a photography class!

Well, sort of… Yesterday I posted that my daughter, Shantel, and I had agreed to go to her college so we could copy information for her South Africa project that would then would be scanned and emailed to Shantel so her JAWS program on her computer could read the information to her…. We agreed to be at the college library at 10:30 A.M. Then, Shantel’s nutrition class asked her to meet them at 8:30 for a study group… What am I to do with two hours of my time while I wait for the study group to end so Shantel and I could move on to our copy/scan project? Shantel suggested I read a book, which I did, until I got tired of reading and decided I would walk around and take some pictures.

Well imagine my surprise as I was walking around outside the library looking for points of interest to take photos of and all the sudden I noticed everyone around me have cameras out and are taking photos and discussing things like composition, lighting etc.. all of which I have no clue as to what they were talking about. But, I’m smart on my feet, and decided I should follow this group of young, bright, college students, who just might be the future great photographers of the world…and whatever they take photos of, I’ll take pictures of too!

Also, you need to keep in mind, I just learned, from starting to read the owner’s manual of my husband, Bill’s, camera, that if you don’t know what the hell you are doing you can put the camera on the little heart on the dial and it will correct SOME of your mistakes until you get a big clue as to what you are supposed to do…:)

Amazingly, no one, even asked who I was or why I was following this photography class around. And even more amazing was the fact that I was not one bit intimidated by all the large lenses they all had on their cameras, or that some of them were setting up tripods etc. No, I just made small talk with them as I took pictures with my little point and click Lumix 10x camera from Costco. I say pictures because there is a BIG difference between taking a picture and really knowing and understanding the in’s and out’s of real photography. My frissy can surly appreciate that and I know she will be PROUD that I learned the difference just by following my new-found friends around today. I make no claim to fame there in any way what so ever.

I did however learn some tips like you should title your photos pictures. So I gave each of mine a title too:)

All that said, here are some of the photos pictures I took today with my new-found photography class (oh, what fun we had and they still don’t know I wasn’t part of their class…shhhhhhhhhhhh):)

I call this ” notice, you are entering the south mountain community library”

This is titled “the library”. No need to tell the class the building is made out of copper (same as in the picture above) but because I don’t know anything about lighting etc…mine looks like old, brown, wood…but hey, I didn’t see how their photos turned out either now did I? Again, I have my camera on the little heart dial that is supposed to correct my errors or NOT!!

This is called “on the outside of the library looking in at the children’s section inside the library”

And finally, this is called “a place to rest” I needed it after a fun-filled two hours with my new friends in my non-photography class:)

Oh, the amazing things I can get myself into when left alone too long.

Stay tuned

Read A Book

For the past few weeks I have been very involved in helping my daughter, Shantel, complete some big project assignments for her college classes. Most of the time her assignments require listening to her college course books on disk from Learning Ally. Like the one below.

When Shantel enrolls in her classes she is responsible for finding out what books she will need and orders them on-line through the Learning Ally Website.

These books on disk all arrived at the same time about a week after Shantel order them and include everything she needs for the four college classes she is taking this semester. All sounds so simple right?

Well, noting is always as simple as it seems. The first bump in the road came when her Intercultural Communication Professor gave an assignment that involves picking a country, Shantel picked South Africa, and researching everything you can find about the communication styles and life styles of the culture you choose. Then they need to give a 13-15 minute presentation in class about their country. Once the material is written, I will listen to the presentation while timing Shantel to ensure she meets the time frame requirements…

The presentation must include points of interest about the people, their general attitudes and values, language, dominant religion, holidays, family, dating/courtship, marriage, work, recreation, food, art, music, dance, social and economic levels and they need to show the class where the country is located and give a brief description of the land..

