Pure Joy And Sheer Heartache

Those are the words that best describe my time at Maggie’s Place.

My daughter, Shantel, and I volunteer at Maggie’s Place every Friday morning. Maggie’s Place is a home of hospitality for pregnant women over eighteen, and their babies, until their babies are six months old. While there, the women receive food, housing, cloths etc. for themselves and their babies after they are born. And, they are provided resources to help them find permanent housing, jobs, daycare etc. so they can provide for themselves and their child after they leave Maggie’s Place.

Some of the women come to Maggie’s Place right off the streets, homeless, desperate, and very frightened about their future. Some are recovering addicts, some have other children who have been taken away from them, but they are all trying to put their lives back together and get back on the right path in life…

Today, one of the moms, I’ll call her (K) received a phone call offering her a job. Great news, but with a real challenge ahead. (K) doesn’t have a car so she will need to take her five and a half month old beautiful baby girl on the bus every morning to the daycare, then take another bus across town to get to her new job. (K) only has two weeks left at Maggie’s Place, and she still hasn’t received confirmation of acceptance into the halfway housing she applied for months ago. If she doesn’t get accepted into the halfway housing within the next two weeks, she will have to leave Maggie’s Place with nowhere to go with her precious baby girl. I can’t even imagine how frightening that would be.

Another mom, I’ll call her (I) is trying to recover from her meth addiction. She has a precious baby boy just three months old. (I) came from Greece, with a man she married when she was seventeen because he provided a way out for her as she was fleeing an abusive home where she lived with an alcoholic/drug addicted mother. (I) was married to her husband for eight years before she got pregnant with their first child. She told me they had a home and a good life until her husband just up and left her when she was eight months pregnant for another women. She was devastated to say the least. Desperate and literally on the streets…she turned to Maggie’s Place for help and she says it was a miracle that they just happened to have one opening on the morning she called. (I) goes to a meth clinic every morning where she is trying to get the help she needs to get into and stay in recovery. She has no job, no family here in the states, and is almost in a panic about having her baby taken away from her if she can’t find a job and permanent housing within the next three months when her time at Maggie’s Place will be up.

As I hold, rock, and fall in love with the precious babies of these mother’s, and listen to the life stories the mother’s share with me, my heart is torn between the pure joy I feel knowing I’m playing a small part in helping them while they are at Maggie’s Place, and the absolute sheer heartache I feel as I too worry about what will become of them once they leave Maggie’s Place…God help me…I want to bring them all home to stay with me until they have jobs, permanent housing, and a way to provide for themselves and their precious, innocent, babies…how can I not want to do more…?

Stay Tuned!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Mar 15, 2013 @ 22:31:13

    I can’t imagine! Just like I want to bring home all the animals that no one wants…but we can’t. What we can do (which you do so beautifully) is to give them all we can when we have these types of opportunities. You are such an amazing woman! Love you MORE!


  2. Bill
    Mar 15, 2013 @ 23:15:49

    Knowing were your heart is and how much you enjoy helping others, I’m surprized the house is not full of people who need a helping hand. Yes girly it’s hard not to want to give thse Ladies a helping hand.



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