A Sense Of Entitlement

Today, while my daughter, Shantel, and I were working our volunteer shift at Maggie’s Place, we met the mother of the new triplets that just joined the house last week. This young mother (I’ll call her T) of triplet boys is just eighteen years old…I can’t even get my head wrapped around what a challenge it is going to be for her to care for these three precious baby boys as a single mother once her six months at Maggie’s’ Place is over and she has to go out on her own.

When I first met T, I got the sense she was quiet and somewhat shy. She was sitting in a rocking chair working on her homework on a laptop computer. She had one of her babies laying on a blanket asleep beside her chair. When I spoke to T she softly said hello but didn’t really make full eye contact with me. I asked her if all her babies were doing well and she said yes. I asked her where the other two babies were and she told me her mother had them for an overnight stay at her house. T kept working on her computer as she was talking to me about her baby boys. Finally, the baby lying on the blanket next to her began to stir and wake up. T never made any attempt to pick him up or even stop what she was doing to see if he might need changed or fed. She just kept working even when her precious baby boy began to cry…I kept watching T to see if she was trying to “tune the baby out” or if she was going to show any sign of interest in her baby crying louder and louder with each passing minute. T just kept working like nothing was going on at all. I was just about to ask T if she would like me to pick the baby up and feed him for her when one of the other mom’s walked over and picked the crying baby up and took him to a changing table and changed his diaper, then asked T where his bottle was. T told her where to find the bottle but never took her eyes off the computer screen. When the other mom changed and fed T’s baby she put him down in a swing and let him sleep in there.

The phone rang and I got distracted with the business of the day but later, when things settled down a bit, I went back into the community room where T was still sitting in the same chair working on her computer. Every now and then she would stop to laugh or joke with yet another mom who had joined the group. After a bit T’s baby woke up crying again and T once again showed no reaction what so ever to the babies needs so I asked her if she would like me to see if he needed to eat again or needed changed. T shrugged her shoulders and said “if you want to, you are the volunteer and that’s what they do”. I picked up the beautiful baby boy, just three weeks old, and changed him then fed him another ounce of formula and rocked him as I tried to get him to burp. The baby settled right down and went back to sleep. As I continued to rock and hold the baby boy, T started talking to one of the other mom’s in the room and told her she was so frustrated she thought she was going to “explode”. The other mom asked T what was wrong and T started going on and on about all the house rules and how she didn’t see how anyone could “live like this with having to ask permission to do things and having chores to do at specific times etc. She said she didn’t know how much longer she could put up with all that…The other mom told T “I know what you mean, when I first got here I felt the same way but it did get better after a while and if I can do it you can too”. T said “well you are able to hold your feelings in I’m not and I’m about to let all of them know exactly how I feel”. Then T, who said she needs volunteers to babysit for her even when she is there because she is still recovering from her C section…and can’t really get around that well…got up out of her chair in one swift move and told the other mom she needed to go to another room to get away from all this or she was going to blow up and she stormed out of the room!

At this point I’m thinking you have got to be kidding me…This young girl run her life off in a ditch because she didn’t want to “follow any rules”, got herself pregnant with triplets, got lucky enough to get accepted into Maggie’s Place when there is a waiting list a mile long, has free food and shelter for her and her three babies, access to every available service Maggie’s Place has to call upon, free counseling, and round the clock volunteers at her disposal to help her with her three babies for free…and she wants to bitch about following the rules and do come chores and ask permission for certain things…and to put the topping on the cake…she talks down to the volunteers who are trying to help her…

All I can say is some people never cease to amaze me with their Sense Of Entitlement!

Stay tuned!

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Apr 29, 2013 @ 14:49:27

    There are just no words for this!


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