They must have the an outline of the presentation typed using appropriate outline format. The outline must include (in-text) parenthetical citations. They must develop a bibliography that includes at least ten scholarly sources. They can have six or more scholarly books or scholarly journal articles, one or two expert interviews and no more than four scholarly Internet sources from the school databases. They must use appropriate MLA or APA style…When they give their presentation they must use visual aids which includes a “rich display” for the classmates to experience a bit of the culture. Examples can include: posters, maps, clothing, artifacts, music, food, video clips, PowerPoint presentations, etc. They cannot have more than two minutes of media in the presentation, excluding PowerPoint. Now, if that isn’t enough to make your head spin…imagine trying to accomplish this when the JAWS program on your computer won’t pick up half of the information on the scholarly sites…JAWS is the program Shantel uses that allows her computer to speak to her. However, it will not pick up things like maps, pictures of costumes etc. Any visuals on the screen are simply reported as a graphic with no explanation.

Another BIG problem is the books on disk are not considered scholarly sources, and neither is just using Google…And it is too late to have any books brailled. It can take months to have one book brailled.

This is what a braille book looks like. Shantel reads the raised dots that form contracted words for her. The problem with reading braille is you don’t get the words spelled out  and you don’t get pronunciations which make it difficult to understand when you are reading complex material.

A simple magazine like this Seventeen magazine (one magazine) takes up three volumes in braille. Imagine how many volumes a whole hard cover book would be. We wouldn’t have enough space in our whole house and yard to house ten scholarly sources.

What to do?

We had a meeting with the Professor and Disability Services last Friday to determine a work around.

Enter mom, who was assigned the task of making copies from books in the college library of the information Shantel wants to use in her presentation on South Africa so the copies can be scanned and emailed to Shantel so her computer can read the information to her…VERY time consuming but hey, I’m happy to help my daughter in any way I can.

Tomorrow at 10:30 we are to meet in the library and the library staff will pull many books on South Africa and have them ready for me to begin reading sections out of them to Shantel so she can decide what information she wants to use. Then I will copy those pages and send them to be scanned…It’s not the best plan I ever heard, but it’s a plan. I like plans so I agreed…

Yesterday Shantel comes home and tells me there has been a slight change in the plan. What I ask? She tells me her Nutrition study group want her to meet them at 8:30 Friday so she can study with them. Also one of the ladies in the study group wants to meet me, then I can go and wait for Shantel to finish with her study group so we can move on to our read/copy project at 10:30.. I sighed a big sigh and said to my precious daughter that I am already going out of my way to help “Shantel, what am I supposed to do from 8:30 until 10:30 when the books will be ready for our copy project”? My beautiful,  smartass,   I mean precious, daughter smiles that smile of hers again and says “mom, it’s a library, Read A Book”!

OMG, the things I do and call it fun:) Shoot me now and put me out of my misery…

I sure hope if I survive all this college activity I at least get an honorary degree!!

Stay tuned!

All Ready For Halloween

My daughter, Shantel, loves bread. The other day she asked me to buy her some fresh bagels when I went grocery shopping. The bagels were the same size around as always, but they were noticeably thinner. When I brought the bagels home and Shantel went to eat one, she took one bite and said “is Jenny Craig working at Fry’s now”? I asked why, and she said “I just thought since these bagels are so thin perhaps Jenny was hired to make them. What a card she is!

The only thing Shantel loves to eat better than fresh bread, is sweets, and she eats a lot of sweets! Lord only knows how she stays so slim. If I even touched all the sweets she eats I would be in a coma.

Yesterday I spent the day cleaning and decorating the house for Halloween.

I put a Halloween bow on our front door, and just under the door mat is a hidden mat that lets out a very loud scream when stepped on…,

Our lighted pumpkin is in the window,

The witch on her boom (with a motion detector in her ) screams and shakes when you walk by,

The big spider that sings and crawls  is spinning his web, and our little stuffed witch took her place on the wine bottles (girl after my own heart)…

The scarecrow sits on the end table where he can join in on all the fun,

The wicked witch left her hat as our center piece for our dinning room table,

All our Halloween critters suddenly appeared,

And what would Halloween be without lots, and lots, of candy corn?

When Shantel came home from school, she stepped on the mat that screamed, and both she and the Dial-a-Ride driver that walked her to the door had a BIG fright!

