“WE” Earned A (B)

For the past three months, I’ve been helping Shantel with a research project for her Intercultural Communication Class. The project was a MAJOR part of their final grade and had to be completed to the exact instructions provided by the Professor teaching the class. Each student had to choose a country and write a complete research paper detailing specific things about the country in a specific format with each section worth a predetermined percentage of the overall grade. The research had to be done using scholarly sources. They could use six or more scholarly books or scholarly journal articles, one or two expert interviews, and no more than four scholarly Internet sources from the college databases. So, in other words, they couldn’t just Google the information and write a paper. Once the research paper was completed in an outline format, the students had to give a 13-15 minute presentation to the class and they had to include visual aids that represent the country. Shantel decided to do her research/presentation on South Africa.

Right out of the gate she ran into a major problem when another student, who decided she wanted to present South Africa as well, checked out every book on South Africa from the college library. Then, a lot of the information on the college scholarly database included graphics such as maps and pictures of costumes etc. Shantel’s computer will read words to her but will not describe pictures or maps. Her computer just tells her “there is a graphic” and that’s all. Not much to go on when trying to complete a detailed research paper. Shantel and I had a meeting with the Professor who asked the student that checked out all the books on South Africa to bring them back in so I could copy pages Shantel wanted to research out of the book. Then, the copies were supposed to be scanned into an email and sent to Shantel so her computer could read the information to her. I spent an entire afternoon at the college making the copies but when the information was scanned, the person doing the scanning apparently didn’t know what they were doing and much of the information was missing such as titles, page numbers, and in some cases entire pages…That was a huge problem because the assignment required all information be cited using page numbers, titles, names etc…Well, time was of the essence so when all else fails…it’s mom to the rescue…I requested the hard copies (that I made) back so I could sit and read the information to Shantel as she typed her report. We spent hours and hours working on this project that included three drafts. Draft #1, draft #2, and draft #2 a.


There were stacks of paper with each completed draft.


Then, finally, after hours and hours and many months…we finally had our completed presentation report ready.


Shantel and I were so excited to have the research/presentation completed but we were not out of the woods yet…No, when we went to print the final paper out, the jump drive had an error and wouldn’t allow us to bring up the report…Oh, NO!! But, Shantel being a quick thinker under pressure, remembered to send the report to her email so she forwarded it on to my email so I could print it out for her. But…just when I thought we were “home free”…I tried to print the report out but ran into yet another problem… (keep in mind this is all happening at 5:00 a.m. the morning of the due date). The printer was out of black ink…Now, I’m thinking just shoot me now this just can’t be happening…But, not to be outdone, and mom being a quick thinker under pressure too, I decided to approve any color ink for the printer to use which just happened to be dark blue which when printed looked black. Yeah!!! At that point I wouldn’t have cared if the ink was yellow!

Well, all is well that ends well and Shantel got to class and made “our” presentation and “we” got a (B)!


The only negative comments about the whole report was it was “Very Long” presenting time 21:30 minutes which was over the 13-15 minute time frame, but hey “we’ll” take it!:)

I just couldn’t be more PROUD of US!!!

P.S. For those who care to know, Shantel is finished with this semester and she received the following final grades:

Phycology – A

Public Speaking – B

Intercultural Communication – B

Nutrition – B

Stay Tuned!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Dec 13, 2012 @ 22:54:56

    You are the BEST mom ever!!!!


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