A Family Divided

By Cilantro!

I’ve come to believe that cilantro is one of those herbs you either love or hate. I haven’t found anyone who says it’s just O.K. In our family my daughter, Shantel, and I love cilantro, but my husband, Bill, aka Bro, hates it. However, Bill/Bro loves mexican food just as much as Shantel and I do and there in lies the problem…I say you can’t have really “good” mexican food without using cilantro.  Bill completely disagrees.

Yesterday, I made Anaheim peppers stuffed with rice pilaf, cheese and spicy chicken sausage.

I wanted to add chopped cilantro to the peppers stuffing mixture, but no, because if I did, Bill wouldn’t eat them at all. So, being the good wife and considerate cook I am, who spoils my family rotten… (Trust me, I would eat shit on the shingles if someone were cooking for me, you all know that is a legitimate dish right?)  Anyway, I left the cilantro out of the stuffing and baked the peppers. It was like leaving the zip out of my do da.. but I did it anyway:)

When the peppers were almost done baking, I covered them with queso sauce. At least that would put a little ying back in my yang:)

And, I made a black bean salad with mango/peach salsa dressing (but no cilantro) No zip here either!

Then, when everything was ready, I served up our dishes (yes, I do spoil my family like that too:) This was Bill’s plate.

And, this was mine, below, complete with chopped cilantro all over it:) Now, I’m taking a poll…which would you rather eat? Are you a cilantro lover like Shantel and I are, or a cilantro hater, like Bill? I told Bill I believe I will get more cilantro lover responses…be honest now, and only vote once. I promise you EVERY VOTE WILL BE COUNTED!

But, the most important thing to me is, no matter if you are a cilantro lover or hater in our house, at the end of the meal, on the weekends (only), Bill and I always agree on coming together to help clean the kitchen.

Don’t forget to cast your vote…cilantro lover or cilantro hater?

Stay Tuned!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ellen Kaufman
    Nov 11, 2012 @ 21:03:57

    I am with Bill. Can’t stand the stuff, I feel like I cannot breath when I eat it. I just put parsely in the peppers and serve the terrible stuff on the side. Looks mighty delicious.


  2. gotham girl
    Nov 11, 2012 @ 22:45:26

    Yeah for cilantro!!!! Love, Love, love and you too!


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