When Shantel came in I explained how the house is all ready now for our Halloween guests. I told Shantel how excited I am, and how I can’t hardly wait to see all the little children all dressed up on Halloween as they go house to house to collect their sweet treats. To my surprise Shantel said “I think we should turn off our lights and not open the door” I said “Shantel, that’s a mean and nasty thing to say, how could you be like that”? Shantel said “well someone needs to teach those kids about good nutrition”! I said “well, you didn’t feel like that when you were little, and if we don’t pass out Halloween candy to the little children, who will eat the two, 150 piece bags of candy I bought”? Shantel smiled that smile of hers and said “I will”!!

Gotta LOVE that!

Stay tuned!

Nothing of Monetary Value

Today, as I visited my mom at the Care Center, I was reminded once again how little it takes to make someone happy. To brighten the day of another. To make someone feel special, appreciated and loved.

You might recall my post from 10/5/12 titled Twix, where I talked about Sharon, one of the residents at the Care Center where my mom lives, and how she told me she absolutely loves Twix candy bars and dreams about them and can taste them in her mouth…Well, today I took Sharon her bag of Twix candy. But I didn’t want to just walk in and hand her the bag of candy. I wanted to make it a little bit special for her so I put the bag of candy in a pretty gift bag with tissue paper coming out the top and wrote a card telling her how special she is and how much I love visiting with her.

I wrote her name, Sharon, on the front of the card and when I walked into the Care Center, Sharon was sitting at her dinning room table and saw me and her face lit up as she said to her tablemates, “there is that beautiful girl who talks to me all the time”. Sharon can’t remember my name, but that matters not to me.

As I approached Sharon and she saw the gift bag in my hand she looked over at my mom’s table and said “your mom already left and is on her way down to her room. I’m sure she will be very excited to get the gift you brought her, what is it”? I handed Sharon the gift bag and told her the gift was for her and asked her if she remembered talking to me about her favorite candy? Sharon looked at me and said “Twix”! She looked at the card and told her tablemates “oh look, it says Sharon, that’s me” Sharon asked me if I would read the card to her which I did as she looked inside the bag and hugged the candy. As I read what I wrote on the card, tears rolled down Sharon’s cheeks as well as the cheeks of her tablemates. When I finished reading the card, Sharon grabbed my arm and pulled me down to her and put my face in her hands and kissed me saying “I love you, I love you so much”, and I told her I loved her too. All the money in the world couldn’t buy what the price of a bag of Twix candy bars gave me in that heart moment with Sharon.

After I left Sharon in the dinning room with her gift and her tablemates, I went on to find my mom and was told she had already been taken for her shower. So, I sat in her room to wait for her. As I looked around my mom’s room, I took notice of the little craft objects she’s made over the years and how she displays them so proudly in her room.

I started thinking how when you can’t have anything of monetary value, nothing of monetary value matter anymore. Simple objects become valued treasures. Like this doll her nurse, Judy, gave mom to keep her company after her roommate, Reha, died.

One of my mom’s most prized possessions, other than the photo of her and my dad, is this framed picture of her beloved dog, Beau, who now lives with my brother, Danny.

When mom finally returned from her shower, she was happy to see me and delighted to see I brought the big bag of candy for her to donate to the upcoming Halloween party. She asked me to take her to the activity room so she could deliver the candy to the activity director which I did.

In the activity room mom noticed this adorable scarecrow decoration that had just be set in place. I asked if she would like me to take her picture with the scarecrow and to my surprise she said “yes”! I also asked her if it would be alright if I post her picture on my blog site. After showing her what the picture looked like while it was still on my camera, she agreed.

This is my mom, with the scarecrow that caught her attention at the Care Center.


Little things really do mean a lot!

Stay tuned!


I LOVE flowers.

I love flowers of every variety. But, for some unknown reason, I have not been blessed with the “I can grow beautiful flowers gene” like many other people I know have been blessed with…I can kill any flower know to man, but we don’t need to get into how I know that, now do we? It will be enough to say growing flowers is not my strong point. Lucky for me I have other redeeming qualities:)

My all time favorite flower is the carnation. Why? because they are beautiful and they last a long, long, time so I feel like you get your money’s worth when you buy them. Carnations aren’t that expensive to begin with, but if you are going to spend any money on a little guilty pleasure you might as well get the biggest bang for you buck right?

