Funny Acts Of Kindness & Other Funny Things

I always try to make a point of smiling and saying hello to people I come in contact with throughout my day. Yesterday, while I was grocery shopping, I noticed an elderly caucasian man coming down the same aisle I was in. As he approached me, I smiled but he wasn’t  looking directly at me so I kept going and didn’t say hello. As I was looking for the item I needed, that man came up behind me and he started asking me something in a language I couldn’t understand. I listened very closely to see if I could figure out what he was saying but finally I had to tell him I couldn’t understand him. At that point he smiled, and said in English, I noticed you smiled at me before and I just wanted to see your beautiful smile again. I stated laughing and said “When you were talking before I was thinking OMG, this man needs something and I can’t help him” He laughed and said “well, now I not only got to see your beautiful smile again, I also got to hear your chuckle which I like”.  I thanked him, told him he was very kind, and told him I hoped he  continued to have a fun-filled day. Then I went on my way with a much lighter spirit. We just never know when, or where, we might have a light-hearted encounter, even with a perfect stranger,  now do we?

After I finished my shopping, I went to my car and loaded my groceries in and put the grocery cart in the designated area. Then I got in my car but couldn’t find my key. Now, I know I had it because I used it to unlock my car when I loaded the groceries. I looked all through my purse, twice, got out and looked in the back of the car where I put the groceries, and even went back to my cart to see if perhaps I dropped it in there…but no, I couldn’t find it anywhere. Now, I’m starting to get concerned because I’ve got a car full of groceries that I need to get home and put away…So, I got back in my car and went all through my purse again, this time taking everything out… but still, no key..Now, I get back out of the car and start looking under the seats and everywhere I can think of thinking I must have dropped it unnoticed…Well, after I practically tore my whole car apart searching..I went to get back in the driver’s seat when I noticed my key was right there in the seat…then I remembered I laid the key there so I could take my coat off before getting into the car…I had been sitting on it all the time…After I found it, the situation became very funny to me and I sat there laughing out loud. When I looked up, I noticed the same elderly man I encountered in the store was sitting in his car that was parked next to me. I looked at him and smiled, he smiled back and gave me the thumbs up, making that situation yet another light-hearted encounter!

Later that afternoon, when my daughter, Shantel, came home from school and had a snack, she began looking frantically through her purse. After she emptied everything out, she said OMG, mom, I think I lost my phone. I asked her when was the last time she had it and she said in math class. I told her to call Dail-a-Ride and ask them to contact the driver that brought her home which she did but they said he did a complete sweep of the back seat and floor but didn’t find any phone. Then Shantel called the college to ask if anyone had turned her phone in. No luck there either, but they reminded her that since her phone is a smart phone which has a tracking device on it, she can call a number and have it tracked. We Googled how to access the tracking system and saw many, different ways, some that would cost her $27.00. Lucky for her she decided to take a look in her book bag and sure enough there it was right beside her math book…Before I could even think about what was coming out of my mouth, I said “if you would always put your phone in your purse and make sure your purse is closed, you wouldn’t have things like this happening to you”. Not a good thing for me to say after my ordeal with my car key now was it….? But, just as if Shantel had a sixth sense…she turned to me and said “it was an accident mom…haven’t you ever misplaced anything”? I didn’t even respond because, I sometimes I know when enough has already been said…sometimes:) But, since I write my blog mainly to document events of our lives for Shantel to have in place of a photo album…I’m sure someday she will read back on this and get a good chuckle herself…:)

Stay Tuned!

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