Not My Kind Of Day

I’m sure you have all see the little message written on the side mirrors of most cars and trucks that says “objects in the mirror are closer than they appear” right? Well, I found out that the exact opposite is true for objects in your pool!

Yesterday, after I finished cleaning my whole house just like every other Tuesday, I decided I better go out and sweep down the pool and skim out any leaves etc. that might be floating around in there. There really weren’t that many leaves in the pool and the three that were in there were at the bottom and were not bothering anyone….but me…Why can’t I just leave well enough alone?

This is the tool my wonderful husband, Bill, bought me to get debris out of our pool.

I will have to use this tool until we can afford to buy the really high-tech aqua vacuum thing that will crawl around the bottom of the pool and suck up anything in its path…trust me, I’m counting every penny until we can buy that baby. But, in the meantime, I clean the pool, along with everything else in this house, at least I do and will continue to do so until Bill can retire and join me in all this maintenance fun around our beautiful home…

You can see in the picture below that the handle on this pool tool extends WAY out so you can reach down to the very bottom of the pool. This is especially important if you have an eight foot deep pool. And, the pool girl should always remember to extend the handle out ALL the way when trying to scoop up three little leaves on the bottom of the eight foot pool that were not bothering anyone but her…

This is what the pool tool looks like when the pool girl forgets to extend the handle out ALL the way and tries to reach the three little leaves on the bottom of the pool that would have been better off left alone…

This picture shows how things, like three little leaves in pool water can “appear” to be closer than they really are…Now tell the truth, doesn’t that pool tool look like it is really close…no, it was all the way down on the bottom of the eight foot pool…

This is a picture of the pool thermometer we keep in the pool to tell us that dam water is REALLY, REALLY COLD!!! Enough said…now, let’s just keep moving along people, no one is still in that really, really, COLD water, and we all know that wouldn’t happen to me because I don’t like to be cold…no, I HATE being COLD… and I’m way smart enough to know to extend the pool tool out ALL the way…so nothing more to see here at all…:)

But…just to make a bad day worse…I went to bed that night, tired and really, really, cold…we really need to turn our heater on now I guess…and my sweet little kitty, Carmen, aka “the beast” according to my daughter, Shantel, wanted me to pet her as she laid in my bed. I did pet her until I finally got so tired I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew Carmen full-out bit me sinking all four of her front, really sharp teeth right into my forearm drawing so much blood I had to get up and wash the wounds out, put antibiotic ointment on the wound and I almost cried because it hurt so bad…I ran that sweet beast kitty, Carmen, out of my room and closed the door and didn’t allow her back in for the rest of the night. I didn’t even care that she cried all night at my door…

The next morning I woke up to a really swollen arm that hurt like hell…I looked up cat bites on the internet and saw that they can be really serious and can even cause cat fever which can be really bad and cause you to have to be in the hospital…oh, great, just what I need…then who would clean the pool??? But, I also hate going to the doctor so I just kept doctoring myself and it looks much better now so I guess it’s true that “all is well that ends well” right?

One more thing: All the cilantro votes from my previous post have been counted (thanks to everyone who participated) and “winner, winner, chicken dinner… cilantro lovers win!! I knew there were more cilantro lovers out there than cilantro haters…now that made my day!!

Stay Tuned!

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Nov 15, 2012 @ 00:14:42

    I’m sorry…but this is beyond hysterical. But I do feel bad that Carmen attacked you. That frickin beast! Love you More!


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