My best friend, who also happens to be my husband, Bill, knows how much I love flowers. So every now and then, for no apparent reason, other than he loves me and knows how much I love him, and flowers…my Bill will walk in and give me a beautiful bunch of colorful carnations!

Today was one of those lucky days for me:)

These are my beautiful flowers my best friend, and husband, Bill, presented to me today as we were about to share our traditional Sunday breakfast I made for us when we came home from church! Thanks Bill!

Right after I received the flowers I put hot sauce on my skillet breakfast, set the hot sauce bottle on the table, and my best friend, and husband, Bill, who brought me the beautiful flowers picked it up to use it but when he went to shake it up he found out I unintentionally forgot to put the cap back on the bottle. Not a pretty sight at all! His shirt, and pants, sure didn’t look as pretty as my beautiful flowers…But, my best friend, and husband, Bill, did laugh when I asked him if that meant he wanted his flowers back? What a good, good, man I have. I am blessed in deed:) That and my Bill also knows I’m the laundry lady around this house and I’ll take care of getting all the hot sauce out of his Sunday clothes. What a good, good, woman he has wouldn’t you say?

Stay tuned!


A tulip bowl, a wooden pipe, and two pair of eye glasses. What connection could they have?

When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents, two aunts and an uncle, all from my father’s side of the family.  My parents both worked, so everyday during the summer months, at 2:30 in the afternoon, my mother would take my brothers, Tommy, Danny, Stephen and I to my grandparents house so they could “babysit” us until my father could pick us up. My father  worked building swimming pools at the time, and didn’t get home until all the pools were poured and set which could sometimes be midnight. During the school year, my grandparents, aunts, and uncle would all come to our house so we could be at home to do our homework and get to bed on time.

Of course we would be served dinner while we were under the care of my grandparents, aunts and uncle. I remember this bowl sitting on the table every evening when we were called in from outside to eat. It would be full of chili, potato salad, macaroni salad, baked beans or any number of other dishes but this bowl was always there. At every family bar-b-que my grandparents attended at our house where people would bring covered dishes, this bowl was always present, and became a childhood memory for me.

Another strong memory I have is that of my grandfather, Curly (funny name seeing how he was bald). I never saw my grandfather without this old wooden pipe in his mouth.

These eye glasses hold a spot in my memory as well.

The old glasses.

The new glasses

My grandparents, aunts, and uncle rarely left their house other than to come just the next street over from their house to ours. The only exception to that was one aunt and the uncle did work so they would go to work and straight back home everyday. When any of them did have to venture “up town” it was usually for a doctor’s appointment and that, in and of itself, became a big event. I remember the day my grandmother went to get a new pair of glasses to replace her very old wire frame ones. She and my aunt both put on their very best house dresses, new Indian beaded moccasins, earrings, and even lipstick! OMG, you would think they won the lottery when they got to go to the eye doctor and get something new.

So, how did these childhood memories come into my possession? My father was the youngest of ten children. When all of his family members had passed away, it was up to him to go and clean out the family home and get it ready to sell. He asked me if I would help him accomplish that task and I did. My father didn’t seem to have any attachment to anything in the house. There wasn’t anything of any great value, but still, I couldn’t believe he wouldn’t want his father’s pipe, or his mother’s eyeglasses ,or something that belonged to them. However, he said he didn’t want anything and told me to either put them in the trash or in the give away pile. I couldn’t do that so I asked him if I could have them. He simply said “take them”.

I guess it is true what “they” say…one man’s trash is another man’s ( or woman’s) treasure:) What do you think?

Stay tuned!


As I was visiting with my mother at the Care Center this week we decided we would join in the coffee social hour in the activity room. This is where all the residents that want to come, sit together at a long table overlooking a beautiful garden courtyard as they sip coffee and chat. Most of the time they just sit and stare out the window. I pushed mom up beside a beautiful lady, Sharon, and I pulled up a chair beside mom.

