The Man Had A Gun

That’s all I heard, as my world stood still, when my daughter, Shantel, came home from school yesterday and told me while she was waiting for her Dial-a-Ride transfer to pick her up at Fry’s food store, a man and woman inside the store were caught shop lifting, and were being detained at the front of the store right by the bench where Shantel, and some other people waiting for their dial-a-ride transfers, were sitting.

At first, Shantel said she didn’t really know what was going on, then she heard a woman say “I’m only twenty years old, I didn’t know stealing was wrong”. Shantel said she heard one of the Fry’s employees say ‘give us the stolen items and we will wait here for the police to arrive”. The next thing Shantel heard was one of the people waiting on the bench with Shantel  say “the man has a gun“. Apparently the man who was shoplifting with the woman, pulled out a gun and was about to take things into his own hands when all of a sudden the police arrived and took control of the situation… Thank God!

Once I got my heart started again, and my mind wrapped around the fact that Shantel really was OK, I began to ask Shantel more details about the shoplifting event. I asked her if she was scared and she said a little but she knew where the door was if she needed to run so she decided she was safe. That’s when I told her “you can’t outrun a bullet Shantel”. OMG, this girl has no fear…I suppose that’s because I have enough for her and I both, and then some! I also asked Shantel what the other dial-a-ride people said to her after the incident was over…Shantel said one elderly lady, who was sitting there with her son, said “we’re from New York City, and as crazy as it gets there, we’ve never seen anything like this”. I asked Shantel if the police asked her any questions and being the never-ending comedian she’s always been…she said  “well they couldn’t ask me if I saw anything so why would they want to ask me anything at all?” I asked her if anything happened that she hadn’t told me but she said no, after the police got there her transfer cab came and she was safely on her way home. Thank God!

As Shantel’s mother, of course I always worry about her, especially when she is out and about on her own, but I try really hard to not let my fears of what might or could happen show through to her because I want her to continue to be the strong, independent, woman she has become…but that said, I don’t think I can get enough therapy to make me be OK about her being around situations that involve “a man with a gun that required police intervention.

I continue to pray for a more peaceful world for us all to live in…

Stay Tuned!

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  1. gotham girl
    Apr 18, 2013 @ 19:27:04

    Oh, so glad to know all is well. I so agree with you so keep saying those prayers. What is this world coming to…it scares me. xoxo More


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