Hair And Memories

Saturday I took my daughter, Shantel, to South Phoenix, to get her hair done. She has a friend from school that works in a salon there that specializes in African/American hair. Shantel wanted to get a deep conditioning treatment, her ends trimmed, and have her hair flat ironed for her first day of school on Monday. The whole process is VERY lengthy, like 3-4 hours…and the last time I took Shantel there I sat and read a book the entire time.

The process of course begins with a shampoo and application of the deep conditioner.


Then a plastic cap is placed on the hair and under the hair dryer she goes.


Out of the hair dryer and into the chair for a comb out.


Which is followed by a blow out.


Then on to the sectioning of the hair so the VERY hot iron can be applied to straighten every strand of hair.


But, the final result is one beautiful, VERY happy Shantel!


This time, while Shantel was getting her hair done, I decided I would venture out and take some pictures of my old stomping grounds…You, see, I grew up in South Phoenix. In fact, I lived there for almost 30 years!

This is Saint Catherine’s Roman Catholic Church where I attended Mass 6 days a week.


All good Catholic boys and girls attended Mass everyday before school, and of course, ALWAYS on Sunday. Our parents dropped us off at church every morning, and after Mass, the Nun’s would walk us in a straight line, across the street, to Saint Catherine’s Catholic School (below). The school only had eight rooms for grades 1-8 and we had as many as 52 children in each classroom if you can imagine that!


This is a picture of the little house we lived in that was just two streets over from our school. All six of us lived in that tiny little house that didn’t seem as small back then.


Right next door to our little house (below) lived my very best girlfriend, Ellen. I will never forget the time she hurt her leg and had to have it in a cast and she had to be in a wheelchair and we decided we were going to sneak out one night when I was spending the night at her house. I pushed her right down Central Ave at midnight in her wheelchair. I don’t know where we thought we were going…all I remember is it was REALLY hard pushing her in that wheelchair in the dirt because at that time, Central Ave didn’t have sidewalks… Oh, the things you do when you are young, and dumb, and call it fun:)


This is the Corral laundromat my mother took me to every Saturday morning. After I cleaned the whole house, my mother would drop me off with all the laundry for our entire family of six. I had to wash, dry, and fold all the clothes. When I was done, I would call my mother and she would come pick me up and take me home where I spent the rest of the day ironing all the clothes for our family….yes, that’s how I got the name Cindy, which was short for Cinderella, because I had to do all the work!


This is the much larger ranch style home we moved to when I was in the sixth grade. I lived there until I got married and moved out, at the tender, young, age of 16. By the way, two weeks after I moved out, my parents bought a brand new washer and dryer:)


When I got married, my ex-husband and I rented this little two bedroom house located just across the street from Saint Catherine’s Church. The red brick addition was not on the house when we lived there, it was just the tiny little white house you can see part of behind the red brick.


There was a Kentucky Fried Chicken store right next door to our little house, and when my ex-husband got laid off work in June (we got married in January) and we didn’t have any money and even less food… (I had a little job but only got paid every two weeks) he wouldn’t go ask his parents for help and I for sure wasn’t going to go ask mine…so we had to smell all the chicken being cooked for two days, until I got my little check, knowing we couldn’t have any. All I can say is I guess it’s true what they say about “what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger”…I know my life’s experiences made me strong. What about you?

Stay Tuned

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  1. Megs
    Jan 30, 2013 @ 15:14:17

    Shantel looks beautiful! No matter how many times I hear your stories, it reminds what a strong person you are!!!! You are my angel!!!!!


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