Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Hopping down the bunny trail with all his little bunny friends!

I love decorating for the holidays… Now that Valentine’s Day is behind us…my thoughts turned to St. Patrick’s Day since I am a good, half Irish, girl.


And, of course, Easter. I love Easter mostly because of the deep religious meaning it holds for me, represented by this oversized rosary I received many years ago as a thank-you for teaching religious education classes when my daughter, Katie, was a little girl.


And this beautiful Guardian Angel that comes out of an Heirloom porcelain egg and plays “you’ll never walk alone”… that my daughter, Shantel, received after she lost her sight at the age of two. It still brings up very strong emotions in me every time I wind it up…


but also, I LOVE Easter because of the many happy memories Easter holds for me.

When my daughter, Shantel, was a little girl, of course, like many other children, she heard people say around Christmas time “you better be good because Santa is watching you and if you’re not good he won’t bring you any toys…” She never said anything about it at the time, but one day, as Easter was approaching, I had the house all decorated, and we were coloring Easter eggs…and Shantel said “I like Easter much better than Christmas”. I asked her why and she said “because on Easter the Easter Bunny brings you a pretty basket filled with candy, and sometimes little toys,…but he doesn’t get all up in your business by watching you like Santa Claus does”…I laughed until I cried and always think of that as Easter is approaching…out of the mouths of baby’s. That’s how my collection of Easter Bunny’s got started. Sadly, Shantel outgrew the excitement of having Easter Bunny’s all over the house…but I didn’t:)

I have an Easter Bunny that will welcome you as you enter my home.


One on the end table that displays all his colored eggs..


An Easter Bunny taking time to swing on a swing between two orang and white mushrooms with his pink bunny friend watching from the sideline.


And just to express a bit of my quirky side…two little chicks sitting in an Easter basket, being entertained by a blue & pink frog…:)


I have a pretty velvet covered Easter Bunny box decorated with flowers sitting beside his big purple egg box…


And who could resist these adorable Easter Bunny’s  decorating the bird nest tree with their pretty pink ribbon?


But, the most important Easter Bunny of all is still, and always will be…Velveteen, who sits high up on a shelf in our family room beside his long time live in girlfriend, Hug-a-Muffin, and oversees all the festivities and activities within our home…Velveteen went everywhere with Shantel when she was a baby going through chemo and all the other medical issues we faced. His ears are rubbed bald and he is blind…but I will NEVER, EVER outgrow Velveteen!


Yes, I LOVE Easter…and, of course I always think back to my childhood Easter memories…

When I was a little girl, and attending a Catholic school, we had to wear uniforms and black and white saddle oxfords…Easter was one of the few occasions when I got a brand new store-bought dress, AND, brand new black or white paten leather shoes, AND, a brand new purse, AND, sometimes, if I was a really good girl…., I even got a brand new Easter hat! I couldn’t wait to put on my new Easter outfit and carry my pretty purse. I remember I always wanted a purse with a gold clasp that made a sound when you closed it…I LOVED that sound. I just loved it!

Today, as I decorated my house for Easter, all those memories came flooding back to me. Such precious, innocent, happy times…so, yes, I still LOVE Easter, for many, many, reasons…How about you?

Stay Tuned!

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  1. gotham girl
    Feb 16, 2013 @ 17:07:32

    Your posting flooded me with memories as well! Getting all dressed up for church was a VERY big deal at our house too. Of course we couldn’t wait to get home to start eating all the goodies in our baskets. I cherish those times! I didn’t realize you decorated so much for Easter! See, we learn about each other more and more as life moves on….I too will always cherish Velveteen…

    Love you MORE!


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