Sharon has been a resident at the Care Center for over ten years. She has family, children, but says they don’t come to visit her very often and I have never seen anyone visiting with her. Sharon is very interesting to listen to and repeats many of her stories over and over, but I love to hear her talk and watch how her eyes light up when she speaks of her children. Sharon told me one of her sons is a “billionaire” and he buys her lots of expensive cloths like the jacket she had on that had bling along the back and down the sleeves. I asked her how long it had been since she saw her son and she said she never sees him but he brings clothes and leaves them in her room for her. She smiled and said “he is such a good son and he loves me very much and I love him because I’ve known him since he was just a little baby”.

As we were chatting about clothes, I noticed a large glass jar of ice water with cups sitting on top of it out in the garden. The staff puts that out every morning for any residents or visitors to have while sitting in the garden. I mentioned that I could go get some margarita mix and put it in the jar instead of the water and we could have a happy hour instead of the coffee social. Sharon bent over laughing and said “do you know how long it’s been since anyone invited me to happy hour”? I said no, but I’m guessing it’s been too long and we laughed and laughed about how easy it would be to have a happy hour out in the garden while the staff would be thinking we were just enjoying the pretty flowers…Sharon said she needed me to come everyday and help make this place laugh…

Then the conversation turned to Halloween and mom asked me what I was going to get her for a costume for their Halloween party at the Care Center? Sharon said she LOVED Halloween and wanted to know how long she had to wait before it would be Halloween time? I told her it was going to be a while yet because it was at the end of the month and this was just the beginning of October. She looked at me and said “you mean I’m going to have to wait that long to get my favorite candy”? I asked her what was her favorite candy and she told me she absolutely LOVES Twix candy bars. She said she dreams about them and can taste them in her mouth right now…I asked her if she is allowed to eat candy and she said she can. The look on her face as she spoke about her favorite candy was priceless to me, so, of course, I couldn’t make her wait until Halloween to get her Twix candy bars…I’ll be taking these to Sharon on Monday.

I guess I better hope Sharon doesn’t tell me her next favorite thing is a new house:)

As we continued to discuss Halloween, mom told me the staff wants family members to bring in candy so the residents all have some in their rooms because the church brings children by and they go room to room so the residents can see them and pass out candy to the children. While mom was asking me if I would bring candy in for this event, Sharon looked at me and said “oh will you please bring me a big bag to pass out too”? I bought two of these for the big Halloween event!

What can I say… I guess I’m just a sucker:)

A Letter To Tommy

In my post from yesterday I told you all about how I saw a scorpion for the first time since I had my EMDR treatments, and how I was able to kill it with my flip-flop…I told you all how I couldn’t wait to tell my therapist because I knew how proud she would be and how I thought she just might say I’m ready to graduate and live happy ever after therapy…

My therapist was very happy to hear I killed the scorpion and she said it didn’t matter that it was dying, it wasn’t dead and I was able to kill it so it still counts as taking control of the situation I was faced with…But, when I asked her if she thought I was ready to graduate and live happy ever after now…she said “well, not so fast”…she said “you know as well as I do that this was never about the was about all the hurt and pain you’ve carried around until it became so heavy a tiny scorpion was able to break you…so what now I asked? She looked at me as if to say you already know the answer to that question. So I smiled and said “I guess you’re looking at a retirement package with me right”? She smiled back at me and told me “you have such a beautiful spirit” but it’s been wounded and needs help to heal…then she gave me homework!

Throughout our sessions we’ve touched on many, many, things that brought me to the point where I finally sought help. We talked a little bit about each of my family members from my parents, to my siblings, to my children…Now, she says we need to dig deeper and really look at my relationship with each person and the impact they have had on my life…Since we already discussed my father at length (but we will visit that many times I’m told) as well as my mother, my therapist told me she wanted me start talking more about my siblings. She told me to write a letter to my brother, Tommy. I’m to write him a detailed letter saying everything I would say if I had the chance to talk to him again. Something that I can’t do because he died on June 20th, 2000. After I write the letter to Tommy, I’m to fold it, put it into an envelope, seal it, and bring it to my next therapy session next week.

When I need to think, I always find myself drawn to water. So today I went to a lovely park and walked around a lake.

