Well, like a billion other folks taking stock of themselves at this time of year…my husband, Bill aka Bro, and I are doing the same. Both Bill/Bro and I have gained unwanted pounds over the past two years.  There are many reasons we can give for why and how we gained this unwanted weight, but the bottom line is, when we took a real good, honest, look at ourselves, we are not satisfied that we have TRULY done EVERYTHING we can to rid ourselves of this extra baggage. So… we are taking complete responsibility for ourselves, our health and our weight…both Bill/Bro and I joined Weight Watchers On-line today, and we both COMMITTED ourselves totally to following this program.

I know this program works because, I earned the coveted title of “lifetime member” of Weight Watcher’s after I lost 100 plus pounds (within 11 months), and kept all that weight off for over 30 years. But, age, medical issues, medications etc…all happened and did contribute to excess weight on my behalf…but, I also got very relaxed with portion size, and the fact that I so enjoy my vino at happy hour everyday which took its toll on my ability to stay within my goal weight…

Bill/Bro says “elephant portions instead of mouse potions made him look like HUBA BUBA instead of the six-pack man he wanted to be minus the beer”. His words, not mine…

So…NO MORE EXCUSES… We paid our money, and we are COMMITTED to accomplishing our weight goals. NO MATTER WHAT! In fact, it was Bill/Bro who first said “I need to lose weight” which put this whole plan into action today.

If I lost over 100 pounds within 11 months…Bill/Bro and I feel confident we can get to our new weight goals within six months…please send us your positive thoughts to help us reach our goals…

To show our complete commitment we both agreed to show our BEFORE pictures and will post our after pictures when we reach our goals.

This is Bill’s before Picture.


And this is my before picture.


Please wish us well and encourage us in our weight loss endeavor because both Bill/Bro and I agree even though we didn’t try to “look good” in these pictures, if you think we do look good…,just remember, these pictures are hiding a MULTITUDE of SINS…:)

Tomorrow we are taking a hike at South Mountain. Great way to use our new hiking shoes and sticks while getting exercise and earning Weight Watchers POINTS:)

Stay Tuned

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Jan 06, 2013 @ 00:41:18

    I so admire you two and you know that I will support you both 100 percent! Love, love, love you both to the moon and back! MORE!!!


  2. Ellen Kaufman
    Jan 06, 2013 @ 01:24:38

    I know you can do it and Bill will have our support and encouraging comments. As you know as you get older it gets harder and you guys are doing a big favor for yourself and for Shantel and the rest of your family. If and when I see YOU losing that will encourage me to continue with my so called diet of cutting back, but maybe seeing you and Bill’s result I will want to join WW. So here’s to you and Bill. One question, do I have to give up my glass of wine as that is part of my medication?


    • beyondcinderella
      Jan 06, 2013 @ 01:46:19

      Thank you Aunt Ellen for your support. Bill and I know we can, and will, reach our weight loss goals because we joined the program together and we are ablosulty committed to supporting each other. No Matter WHAT… To answer your wine question…all I can say is everything you eat or drink on WW equals points…So you would need to check out the WW program and determine if wine would fit into a program you might want to do. XXOO…Cindy


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