A Family Affair

This is post number 180 for me…Yeah!

What better way to spend a beautiful day, with mid seventy degree weather, here in my beautiful Sonoran Desert, than to take a family hike? Plus you earn big exercise points on Weight Watchers for hiking…BONUS!

One of my best friends once told me I’m the only person she knows that wears a leather jacket hiking. I did that a few weeks ago when the weather was in the mid 50’s…but, today I just wore a very light weight running jacket. I’m sure she will be proud of me for that. On the other hand, my beautiful daughter, Shantel, while dressed appropriately for hiking…just couldn’t leave her rhinestone studded purse behind…


But hey, who am I to judge right?

Once we walked the half mile from our car, to the beginning of one of the many hiking trails within South Mountain Park, we were ready to begin hiking up several steep mountains until we found the mountain top that would be just right for us to stop, rest, have a snack and take some pictures.


Along our way, we met a nice stranger, who offered to take our picture as a family…thank-you nice stranger.


Being sighted guide on a hike going up the mountain was challenging for me but I just kept thinking how challenging it must be for my daughter, Shantel, who had to depend on me to tell her step by step where to place her feet upon the rough and rocky trails…She did a great job, and both my husband, Bill, and I couldn’t be more proud of her.


When we reached the top of the mountain, the views of the valley were spectacular. We could see for miles…,


and miles, in every direction. How beautiful and peaceful it was.


So we all picked a rock, sat down, and enjoyed our snacks and water for Bill and I,


But, Shantel prefers her vitamin water…she said it helps replace things her body may have lost during the long hike up the mountain…I don’t question her because she is studying nutrition and is very capable of giving me a very long dissertation about things I know nothing about and make me wish I had never brought up the subject….:)


After about 20 minutes of taking in the views, and finishing our snacks, it was time to decide which of the many trails we would take for our decent from the mountain top…like they say…”what goes up…has to come back down…”


I have to say the hike up the mountain was nothing compared to the challenge it was getting back down the steep and slippery  trails…but the main thing is we did it together, and we didn’t fall…not really…slipping doesn’t qualify as a fall if your butt doesn’t hit the ground…I know that.


When we reached the bottom of the mountain, we all agreed we love hiking, and are all set to do it again next weekend. Because, it truly was a wonderful, fun-filled family affair.

Stay Tuned!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Meg's
    Feb 04, 2013 @ 03:18:17

    So proud of you all! No leather coat. Woo-hoo’ love you!!!


  2. gotham girl
    Feb 04, 2013 @ 23:20:48

    Congrats on your 180! As well as your hike! Bravo for no falls on the ass! 🙂 Love you MORE!


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