Long And Winding Road

That leads me back to your door…Remember that song written by Sir Paul McCartney? I believe I was actually on that road this week. So, if you’ve missed me and wonder where I’ve been, or why I haven’t done a blog post for a while, …read on…

It all started when I realized this past week that I somehow lost my social security card. Both my husband, Bill, and I searched this house high and low and even tore the car apart looking for it but it is nowhere to be found. So, I went on-line to see if I could apply for a replacement card. I completed the on-line form and noticed the instructions said you must either mail the form in with original birth certificate and state issued photo ID like my driver’s licence which they promise will be promptly returned to me (right), or you can bring the original documents in to your nearest social security office, unless you live in Phoenix, then you can only go to the downtown Phoenix Card Center & Office or the North Phoenix Card Center & Office. Neither of these choices are close to my house at all. But, wait…I don’t live in Phoenix, I live in Chandler so I should be able to go the local social security office not far from my house…but, since I’m very much a planner and don’t want to waste time running around where I don’t need to be…I decide to call social security and ask them to confirm that I can go to my local social security office to request a replacement card. I was so determined to make sure I had the correct information, I stayed on the social security phone line for seventeen minutes waiting for my call to be answered. And, sure enough, the nice lady on the other end of the phone assured me I could go to my local social security office, right by my house, but only if I was requesting a replacement card which I am… So all is good and I had a plan to stop by there on my way home from taking my daughter, Shantel, to school the next day.

The next day, I drop Shantel off at school and head straight for the social security office close to my home. I got there at 8:15 a.m. and they don’t open until 9:00 a.m. But, other people are starting to form a line at the door so I decide I better get in that line with them…apparently this is a very busy office.

While standing in line waiting to get in the social security office, a few people started talking about what a hassle it is to get anything done at social security. Different people were telling what they were there to do so I said “I lost my social security card and just need a replacement..” immediately, the lady in front of me said “you can’t get a card here, you have to go to one of the Phoenix offices” I told her I called and was told I could get my replacement card at this office. As we were discussing that, the security guard came out of the door with a huge sign and put it up a few feet away from the line we were standing in. Of course the lady and I were so focused on our discussion, we didn’t bother to look at the sign and then the security guard started letting us in the building…I got my number and took a seat. When my number was called I was escorted into a back room and asked how I could be helped. I said I need a replacement card and was immediately told “we don’t do replacement cards here, you have to go to one of the Phoenix offices…sorry but you will need to leave”. I started to tell the clerk that I called and was told I could get a replacement card at this office but she cut me off and said “I don’t care what you were told, we don’t do card requests here didn’t you read the sign outside the front door? Then she said “let me show you to the door”. How rude! As I was being escorted back out of the back office, the lady I was talking to in line that told me I couldn’t get a card here looked at me with that I told you so look and actually said “did you get your card”? I smiled and said “no, apparently I forgot something”.

When I got outside I ran right into the huge sign the security guard placed just outside the door…and sure enough it said in huge red letters NO CARD OR REPLACEMENT CARD REQUESTS ARE PROCESSED HERE. PLEASE TAKE THAT BUSINESS TO ONE OF THE PHOENIX OFFICES. Too bad they don’t post that sign in the call centers so the lady that took my call, and gave me the wrong information, could read it. Oh well, I just chalk it up to yet another bad encounter with Social Security Administration Offices.

When I got home I decided I couldn’t manage another encounter with social security for a while so I decided I would wait until Shantel is out on spring break, next week, then I will make the trip to a Phoenix Social Security Office…what a pain, but I decided to not worry about that now and just move on to better things.

Well,,,, better was not in the immediate plans for me the next day either. Due to several accidents, on several freeways, people who would normally take their favorite freeway to get where they were going were forced to use the surface streets to move about town. Our city streets are not designed for the volume of traffic that occurred. People couldn’t even turn left when lights turned green because the intersections were blocked. People were driving down sidewalks to get past some of the blockages. This caused huge backups all over town and Shantel and I were caught right in the middle of it all. The thirty-five minute drive to get Shantel to school turned into two hours, which caused me to miss a doctor’s appointment, forced me to stay at the college for three house waiting for Shantel to get out of class because I had to take her to a doctor’s appointment and there was no way I was going to fight that two-hour traffic jam to get home then have to turn around and go back into it again to get her…I have to say that was the absolute worse traffic conditions I have ever seen around my towns since I have been driving…I thought New York City traffic was bad…but at least people there actually know how to drive in those conditions:)

When Shantel and I were finally home after spending the day trying to get through all those horrible traffic jams, and I thought my butt had been molded to the car seat…Shantel said “too bad our family friend, Robin, who does beautiful photography,  couldn’t have been with us to photograph how bad that really was”. I said “Robin wouldn’t want to have been stuck in all that either”. Shantel said “well she does such a good job documenting my life in her photos when I bake etc. I thought she might like to see first hand how our life isn’t always a bed of roses…”. I laughed and said “somehow I think she already knows”.

To end on a high note: The rest of my week was EXCELLENT! I had a girlfriend day of hiking, shopping, and lunch. Shantel and I also had our Maggie’s Place Day on Friday morning which is always so fun and rewarding…Then, another fun time Friday afternoon biking with my number one best friend, who just happens to be my husband, Bill. Then Saturday, Bill and I had a day of hiking … So much fun…and today, Sunday, I helped my daughter, Shantel, bake carrot cake cupcakes, then I polished her finger and toe nails… so much fun family time…I am blessed:)

Stay Tuned!

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  1. gotham girl
    Mar 04, 2013 @ 20:34:11

    It so scares me that our government is so f’d up! I don’t see how you keep your wits with all the challenges! But, you’ve always been such a role model for handling it! So happy that Bro enjoyed the hike! Love you MORE!


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