This is Desert Breeze Park.

I hoped to find inspiration here as I began to think about what I will write in my letter to Tommy.

What do you say to the brother, who along with his family, was as hurt by our father as I was? How do I tell him about the vast emptiness I still feel knowing he died before I ever got a chance to tell him how sorry I am for what happened to him and his family, and how I wish I could turn back time and have a do over?

I wonder if he knows how alone I sometimes felt as I kept the secrets of our father to myself so as not to let our other siblings, and other family members, be hurt. They would never have believed anything bad about our father, just as I didn’t, and what purpose would it serve to hurt them?

I wish my mind could be as still as the water in the lake was today, but I know that won’t happen until the storm that’s coming passes..

I know what I have to do, but I wish I could just go fishing instead!

Things are going to get very emotional for me as I continue on my journey to a healthier me. I will continue to write about my journey and my progress. Some of the things I write about will be painful for some of my readers, but keep in mind you always have a choice to simply stop reading. I wish this was a book I could just put down but I can’t. I need to work through this and I will continue to share what I can, as I can.

Stay tuned!

Don’t Let It Get In Your Head!

Last week my therapist asked me if I’ve seen any scorpions since I had my EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing )treatments. I told her I haven’t seen any more scorpions inside or outside of our house since I had my EMDR treatments but also reminded her that my husband, Bill, and I have been VERY diligent in keeping the house sprayed inside and out EVERY month.

Then, my therapist told me the reason she asked me if I had seen any scorpions was because she found four scorpions in and around her home just last week. She said she asked her exterminator why they are seeing so many when they get their home sprayed every month. The exterminator told her it’s because we have had so much rain lately and that caused a lot of hot, humid, days and scorpions thrive in hot, humid, enviroments…Not what I’m wanting to hear when I sitting in my therapist’s office trying to move on from my scorpions “issues”…

My therapist went on to ask me how I will handle seeing another scorpion, not IF I do but WHEN I do because she said we both know sooner or latter I WILL come across another scorpion…Now, I’m thinking to myself as she is saying that to me that I had a 60 year run of not seeing any scorpions before we moved into our current house so who’s to say we didn’t get rid of all our scorpions and I will NEVER come across another one EVER…that would work really well for me…but I didn’t say any of this self thinking out loud to my therapist. No, instead I took a DEEP breath and said “well, I guess I can’t really say what I will do if I ever come across another scorpion until that happens, if it does, but I believe the EMDR treatments helped me enough that I don’t think I would panic like I did before, I think I might be able to just get my scorpion spray and kill it”…and I left it at that..

Now my therapist tells me I need to have a “plan” ready for WHEN I do come across another scorpion and she said she was going to give me a demonstration of exactly what I need to do so I don’t let the image of the scorpion “get in my head” and undo all our hard work. I’m a planner, so I liked the idea of having a plan ready. Then she told me the name of the therapy she was going to demonstrate to me but I can’t remember what it’s called now so I will just tell you what she told  me. My wonderful therapist said WHEN (she keeps using that word) I see another scorpion, I’m to take my flip-flop off my foot, go over to the scorpion, and hit it repeatedly as hard as I can while I’m screaming loudly “BAD BUG, BAD BUG, BAD, BAD, BAD BUG”!!!

While my wonderful therapist is talking to me about this plan of hitting the scorpions with my flip-flop while screaming bad bug, bad bug…picture the look on my face as I say nothing, but I’m looking deep into her eyes as I’m thinking to myself “is it possible I found the only therapist in the city who just might be crazier than I am”? Because there is no way in HELL I’m taking my shoe off and hitting a scorpion with it while screaming bad bug, bad bug,…I never said I felt cured enough to get that up close and personal with the scorpions…I do feel I have made great progress with my therapist and the EMDR treatments I receive but there isn’t enough therapy out there that would allow me to do what she says I need to do…No WAY!!!

