My Man

I’ve always been very proud of the fact that thirty-three years ago I lost over 100 pounds through the Weight Watchers program. I’ve managed to keep that weight off by continuing to follow the Weight Watchers program and by keeping to a very strict exercise program of walking for at least 45 minutes a day at least five days a week. As long as I follow my food and exercise program I haven’t  had any problems maintaining the weight loss…until two years ago, when I started having some health problems that required medications that have a side effect of weight gain. And gain weight I did…20 lbs over the past two years to be exact. My doctor tells me it is due to the medications in part, but some of it is due to the natural aging process. Don’t spare my feelings doctor.. The bottom line for me is it doesn’t make any difference to me what it’s from… I HATE IT!

I still eat the right foods and I’ve even increased my walking to at least one hour a day, even longer on most days…but nothing I do seems to help. I’ll lose three pounds one day and gain two pounds back the next. I just can’t seem to lose the weight I gained, and keep it off for the life of me….and I HATE IT!!! Why aren’t we all told all this crap will happen to us as we start to get older? All I ever heard was if you take good care of yourself…it will all be good! If I wasn’t doing all the right things to manage my weight then I would be the first to say “shame on me”. I am doing all the right things but I think the game has been rigged…I don’t consider myself old at all. Why I hear sixty is the new forty, but with a few more aches and pains. If that’s true why isn’t my body responding like it did when I was forty? What’s up with that?

My husband, Bill, aka Bro, God love his soul, always sings “you are so beautiful to me…” as soon as he sees me everyday. He has done this ever since we have been together, and it always makes me feel so blessed and special to have him not only as my husband, but as my best friend as well.

Even though I’m not at all happy about this uncontrolled weight gain, did I mention I HATE IT…,most days I take it in stride and just keep doing the very best I can do to continue on my food and exercise plan. But, yesterday, it really got the best of me and I was feeling really down. I even increased my walk on Sunday to almost double the time and still no weight lost, in fact I was up two pounds again. Tell me that doesn’t suck!!!

When Bill/Bro came home from work yesterday he could see I was not my usual happy-go-lucky self…so I told him I was very sad that I was having so much trouble getting my weight back down where I want it to be. I said “I knew I was going to gain some weight with my medications but I really thought I could just work harder and it would come back off…but now I feel like I’m just getting fatter and fatter.” Bill said “you look just fine to me”. I didn’t say it but I was thinking “yes, if I was a baby elephant I would look absolutely adorable” At that point, I was starting to cry because I was so frustrated. Bill/Bro come over to me, put his arms around me in a big bear hug, and started singing softly “you are so beautiful to me…” When Bill/Bro doesn’t know what else to say to me he sings that song…and I love him for that. It made me smile and before long we were both laughing and all was well again:) But, I still HATE it!!!

Sorry ladies…he’s all mine:)

Stay Tuned!

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  1. Ellen Kaufman
    Nov 20, 2012 @ 21:11:18

    Oh Cindy that is so sweet you and Bill!!! First of all you are so beautiful to me too. Things like that may happen through the years like gaining extra pounds and make you really mad,but first of all you look wonderful in your pictures and as long as you don’t act old and crabby, and your healthy and the love of your life comes home to and sings that song and God is in your corner; you don’t need anything else. Enjoy life, you are doing all the right things. We love you just the way you are and have a Happy Thanksgiving Day.


  2. Bill
    Nov 20, 2012 @ 22:42:22

    Girly from the first time I met you you have made a differance in my life,you are my best friend and wife . I am truely blessed to have you in my life always remember I have your back.


  3. gotham girl
    Nov 29, 2012 @ 23:45:59

    I just can’t add anything else to what Auntie Ellen stated. So true!!! I’d love you if you were 100 pounds or 300 pounds…but I also understand the impact when you don’t feel good about yourself! Hang in there my sweet! We have hiking to do this winter! xoxo MORE!


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