1+1 Doesn’t Always = 2

At least not where my husband, Bill, and I are concerned! There is funny story behind that statement…imagine that, I have a story to tell:) Here is what happened:

Like many of you, we had plenty of leftovers after our Thanksgiving dinner and we continued to eat them for three days after Thanksgiving. I was getting sick and tired of leftovers, I mean I like turkey, but no matter how many things you put turkey in, IT’s STILL TURKEY right?

Now, Bill and our daughter, Shantel, could eat the same thing everyday, FOREVER…but I finally put my foot down and said we need to have something completely different and that didn’t include TURKEY. Well, lucky me…Shantel asked Bill if he would make my chili recipe that she thinks he makes better than I do. Hey, I don’t care if she thinks he makes my chili better than me, that just means I didn’t have to cook that night. No complaints here:)

So Bill made my chili and we also had homemade cornbread, yummers! Usually, on any given night, whatever we have for dinner, Bill takes in his lunch the next day. However, Bill said he didn’t want to take chili to work for his lunch the next day so I put the left over chili in the freezer with the intentions of making Bill a sandwich for his lunch. Since Bill works outside our home everyday, I manage most of the chores around the house including packing his breakfast and lunch to take to work each day…yes, I know, I’m expecting the wife of the year award any day now…:)

Now, here comes that story I mentioned…Picture this. I did pack Bill’s breakfast, but somehow got distracted (very easily done these days) helping Shantel with some very important research homework, and I forgot to make his sandwich for his lunch. But, I didn’t know I forgot until Bill called me the next day… Oh NO! Oh YES, Bill didn’t realize I was going to make him a sandwich, so when he was getting his breakfast/lunch out of the refrigerator at 3:00 A.M. he saw what he thought was chili and thought I just forgot he said he didn’t want chili for lunch, but not having time to do anything else, he put the container of “chili” in his lunch box and Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, off to work he goes…

Around lunchtime, I got “the” call from Bill. He said “girly, you wont’ believe this…I thought you forgot I didn’t want chili for lunch so when I was getting my breakfast/lunch out of the refrigerator I saw a container of “chili” and I put it in my lunchbox. But when I went to heat my lunch, I found out that container was leftover TURKEY GRAVY from Thanksgiving! He was laughing and said he thought I would find that funny so he just wanted to share”. I said “well, you might find this even funnier… I would never “forget” and  give you chili after you told me you didn’t want it for lunch. No, you are my top priority and making you happy is my life’s goal…blah, blah, blah,,,, I went on to tell him Shantel is my second top priority and I was busy helping her and in the process I got distracted and my first top priority became my second, while my second top priority had my undivided attention and that caused me to forget to fix you a lunch at all”. Ha! Now we are both laughing and I asked him if not making his lunch meant I would get fired from my “job”? He laughed even harder and said “you couldn’t get that lucky girly”. That’s when I told him that sometimes he and I together don’t make one whole.

I guess it’s a good thing we have other redeeming qualities beside our brilliant minds! Right?

Stay Tuned!

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Nov 30, 2012 @ 00:07:00

    This is soooo funny! Girlfriend, you will NEVER be fired! hugs and love!


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