I’m Not Cindy

My name is Virginia, Cindy left you long ago…just like the song “I’m not Lisa, my name is Julie…”

What’s in a name anyway? Does it make a difference what we are called? I believe it does. I’ve known several people, some in my own family, and some who are my friends, who changed their birth given name to one they prefered or one they felt suited them better. Why, because they believe, like I do, that there is power in a name. Your name has the power to become your identity. It can identify you with your past and it can identify you with who you have or want to become.

Yesterday, my nephew, Tom, you might remember him from the photos I posted of he and his beautiful family when they came to stay a few days at our home around Christmas time…, well Tom sent me a note letting me know he reads my blog and now that he knows where the name Cindy came from he is going to start calling me Aunt Virginia from now on. What a great compliment to me. Not only does it tell me he understands my blog and the very fact that I choose to title my blog “beyond cinderella” for a specific reason which is to show how I moved beyond the name I was tagged with as a child, Cindy, short for Cinderella. A name that was never really mine but it is what I was identified with for all my life which meant my real name, Virginia, and who I wanted to be identified as, was pushed to the background of my life… so for the first time since I have been Tom’s Aunt, I signed my note back to him yesterday as Aunt Virginia and it felt so good. So very good. Thank-you Tom for your insight and understanding. I love you so very much.

Why is this such a big deal to me? Because I’m not Cindy anymore, my name is Virginia. Cindy wouldn’t have accomplished all that Virginia has. Cindy was weak, obedient and scared. Virginia is strong, independent, and speaks her mind. Cindy would never let her own daughter, Katie, go when she couldn’t reach her anymore. Virginia knew Katie was running because it’s easier to run from the pain you feel than to face it and deal with it. Virginia knows if it’s meant to be all things will work themselves out in time. Cindy couldn’t have met the challenges of Corporate America and worked her way up the ladder of success because she was too shy, and had no leadership skills to draw upon. Virginia taught herself how to gain leadership skills and use them well. Those leadership skills helped Virginia fight for Shantel’s rights all through school where Cindy would have collapsed under the pressure and stress. Cindy would never put her life out here on a blog for not only her daughter Shantel to have, but for the whole world to see and draw strength or insight from if they need it. Virginia stands proudly behind every word and shares herself and her life with anyone who wants to follow her.

No, I’m not Cindy anymore, and at the age of sixty-one (in a few short days) I proudly claim the victory of my birth given name.

My name is Virginia.

Stay Tuned!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Apr 08, 2013 @ 22:22:30

    I have read this posting several times and love it more and more as I read it. I have often wondered why you kept that name…You have always been Virginia to me and will continue to be!!! Good on you girl! So proud. And so proud of Tom for getting IT! xoxo more!


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