Now, fast forward to this week. After I cleaned my house I went outside to clean the pool and what do I see…yep, you guessed it…a scorpion right there on our cool deck! I didn’t panic and I didn’t run back in the house to get my scorpion killer spray…no I stared at that horrid looking creature as my therapist’s words rang loud and clear in my ears…”don’t let it get in your head”…then I took a deep breath, took off my flip-flop, and beat the hell out of that awful thing while screaming BAD BUG, BAD BUG, BAD, BAD, BAD, Bug!!! And, it felt soooooo freeing and powerful in that moment and right up until I smelled cigarette smoke from my neighbor, Brian…and I knew he heard me and must be thinking “it’s dead now”… But, I didn’t care one bit because Brian doesn’t know what I’ve been through with my scorpion issues..

I killed that scorpion and that is all that matters so YEAH for me right? And, it doesn’t matter one bit that when I found that scorpion on our cool deck, it had already crawled through all the scorpion granules, Diatomaceous Earth scorpion killing powder, and all the scorpion spray Bill puts out every month and it was really dying on its own. What matters is it wasn’t completely dead yet when I found it…dying doesn’t equal dead…No, I killed that scorpion with my flip-flop. Then, I held my head up high and took my BAD self right back in the house beaming with pride. And, I just know my therapist is going to be just as proud of me…why she just might say I’m ready to graduate and live happy ever after now that I know no fear!…I’ll let you know how that works out for me after I see her again tomorrow:)

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But with enough EMDR, and a GREAT therapist like I have, you can learn how to set yourself FREE!!!

Stay Tuned


Butterfly animal symbolism & Butterfly Meaning

All last week I started noticing butterflies everywhere I went. When I went for my walks, butterflies seemed to be leading my way, flying just ahead of me on the paths I took. When I was driving and stopped at a red light, butterflies even came to hover just above the hood of my car. At first I didn’t think much about it until I started noticing the butterflies were not just there once in a while, they were coming around me every time I was out and about. Not a swarm of butterflies either, just one here and there wherever I went. So I started asking other people if they were seeing a lot butterflies and everyone I asked said no, they hadn’t noticed any butterflies. Even this morning as I was driving Shantel to school what do I see but a big butterfly painted on the trunk of the car in front of me.

Now, as a practicing Catholic, I believe in Jesus Christ, and that only he knows what the future holds for us. I don’t believe in horoscopes, psychics, palm readers, people who say they can communicate with loved ones on the other side, or any of that kind of stuff. However, I do believe humans have a connection to nature and animals.

As the butterflies continued to come around me, I finally decided to look up the meaning of butterflies and found a wealth of information on many different sites. I don’t know why I was pulled to one site in particular because as I said, I don’t believe in “whats your sign” type of things or horoscopes etc. All I know is as I read through this site it seemed to make sense to me so I thought I would share some of what I read with you. The site I liked the most was by Avia Venefica, @ and she had this to say about butterflies and their connection to the soul.

Interestingly, in many cultures the butterfly is associated with the soul – linking our animal symbolism of faith with the butterfly.

Even Christianity considers the butterfly a soulful symbol.

It’s connection with the soul is rather fitting. We are all on a long journey of the soul. On this journey we encounter endless turns, shifts, and conditions that cause us to morph into ever-finer beings. At our soul-journey’s end we are inevitably changed – not at all the same as when we started on the path.

To take this analogy a step further, we can look again to the grace and eloquence of the butterfly and realize that our journey is our only guarantee. Our responsibility to make our way in faith, accept the change that comes, and emerge from our transitions as brilliantly as the butterfly.”

As I began to think about the information I read about butterflies being associated with the soul, I found it fitting that I was seeing so many butterflies at this particular time in my life, because my friend Reha just passed away on Saturday, Sunday was the 6th year anniversary of when my father passed, and the 1 year anniversary of the passing of my brother Stephen is coming up on October 27th. Three souls I have a connection with. Very fitting wouldn’t you say?

I received this butterfly paperweight as a gift many years ago. I always thought it was beautiful and keep in on an end table in my living room. Every time I look at it I’m reminded of the people who gave it to me and how special they are to me. Now, when I look at the butterflies within the globe of the paperweight, I’ll also be reminded of the soul connection I have with them. Very fitting!

Stay tuned!

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